Leak Exposes OnePlus Buds Pro 2 in Hot Green Version

Minor design of the OnePlus Buds Pro 2 change and would be available in the market after the partnership with Dynaudio.

Our first impression of OnePlus Pro-labeled earbuds was that they were very good, except for their excessive bass level. We even ranked them among the best earbuds for calls. All the leaks indicate OnePlus’ follow-up to the original OnePlus Buds Pro is just around the corner. The latest preview shows what the OnePlus Buds Pro 2 will look like in their new green version.

The practice of co-branding audio products is becoming as common as co-branding smartphone cameras. According to 91Mobiles, OnePlus has partnered with Dynaudio on the Buds Pro 2. The resulting audio tuning may not be as good as the prior generation, but there are some improvements over the previous generation. In addition to reducing the bass, OnePlus should also lower the treble this time.

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The Buds Pro 2 doesn’t look much different from the last generation except for the olive green color option, which looks stunning. A glossy stem complements the two-tone finish on the current model that doubles as a squeeze control. The squeeze controls are slower than the touch controls but avoid annoying accidental touches.

The earbud case has also been tweaked slightly without any major design changes. Despite being a flat case, it’s still easy to pocket and comes with both Dynaudio branding.

Nevertheless, we expect a host of improvements inside the Buds Pro 2, which we learned from a previous leak (Read via Other Site). Their earbuds will have dual drivers like those found in Apple and Samsung premium earbuds. There will also be better ANC and support for LDHC 4.0; a more notable change could be the battery life of the earphones. There is a possibility that the Buds Pro 2 could last for 9 hours, an increase of at least 2 hours over their predecessors. Additionally, OnePlus’ proprietary chargers are expected to power the headphones more quickly.

Along with green, the OnePlus Buds Pro 2 will also come in white and black. There is no firm information on their pricing or availability yet, but given the frequency of leaks, we can expect the launch pretty soon.

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