Nintendo Switch Shooting Games: Top best among all first shooters

Nintendo Switch has a series of uncountable Remarkable games of different genres, and shooting games are one of them. The past of Nintendo regarding fps games is not good compared to other game service providers.

But the coming games of Nintendo are now changing the perception of us over their FPS. However, Nintendo Switch games concerning PC XBOX, and PS make it slightly unique means it is a good choice for us to try. Moreover, There are shooting games of different genres on Nintendo, but we’ll discuss some cool ones here.

Although some of them are modified with so high graphics that one can’t imagine for a second whether I am playing a game or it’s the original that I saw. However, let’s take you to the top Nintendo shooting game that you might not hear of before.

Top 8 Nintendo switch shooting games
Top 8 Nintendo switch shooting games

Start your FPS journey with the Top 8 Nintendo switch shooting games

Almost all the Nintendo shooting games are great, but it’ll be fun to rank them according to their gaming feature qualities. However, it’s worth noting that some emissions are here, like alien isolation, which we wouldn’t describe as a first-person shooter. So let’s find out what the best shooters game we have on the list

1.     Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

The first entryon the list is Call Of Juarez from techland. However, one of the best features of this game is that it retails the story of Silas grieves, a bounty hunter in the American west, and it’s all set in the 19th century.

It is a quiet linear first-hand shooter where you get points for every kill. However, there’s a dual-wielding of different pistols and long guns. If I’m not mistaken, Nintendo has gyroscopic controls that work well with precise aiming.

There are a number of skills you’ll unlock that aid in your gun-slinging as well as slow-down mechanics. But once you complete the game, you get a new game plus mode. Where you’ll carry out all those unlock skills in the new run.

However, what fascinated me the most about this game is that you have a fast reload where you can kill the enemy before any other person. The updated version of this game is far more advanced than the previous one and is available on Nintendo’s official site for $50 with free shipping.

2.     Wolfenstein 2

This game has some horrible villains and has won loads of awards. However, Wolfenstein’s 2 first-person storytelling is quite the same as version one, and the rest of them are from other perspectives though the combination of both creates a nice story.

This game is basically based on the nazis era, so it has some bloody torture scenes. However, it is a kind of motivational game where you cross your hurdle and beat up nazis for their torture. The only downside of this game is that it has a download size of 21.9 gigs, so ensure you have a heavy sd card on you.

3.     Nintendo switch shooting games (Crises Remaster Trilogy)

This game has one of the most awesome graphics on the Nintendo switch FPS games list, and I always appreciate a first-person shooter that lets me adapt to my play style. The best thing about crises is that they allow players to switch things up.

However, you can either go cloaked or slow and spend time creeping around. You can pick up any enemy weapon you can pick enemy up and throw them if you want. You can decide to go loud, rip a turret out, and run around like an absolute lunatic. However, the crises remaster trilogy is a worth-it game available on Nintendo Switch for $49.99.

4.     Journey to the savage planet

This game kicked off the old notion of the shooter’s game because it is beyond the off-color visuals. However, whichever you slice this game, it’s just a joy to run around the world what it is. The switch version lacks a little polish in the visual department, but it’s completely fine – you can take it on the go. This game is quite appealing so far, and you can buy it at $29.99 as per the Nintendo rate.

5.     Superhot

This game came up with some unique visuals and features and was my favorite on the list. However, you cant take it as a new game or old it is somewhere in between. Moreover, the gimmick of this Nintendo switch shooting game is that it has a unique feature where when you stop moving, your surroundings in the game pause,and it starts from where it stops when you move again. However, you can cut off your enemies During that duration of time.

In simple words, time in this game only moves when you move. Along with other switch games, you wouldn’t be disappointed when you play it. It’s the cheapest on Nintendo Switch for just $12.49.

6.     Dusk

Dusk was the most interesting game on the list. Firstly, you probably assume it to be from the PCs of the 90s. However, it’s a new game designed in the way of the 90s first-person shooter style. Maybe some don’t like the way of doing this by the developer side though I like this concept.

Minecraft graphic design is also the same as dusk. These sort of games takes us to our memories from the era of our 90s play. Dusk lies in the horror games category and is doing fine with its mechanics. Your perception of the game will change after playing a little, and I recommend you give it a go.

7.     Bioshock the collection

We are talking here about Bioshock 1, 2, and Bioshock infinite. Where Bioshock one is just okay, but Bioshock infinite is what we are here for because infinite has some cool storylines, features, and graphics, which downgrades version 2.

However, this game worked very well on the Switch. All the DLC of this game is in one convincing package. This game will be the best choice if you want to start your fps journey.

8.     Paladins

Paladins is a free to play game, and when I first heard that it is free, I got blah though I really enjoy it. However, paladins have some downsides regarding mechanics and features but are worth a lot in terms of free-to-play games.

Paladins run beautifully on Switch with 60 FPS constantly, and I haven’t faced any drop in the time I’ve played it just a blooming good game. You can play this game with your friends or solo or even practice playing offline mode.


You’ll find many shooting games on Nintendo Switch, but we discuss the cool ones in the article. However, the games defined above are also available on different services instead of Nintendo. But playing those on Nintendo even gives you more control over it because of the controller’s access.

All the games are on the list because of their unique features and mechanics. Likewise, some are good regarding graphics or some for frames per second drop your comment below that which one is your favorite.

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