Minecraft Treehouse (10 Incredible Ideas)

Minecraft is one of the most famous games where players can interact with anyone and with anything. It is the ideal playing field for trying any building idea, and you can consider whether to get in Survival mode or try in Creative mode. However, sometimes it seems good to go back to basics. Ultimately, gamers love to build and have come about with a wide range of different Minecraft treehouse designs blueprints for others to use. One specific style of house design that Minecraft players have highly thought of is treehouses over the years.

Right after stone, wood is considered one of the most ordinary resources you can find in the Overworld. So let’s try to make a lovely home through trees.

So here are some best ideas to build treehouses in Minecraft world in the following section with fascinating designs.

Different Ideas to Build Minecraft Treehouse (Best 10 Ideas)

minecraft treehouse ideas
minecraft treehouse ideas

Following are the remarkable ideas to create a treehouse for beginners and experts in the game world:

1.      Jungle Survival Treehouse

Here it is coming up first relatively simple but still classy treehouse design. This build is quite perfect for beginners because of its ease of construction. You only need a jungle tree for this particular tree which is found in large quantities in the jungle biome. Somewhat rely on an existing tree as the foundation and twist according to your preference.

This build is made of a small house on the tree with a modest balcony with appealing surroundings. This build is an excellent option for the early stages due to its economical cost but realistic design.

2.      Treehouse with hanging ball

Let’s move to the next exclusive design, featuring similar to a UFO than a treehouse because of a neat-looking build. It is made in a custom type of tree that players need to construct by them, where the central part of the building is like the previous build. However, the essential attention-grabbing feature of this build is the hanging building with the branch of the main tree structure. Players get two-room for one price, where the extra room is ultimately a hidden secret room.

3.      Minecraft: Jungle Treehouse

Minecraft Jungle Treehouse
Minecraft Jungle Treehouse

This build mainly consists of a custom-made tree, which takes up a significant amount of space. But it seems to highlight how beautiful a tree can be. This treehouse consists of multiple levels in terms of space with lanterns placed all around, which gives lightning that stands out. Overall, this specific build is not the hall of heart, but the result is quite worthwhile undoubtedly.

4.      Epic spiraling Treehouse

Epic spiral build consists of several buildings and allows for an extra building at the bottom of the tree, and it is easily accessible at the top. Again this tree is trendy due to the amazingly tall heights they can grow to. Contrasting to other treehouse builds, this one allows multiple hanging buildings and the use of the entire tree.

5.      Cottagecore Treehouse

The cottage core treehouse is all trends inside the game community, giving rise to everlasting building ideas to make your world into a perfect fairy fantasy. Using jungle trees as the base is a vast project put after that to an ocean shore filled with vies, leaves, and lanterns for the platforms and stairs.

Do not forget to gather all the ass

ets before starting in Survival mode; then, you will not come to an end of blocks when building the top areas if you want to deal with this impressive project.

6.      Minecraft: Modern Treehouse

Minecraft Modern Treehouse
Minecraft Modern Treehouse

If you admire modern Minecraft tree houses, we have an ideal plan for your next build. By using white concrete along with wood helps you a lot in giving rise to a modest and contemporary feel with additional features of a wide window and clever block position. The most incredible thing in this Minecraft tree house idea is the transportation with the finger click through the practical elevator; if you don’t want to do alterations in Redstone contraptions.

7.      Dark Oak Treehouse

The exciting thing about Minecraft is that you can get a natural look with just the basic blocks of a tree. For example, you can use logs, planks, and leaves as the fundamental gradient to create something extraordinary. You can go through the inner side with the usual entrance in the middle to get to the top. It is the perfect survival place to take protection from aggressive mobs at night and keep your loot there.

8.      Simple Treehouse

Several players don’t want to waste their countless hours to start building their base, so they prefer to build a simple treehouse. After all, we discuss the sandbox game, where you can start your adventures and have a place to settle at night. The essential feature of survival elements is crafting stations, a few barrels, a bed, and chests inside a wooden structure.

9.      Minecraft: Dual Treehouse

Minecraft Dual Treehouse
Minecraft Dual Treehouse

It has features having outstanding structure. The main is built with Dark wood and Oak blocks with a sweet combination of Spruce to create an incredible treehouse. To make your house look more dynamic and natural, use trap doors, slabs, stairs, and place leaves. Compared to other designs, the big thing about these house designs is that you get plenty of rooms to personalize.

10. Nether Treehouse

An updated version of Minecraft introduces two new types of wood, which are only available in the Nether; where the Nether allows the players to add a much-needed spray of colored wood of their choice in the game. We just need to explore it, if we want to make progress. So try to create a treehouse base as the shelter in the middle of chaos.


Hopefully, the above thoughts regarding treehouses in Minecraft are entirely worthwhile for gamers. It is the best platform for your dream to come true to build a house apart from stones. So, you can apply your building ideas with a few clicks in the game. Additionally, you may also see a video tutorial for your ease of enjoyment. Let us know your views in the comment box about the article.

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