Minecraft Water Elevator – How to Make It with Building Material

Don’t you know that how to build a Minecraft water elevator? So, don’t worry about that. I will let you know how to build to complete a task. Minecraft is a game that is extremely addictive for anyone. In this game, you can build almost everything according to your imagination, which makes it appealing.

Nevertheless, you might need to move around a lot in the game to accomplish this. In addition, without any speed hacks or mods to help you, getting up and down can be a challenge. That’s why professional player builds water elevator. But how can you create one, and what will you need?

You begin by building a shaft of an elevator going up or down at the location of your choice using building blocks. So, those blocks must have an open space in the middle when your structure reaches your desired height; place water blocks between the building blocks, as the bottom-most block should be either soul sand or magma block.

You will learn about a set of elevators that use water to push you upwards and downwards. Therefore, as you ride up and down, you will not drown inside as the method creates air bubbles for you. So, if you are tired of running up and down stairs all day long, Read on further to lean how to make water elevator in a game.

What Is Minecraft – History

Minecraft is a 3D sandbox video game which is developed by a video game developer of Mojang Studio. This game was created by Markus Persson in the java programming language and is also known as NOTCH. In contrast, it was launched in May 2009 & fully released in November 2011 after many private testing versions. Minecraft has been reported to several other platforms. In addition to being the best-selling video game all the time with over 238M copies sold & nearly 140M monthly active users in 2021.

Minecraft has no required goals that allow players a lot of freedom to choose how to play the game. However, there is an advanced achievement system in the java edition. All the game is composed of 3D block & fluid object that is called blocks. These blocks are arranged in a 3D grid where players can move freely around the globe.

What Materials Are Needed to Build a Water Elevator – Minecraft

Are you playing Minecraft, and you are going to complete a task? So, here is the list of building materials you need to make a water elevator in a game.

What Is Minecraft
What Is Minecraft

1: Water Bucket – To Fill Up the Elevator

The water tank serves as a source of water for the elevator. It is used after a structure has been built with the building blocks.

2: Kelp – Use to Turn the Water Blocks

The kelp turns the water blocks into a source of water, so you have to use it in the bottom-most water block of the elevator before using magma.

3: The Elevator Entrance Door

You must enter the wall elevator through the spruce door. You can get by without one as well. It is not required, but it adds a nice visual touch.

4: Glass Blocks

A building block is the most important component in the construction of a water elevator in a game. It has an attractive appearance due to the block, which is made up of pure glass. Otherwise, you can use any building block to create the walls of the elevator. In addition, the other type of building blocks can get after completing the tasks.

5: Soul Sand Block – To Create an Upward Flow of Water

The Soul Sand block is used to build an upward water elevator. You can use them to create an upward flow of water when you use them as the base of the water elevator.

6: Magma Block – To Create a Downward Flow of Water

Players use the magma block to create a downward flow of water. As a result, magma blocks help in the construction of a downward water elevator.

7: The Oak Signs – Use in  Water Elevator

Stop the flow of water by placing the oak signs on either side of the entrance. Moreover, it will prevent the water from leaking out when you walk through the water block.

How to Make a Water Elevator in Minecraft?

Since we have already discussed all the items necessary to make a water elevator, let’s see how to make an elevator.

Choose the Right Location

If you want to build an elevator, you should first look for a suitable location. Most professional players use elevators to get to the top floors of the buildings they build. Thus, the elevator should be located in a place where it is easy to reach all the desired locations.

Making the Outside Structure

The outer structure of the elevator can be constructed by using any of the building blocks you like. As you stack the blocks, you will make a square with three sides and an empty center. If you want your elevator to be high, pile up as much as you can. When building your elevator, use glass as building blocks so that it looks visually appealing.

Repairing the Elevator Door

Return to the bottom of your elevator after stacking the set of three blocks to the required height. Install the wooden door on the open side of the 3-block structure so that the elevator’s lowermost unit is a perfect square with four sides. Building blocks can be stacked upon the wooden door up to the height of the elevator as long as there is a space in the center of the square.

Put Water in The Elevator of Minecraft

Make your way to the top of the structure you have constructed for the elevator. Using the buckets, fill the center space all the way down to the base of the elevator with water.

Convert Kelp to Water Source Blocks

Once you have filled the entire centre space with water blocks, sprinkle the kelp throughout.

Build an Upward Elevator

Go to the base of your elevator structure if you wish to create an upward elevator. Afterwards, break the kelp and place a soul sand block at the center of the elevator. By walking through the elevator entrance, you will have to ascend from the base.

Build Double Elevators

If you don’t wish for two different elevators, you can develop a single elevator with two water channels. So to do that, you have to make your water elevator two blocks wide. Then, you have to put a magma block and a soul sand block at its bottom. You can jump to the magma bubbles to move down and into the soul sand bubbles to go up.

Build A Downward Elevator

To make a downward elevator, Magma blocks work better than Soul Sand blocks for creating a downward water elevator. If you enter the elevator from the top, it will pull you downward.

How to Make the Bubble Elevator?

As per the Minecraft Wiki, multiple types of water elevators can be constructed in a game; the most basic is a waterfall. But, the issue with a waterfall is that players can sink if the elevator length is too lengthy. With the bubble elevator, the users continually get oxygen, wherein the breath level found on the hunger bar does not drop. Apart from that, you do not have to press the spacebar option to go up a water column when using the bubble elevator. That’s why most users decide to build a bubble elevator even though some of the materials are slightly hard to get.

Here are the instructions for making the bubble elevator in Minecraft:

  • First, select the appropriate space where your elevator will be built. The limited area for a single elevator column is a 3×3 space & you can expand that pattern to your desired elevator height.
  • When you make the hollow tube of the elevator all the way up to your desired height, place a single water source inside the tube on the height level and allow it to flow all the way down.
  • From here, you have to go back down and erase 2 blocks on the first 2 layers of the tube where you would wish the entrance to be. Do not fret that much about the water overflowing on the ground.
  • Now, you have to place a door or 2 signs on the entrance that you have built to block the flow of water out of the tube. At this point, you already have a waterfall column that you can use to move up. Next, you need to place the Kelp on the floor of the water column.
  • Here, you will observe that the water will transform into a source block. Keep placing Kelp until it arrives at the top level of your elevator.
  • When you transform all of the water blocks into source blocks, it’s time to create the bubbles. Put a single block of soul sand on the bottom of the lowest water block of the elevator.

Upcoming Minecraft Update 1.20

1.20 Minecraft update will be the game’s next great major update, released in 2023. However, each Minecraft update is named based on the modifications and features it brings to the game. This 1.20 will also bring plenty of new features to the game, including new skins, hanging signs, chiseled bookshelf, Bamboo wood and rafts, spectator mode, and so many more. Hence, the 1.20 Minecraft update will be one of the great updates, and the wait will be worth it.

FAQs: About the Minecraft Water Elevator

Q1. What is the concept behind Minecraft?

Minecraft is a three-dimensional video game in which best/beginners level players build and destroy various blocks. There are two main modes of Minecraft 1) Survival 2) Creative. The players in survival must collect their building material & food. They also interact with moving creatures & block-like mobs.

Q2. How do you create a soul sand Minecraft water elevator?

You should dig up to one block down the center of your column & place the soul sand block there. Make a path through the soul sand and place the two signs. Then you have to set the water on the soul sand while standing on top of the elevator. If the water starts to move upwards accompanied by bubbles, the Water Elevator has succeeded.

Q3. How can I raise the level of my soul sand water?

I can raise my soul sand water level by placing a magma block underwater, creating a whirlpool bubble column. When soul sand is placed beneath source water blocks, it makes an upward bubble column.

Q4. How do you build a water elevator in 2022?

A few materials are required for playing and players to begin building an elevator in Minecraft. The basic material will be water to build an elevator, followed by whatever building blocks the players use to contain the water. They will also need magma blocks & soul sand. These are the essential building elevator component of the Minecraft elevator.

Q5. How to make a water elevator with Magma in Mine craft?

A magma block works exactly in the opposite way. They draw everything present in the water source above them down. The magma blocks can be used to construct the downward elevator.


In conclusion, water elevators are perfect when you need to move upward and downwards in your base. We have described above different materials which you can use to make an elevator in Minecraft. Additionally, you can use them to go up to your secret base in the sky or down to your Minecraft. Making a water elevator is a fun way to get around your Minecraft world, and it does not require as many materials or knowledge as masking a Redstone elevator.

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