Modern House Minecraft (Presenting 12-Amazing Designs)

The sky is the limit when you think to start building in Minecraft. To protect from all kinds of damage to survive, Minecraft is imperfect without a house. There are thousands of blueprints for Minecraft houses, but Minecraft is very popular among all modern house designs in recent times. It is not a typical option for Minecraft builders if you are bored with traditional builds. Building a home is itself a thrilling and fun process. Hence, the materials and blocks are introduced in a new update every time that allows players to set free their thoughts and get creative. Constructing is the essential part of Minecraft, whether you are in creative or survival mode.

Maybe you feel dull by making traditional houses constantly. Since then, the modern home has been the best substitute. Moreover, the abundance of ideas, and designs, along with the addition of decorative blocks, are excellent. Let’s move to the next section before going into a lengthy discussion and learning about the building’s modern and traditional design ideas are the plus point in Minecraft.

Modern House Designing Ideas for Minecraft

easy minecraft modern house
easy minecraft modern house

Following are the multiple eye-catching house designs given below to make your building through different resources.

1. Simple Modern House

The simple modern house is the ideal start for beginners to set up their journey. The Minecraft house is a luxurious one-floor build that looks highly attractive and highly practical on a day-to-day basis. It is made up of wood, bricks, and concrete. Mainly, this build is prepared with several helpful facilities such as an outdoor cooking area, a fishing pond, and much more.

2. Water House

The modern water house stands out in the crowd as the attention grabber. A great addition to a modern home is close to the water. Moreover, the nearby water also helps to take defend against creeper explosions and can even slow mob down. The most amazing part is the quartz bridge lying as an entrance to an open living room. It looks incredibly good with the shades on the water.

3. Modern House-Compact

In terms of realism and functional space, it is the simplest and easiest to build even when you don’t have enough knowledge of constructing houses in Minecraft. This build is just suitable for gamers with a small form factor, who may find themselves in a circumstance where building space is vigorously limited.

4. Minecraft Villa

minecraft modern house ideas
minecraft modern house ideas

Minecraft villa features a fancy-looking, large modern vanilla design. It seems like something out of a sci-fi movie in terms of style because of its cutting-edge design. Although it is beautiful, this build is nothing expensive; perhaps it is a bad choice for those early in the game. One more thing to note is that this craft is quite an undertaking because of its size, and players take a few days to complete.

5. Wood Concrete Mansion

New builders think that only concrete is the exclusive material to build a modern house but really not. Although not cheap to make, this craft is a worthwhile investment for those who can afford it. It stands out and is well designed, features loot, massive storage space, and smelting rooms. It’s entirely all right, especially for those who wash out with resources like quartz, glass, wood, and stone. It doesn’t matter to play around with blocks and different patterns when you are trying to make something modest.

6. Modern House -The Grand Mansion

Players don’t feel afraid to take the challenge of building a giant mansion at least on time in their Minecraft career. If the player is in survival mode, it is a long mission that requires grinding for resources, and it is definitely worth the effort. Absolutely, this vast mansion builds with the lush green jungle biome background with glass and white concrete clashes. Along with the shades on, the pool seems impressive

7. Exclusive Dark Grey Home

One common feature relevant in almost every Minecraft builds is white blocks or white concrete. Sometimes white blocks are not available, but that does not mean that crafting a modern house in Minecraft is impossible. Actually, dark grey concrete looks unique and attractive as a primary color. So, don’t be afraid of switching the color patterns and try to make something different.

Fences are usually related to more normal builds and houses. Though, modern Minecraft builds seem prominent with particular types of fences like glass or quartz slabs and blocks. Its pleasant outdoor area lined with a fence makes it interesting, although this build is not extremely large in size. To get a pretty realistic modern home, you can use items and blocks in a truly artistic way in this craft.

8. Mountain Mansion with a Pool

modern minecraft house ideas
modern minecraft house ideas

From the time when mountains have been upgraded, for many Minecraft builders, it was a standard choice. However, the environment is still more out of this world. This mansion is the perfect inspiration for caves and cliff builds with an infinity-style pool. Players can also modify the way according to their needs which suits best with the floating pool gives a nice touch.

9. Modern House-The Island Base

Finding the right location is the primary key while setting up a home in Minecraft. Simply the fact is an excellent spot to change the look of the build because of its gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing environment. This build has everything that players can hope for in a survival base and a fabulous affinity pool with the surrounding nature.

10. Mansion with Gardens

This building craft has taken advantage of flowers and greenery and is very important. Without landscaping and greenery, modern builds will likely look frosty, lifeless, and blocky. To vary the design of modern mansions, the natural and complex patterns with colors of plants are beneficial. One of the rare builds looks first-class with integrated red bricks into its outside lane.

11. Skewed Desert Home

It is not easy to build a house in the desert, as many Minecraft challengers do not feel pleasant to craft compared to other biomes. Also, it is not the best option for survival mode due to the low assets of livestock and wood. Even though it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to build in the desert, but it is an incredible-looking Minecraft built in the desert biome. In fact, due to its airy, minimalistic, and straightforward appearance, modern houses look best in the desert biome. With the skewed roof built on sand and plenty of natural light, this modern home looks astonishing on the outside as it is on the inside.

12. Black And White Home

modern minecraft house
modern minecraft house

It cannot be easy to come about with a solution in the traditional style to make space for crop farming areas and storage systems. Nevertheless, it is possible to integrate RPG features in an organized manner entirely with modern builds. Constructing a medium-sized black and white mansion with the farm area as a type of garden is the answer to the problem, where pumpkins and wheat blend in perfectly.


All above house designs are epic to build, not only for experienced but also for beginners. Players can easily create their desired modern house in Minecraft according to their resources. Hopefully, the information regarding the buildings is quite fruitful for you. Furthermore, you can also see the video tutorial for your ease. Do let us know your views about this article in the comment box.

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