Nether Quartz in Minecraft: Exploring & Utilizing Game Plan

Really stuck in the Minecraft game and thinking about how to find and use Nether Quartz. So, do not worry; you can get to know them without difficulty. Minecraft has several items that players enjoy exploring in the huge world sandbox game. Basically, they are mineral ore found in the Nether dimensions.

While exploring the region, players may face many dangers in the Nether kingdom. It is like the hell of Minecraft, where pools of lava and gigantic wastelands are flowing. Even though several minerals are unique to this area and are essential to crafting a range of items, so, it is better before going there that you ought to be well-armed with weapons and armors.

Let’s move to the next section before going into detail here to see the location to find and use them and the description to build on a different version of Minecraft.

How to Find Minecraft Nether Quartz

nether quartz uses
nether quartz uses

The NetherQuartz ore is a white mineral block that usually appears on Nether territory surrounded by Netherrack block. Mostly plentiful between levels 18 and 20. After mining, players can pick up through pickaxe when it drops the white crystals’ pieces. Each block of it produces one unit of NetherQuartz. By using the Fortune Enchantment, this quantity may be increased.

Mining the NetherQuartz does not make anger nearby Zombie Pigman with the installation of the Nether Ores mod. Furthermore, players can also smell the Furnace to get the NetherQuartz if they mine it using a silk touch pickaxe. Sometimes, they also find in treasure Chests of Bastion Remnants. An additional way to get them with Piglins using through bartering.

Uses of Minecraft Nether Quartz

what can you do with nether quartz
what can you do with nether quartz

The NetherQuartz or Infra Quartz, another name is Dry Quartz, uses only to craft Pillar Quartz Block, granite, and daylight sensors. Players mainly use NetherQuartz to create a ME network, which means a multiblock structure from applied energetic, which is readily available to access. Furthermore, you can craft a range of items in the game. So, here is the complete list with a description of crafting items that players can use:

1.      Crafting Quartz Blocks

By using four Quartz, players can craft Quartz blocks. Mainly block is used to make slabs or stairs, and it seems decorative. It can also be placed to produce bass drum sound under note blocks. There are a few alterations in the blocks, namely:

  • Block of quartz
  • Quartz pillar
  • Block of quartz bricks
  • Chiseled quartz
  • Smooth quartz block

2.      Creating Daylight Detector

In the game, daylight detectors are not famous but deserve more spotlight. Through sunlight, these sensors provide a Redstone signal. Thus the amount of sunlight available to the detector depends on the signaling and behavior. If a Minecrafter wants a Redstone operation running, then a daylight detector might be helpful during the daytime.

3.      Diorite

In the Minecraft game, it seems like a polished variant and is used as decoration to make beautiful flooring by placing four blocks of the raw stuff in a 2×2 crafting grid. In the Bedrock edition, it is used as the replacement of stones to make Redstone comparators and slabs, and it can also be used to create granite and andesite. Tricky multiplayer doesn’t damage anything you construct as it has the same blast resistance stone; it is pretty good in building material.

You need to place two cobblestones and Nether Quartz in a 3×3 crafting grid while making diorite. One more important thing is that the cobblestones and NetherQuartz are placed in an exact pattern, which means cobblestones in the first box of the first row or NetherQuartz in the second box of the first row. Similarly, NetherQuartz is in the first box of the second row or cobblestones in the second box of the second row.

4.      Granite

Granite is an igneous rock found naturally below height level 79. It can be used to create granite slabs, buildings, walls, and stairs. Granite is also generated as part of coral reefs in the Minecraft and desert villages. You must place one diorite and NetherQuartz in a 3×3 crafting grid to make granite. Another important thing while making granite is that the diorite and NetherQuartz are placed in an accurate pattern means diorite in the first box of the first row or NetherQuartz in the second box of the first row.

5.      Crafting an Observer

In a Redstone contraption, observers serve as a critical component once in a while. In turn, it emits a charge when an observer senses the changes in the system. Whereas one quartz is required, six cobblestones, and two Redstone dust to craft the observer.

6.      Redstone Comparator

Using Quartz, you can craft the Redstone comparators that have the potential and play a significant role in the Redstone system. Comparators measure the fullness of containers along with the addition and subtraction of signal strength. With more complex builds or major operations, many items accumulated comparators appear versatile at once. And it is involuntarily positioned into hoppers or other similar collection systems.

Building Nether Quartz in Minecraft

nether quartz ore
nether quartz ore

The following steps are given to craft the NetherQuartz in Minecraft in creative mode and survival mode on different platforms in the next section:

In Creative Mode

Following is the crafting table for your effortlessness, where you can find NetherQuartz in creative mode on different platforms with versions and locations.



Creative Menu Location

Java Edition (PC/Mac)1.8 – 1.11Materials
Java Edition (PC/Mac)1.12 – 1.19Miscellaneous
Pocket Edition (PE)0.14.1 – 1.1.3Miscellaneous
Pocket Edition (PE)1.2Construction
Pocket Edition (PE)1.2.5 – 1.18.10Items
Xbox 360TU35 – TU69Materials
Xbox OneCU23 – CU43


Xbox One1.2.5 – 1.18.10Items
PS31.26 – 1.76Materials
PS41.26 – 1.91Materials
PS41.14.0 – 1.18.10Items
Wii UPatch 3 – Patch 38


Nintendo Switch1.04 – 1.11Materials
Nintendo Switch1.5.0 – 1.18.10Items
Windows 10 Edition0.14.1 – 1.1.3Miscellaneous
Windows 10 Edition1.2


Windows 10 Edition1.2.5 – 1.18.10Items
Education Edition0.14.2 – 1.0.18


Education Edition1.0.21Construction
Education Edition1.0.27 – 1.17.30Items

Nether Quartz: In Survival Mode

By mining in NetherQuartz Ore in survival, you can add them to your inventory. So let’s move to search them:

  1. Firstly, in the Nether, find the netherquartz ore block by digging up. It is easy to spot as it appears as a group of colored blocks.
  2. Secondly, you can mine it with a pickaxe in the netherquartz ore. You can also choose the pickaxe according to your preference.
  3. The game control depends on the version of Minecraft. Here are some keys available for your ease:
  • In Java Edition of PC or Macàclick left and hold on the nether quartz ore.
  • Pocket Edition (PE)àtap and hold on the nether quartz ore.
  • In Xbox 360 and Xbox Oneà on the Xbox controller; press and hold the RT button.
  • In PS3 and PS4à on the PS controller; press and hold the R2 button.
  • In Wii Uà on the gamepad; press and hold the ZR button.
  • In Nintendo Switchà on the controller; press and hold the ZR button.
  • In Windows 10 Editionàclick left and hold on the netherquartz ore.
  • In Education, Editionàclick left and hold on to the netherquartz ore.
  1. Now it is visible; before netherquartz disappears, ensure to pick it up. After picking it up, it will show you in the Hotbar. Kept it in the inventory to use later.


  1. If you feel trouble recognizing the block, use Potion of Night Vision.
  2. Continuously dig until the block breaks and see netherquartz floating on the ground.
  3. Don’t try to explore by your hand or from other tools because the smaller quartz does not come into view and float on the ground. Then you can’t add them to your inventory.
  4. For Example, we can use a diamond or silk touch pickaxe to dig nether quartz ore. Moreover, you can search them by giving commands.

In Conclusion

Trapped in the game is not that hectic when you know how to get out of it. There are multiple things from which you can survive easily. Hopefully, you can now enjoy the game without difficulty with the above knowledge of exploring and utilizing nether quartz. You can share your views on how this article is fruitful for you.

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