My Phone Number! Let’s Sync it to Apple Devices in Ten Mins

With the advent of advanced technology, Apple facilitated the use of smartphones in synchronizing phone numbers with other devices. Adding or removing my phone number from iPhone to iPad, iPod or MacBook takes quick and straightforward steps. You can gauge several valuable ways to locate your phone number if you get connected to other compatible Apple devices.

Configure Your Phone Number From Your iPhone To Other Apple Devices

Learn the steps to set up or remove your phone number from iPhone to other compatible devices.

  1. For that, navigate your phone Settings. Leading onto the next step, go to “Messages” with iMessage mode enabled on your iPhone device. Then wait for a moment to activate it.
  2. As soon as you have composed your message, tap “Send & Receive.” It is noteworthy to use your Apple ID for iMessage. Sign in to the Apple ID you have signed up on your MacBook, iPad, or iPod device.
  3. Then, it is mandatory to select your phone number and Apple ID in the “you can receive iMessage to and Reply from” section.
  4. Then, navigate “FaceTime” in the Settings. Be wary of selecting your phone number and Apple ID in the “FaceTime can reach you” section.
  5. That’s how you can set up your phone number to other compatible devices.

Take Your Phone Number Off Apple Devices

Removing your phone number in your iPhone can be as easy as its setup method. Without getting your iPhone calls or messages on MacBook, iPod, or iPad devices, you can get into the following two different possible ways.

  • Go to Settings > then Messages > then tap Send & Receive. Next, you can sign out from your Apple account. You can then head towards the “FaceTime” App to sign out from your Apple account.
  • The phone number is not accessible that you intend to remove. You have an option with your Apple ID Password modification. It surely helps you remove your phone number from MacBook, iPad, or iPod devices. Then it makes sure that you don’t get calls or messages for the drawn numbers.

Get Your iPhone Number Activated For The MacBook

Once you have set up your phone number for the MacBook, turning it on or off takes no more strenuous effort. Therefore, iOS users can follow the instructions to use an access device whenever convenient.

  1. Open your Messages or Facetime after signing into the registered Apple ID with the Messages and Facetime on your iPhone.
  2. Then select messages in the “Messages” tab, go to its Preferences and click on the iMessage App. Likewise for Facetime, choose Facetime > Preferences > select its Settings.
  3. Here comes the essential step where you can quickly turn it on or off.
  4. If you want to turn your phone number, choose “turn your phone number on or off” from the Apple ID list. Meanwhile, you get any unknown number, change it via your Apple account credentials. If you’re unable to locate the iPhone number, get assistance with the iPhone Settings or contact Apple Support.
  5. You can deactivate the option for turning it on in the list if you want to turn off the iPhone number.
  6. If you want your phone number visibility rather than Apple Account ID on recipient messages, you should initiate your conversation via selecting it on the Phone number. You can opt for a similar option for making new calls from the pop-up menu.

Activate Phone Number From iPhone to iPad or iPod Device

Switching your iPhone number on for your iPad or iPod device can help you acquire service for Messages and Facetime quite easily.

  1. Go to Settings, then Messages in the iMessage services. Then tap Send & Receive. If you are not signed in, it will ask for an Apple account that connects with the Messages and Facetime apps on your iOS device.
  2. For Facetime, navigate its settings and turn on its App. You must have an Apple account to sign in and easily access your messages and Facetime apps.
  3. Next, to turn it on or off your phone number, select it via the “You Can Be Reached” section in your Apple account ID. In the absence of phone number unavailability, you can help with the iOS Settings or get in touch with Apple’s technical support center as a last resort.
  4. Deactivate your phone number by switching off your phone number connected via an Apple account.
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what is my phone number

What If iPhone Number Is Not Visible to Your Recipient

Let’s assume you want to see or select your phone number, but if it is not visible in Messages or Facetime, make sure to follow the iPhone steps in setting up your smart device. Setting it up always takes on the Apple Account ID for all the devices. In the section “you have reached” for Messages and FaceTime Settings, tap on the phone number or Account ID. The checkmark indicates its activation.

Troubleshoot If Your Phone Is Uncheck Or Unselected

What if your iPhone number is not enabled? Then you will find some issues in activating it appropriately. If you get it unchecked or cannot select it, implement the following steps. MacBook or iOS devices take different actions. Let’s learn it one by one.

For your MacBook

  • Message App, you can choose Messages then go to its Navigate iMessage, then sign out from your Apple account.
  • Facetime takes the step of setting your Preferences, sign out from your Apple account.

  For iPad or iPod Devices

  • For Messages: Navigate Settings > Messages > Send & Receive. Tap the Apple Account, then sign it out.
  • For Facetime: go to Settings > Then tap on the Apple ID to sign out from your account.

For iPhone Device

  • If you want to select in your iPhone, navigate your Settings > Messages when your iMessaging services are fully activated.
  • Then tap “Send & Receive” and select “Use your Apple ID for iMessage” to sign off from the Apple activated account.
  • Then sign in again via the same account connected to Messages and Facetime on all your devices. In another case, you fail to resolve the issue, then changing the password for activated Apple must be of great help. Afterward, you can set up your iPhone number by repeating the similar method mentioned above. If you fail to access your account, you can contact the Apple Support Centre for assistance.

Finishing up our configuration setting guide will assist you in transferring your iPhone number from the iPhone to other compatible devices. I look forward to your beneficial feedback if you still need any further assistance.

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