How to Get a Netflix Student Discount in 2022

Is there a Netflix student discount? In this guide, we will clarify your query of whether students receive a discount on Netflix or not. So, if you like TV shows, movies, and documentaries and wish to watch them on your devices, Netflix would allow you to do that with ease in the Netflix free trial. Well, just so you would understand this, Netflix is a streaming platform that allows its user to watch various kinds of award-winning TV programs, films, documentaries, and more using linked devices on the internet buy an essay online

Also, they have users in more than 190 countries and adding. Netflix is is a global content library delivering entertainment to your seats. The excellent news about this beautiful content provider is that you can get a free trial of the streaming for 30 days. After it ends, you can also have premium quality content by collaboration. However, you will have to give your credit card details to receive it.

Student Discount Netflix
Student Discount Netflix

Netflix Student Discount: Is Still There? 

If you are looking for Free Netflix Accounts for students, forget about it. There are four plans offered by Netflix. These are basic plans, standard plans, premium plans, and mobile plans. The mobile plan permits you to stream unlimited videos at a low more. Following is the basic plan worth $8.99 a month. Then is the standard plan worth $12.99 a month in which your students can stream unlimited videos on two screens at a time. Last is the premium plan, which is worth $192 per year. This can be recognized to be the cheapest plan if one goes experience-wise in services, enabling you to watch unlimited videos on four screens at a time. Though, if you are looking for student discounts, forget it. A Netflix student discount is a complete myth. If you are still exploring for such offers, you might as well use the trial period and get the streaming for free.

Netflix Student Discount
Netflix Student Discount

Steps to Get Netflix FREE Trial Offer

  1. To begin the process, simply Press Try us free. When you do the same, another screen opens where they urge you to create an account.
  2. Create Your Account. To do that, tap the Continue button.
  3. You will see another screen with the message that you will enjoy the first month free. To register with your email and password. And tap Continue.
  4. Following, set up your Payment details. Here, Netflix will notify you that it will provide you three days’ notice before the free trial expires. That they accept Debit or Credit cards and PayPal. So, choose your payment method and a bit closer to a Netflix student discount.
  5. Then, insert your name, surname, and card number. When you register, Netflix takes you on the premium plan to switch later if you need. Then, mark the check box to agree to their terms of Use of the service. Click (to Say I agree) and then press start Membership.
  6. When you do the same, your subscription starts automatically, and you can log in to see your Membership page and all the perks attached to it.
  7. This is all about how you can get a Netflix student discount.

Other Methods for Netflix Student Discount

After experiencing the 1-month free trial, another way to get Netflix free is by applying this creative method. For instance, four students who live together could contribute and pay for a premium plan with a feature for watching on four screens simultaneously.

So, every student will watch whatever they desire on four different screens simultaneously. Or you may request your relative to pay for the premium plan. And then allow you to watch on one screen out of the 4 in the plan.

Free Alternatives to Netflix

If you desire to save even more cash, there are various free alternatives to Netflix that let you stream television shows and films without paying anything at all. Some of these websites even allow you to watch without creating an account, give alone paying a monthly fee.

Websites including Crackle, Tubi, and Vudu all present viable options to Netflix without requiring a subscription. These services are typically carried by ads, just similar to broadcast TV.


Q: Does Netflix offer a student discount?
A: Netflix has become quite famous among students. Unhappily, there is no Netflix student discount. If you need to get Netflix for students, the only choice is to use a 1-month free trial. Since there is no student Netflix, you can profit from the streaming platform’s free trial time.
Q: Can you get a discount on Netflix?
A: No, the streaming platform does not offer a special discount. There are additional ways to get discounts at Netflix, including both weekly offers and standing discounts from Giving Assistant. You can visit their platform to check if Netflix has posted new information on their discount policies.
Q: How much is Netflix monthly?
A: The streaming platform announces the basic plan for users remains unchanged at $9.99 per month, but the standard monthly plan is rising from 1 dollar to $14.99/month, and the premium by 2 dollars to $18.99/month.
Q: Is it cheaper to pay Netflix annually?
A: Currently, Netflix’s Standard plan costs $12.99/month, but that may get cut in half if a cheaper yearly streaming subscription trial transforms into a real deal. If Netflix made an equal offer to subscribers in the US, you could take the Standard plan for only $77.94 /year or the Basic plan for $53.94/year.
Q: Will Netflix prices go up in 2020?
A: Netflix is growing its universality, a standard plan from $12.99 per month to $13.99/month. The plan gives 1080p and two concurrent streams. Netflix’s premium plan, which allows 4K video and four simultaneous streams, will rise from $15.99 to $17.99/month.


In this guide, we described the Netflix student discount. We must say that Netflix does not give a discount to students, but with short creativity, you can have a discount by using the 30 days free trials and by four students paying for the premium plan and giving the screen to watch their desired shows and films.

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