Pair Roku Remote (Easily Pair or Reset with TV)

You bring a Roku player and are ready to enjoy the streaming shows but don’t know how to pair the Roku remote. There is no need to worry about pairing the remote to the TV; it can access quickly with a few steps. But you just need to connect your Roku remote to the TV through batteries or a wireless connection. Moreover, it depends on the type of remote you are using, as the Roku player works on two types of remote; a simple one and a standard or enhanced one. Simple remote on batteries and just point out the remote directly on the TV, whereas standard and enhanced Roku remote works on Radio Frequency (RF), Bluetooth, or Wifi like the Roku voice remote.

Before going into detail, let’s jump to the next section to explain the pairing method of the remote during and after installation on TV, along with the reset technique for Roku remote on TV in the following section.

How to Pair Roku Remote on TV

how to pair a roku remote
how to pair a roku remote

There are two ways to match up the Roku remote during and after installation on the TV. So go through the pairing ways:

Pairing Your Remote during Roku Installation on TV

To set up your Roku player, you will need to follow on-screen instructions first before going to the Check remote settings screen. Initially, turn on the volume to hear the TV instructions and point your remote directly at the TV. Now follow the steps to pair your Roku remote with your TV:

  1. Firstly, on your control TV screen, select the tab of Check remote settings to move on to the next screen.
  2. Now, select Yes to hear the sound of music. If you don’t hear the sound, increase the volume through the TV remote.
  3. On the new screen again, select the tab of Yes if the music stops while playing on the screen. It happens when the system recognizes your TV and uses a particular set to try remote codes and turn off the sound.
  4. To finish the remote programmingàclick Yes. Your remote will have a few more functions depending on your TV’s model.

Tip: Suppose the music doesn’t stop; it means that Roku failed to recognize your TV brand. Then choose No, and it will take you to another screen where you have to Enter TV Brand by using the remote keys.

Pairing Your Remote after Roku Installation on TV

After initial setup, you may also pair Roku remote by accessing the Settings menu on the Roku player. But ensure that Roku is connected to the TV; follow the given steps to pair the remote with the TV:

  1. Firstly, on your remote, press the Home button, go to the Settings option from the menu and click OK.
  2. Secondly, Choose the Remotes & Devices tab on the screen.
  3. The next step is to select the option Set up Remote for TV control.
  4. Finally, click the Start

Now, automatically Roku starts the setup to connect your Roku remote and TV. Carefully go through the on-screen instructions, and you can set your remote.

Pairing a Voice Remote through Battery

You can also pair a voice remote through the Battery. First, you have to remove the back cover and take away the batteries to pair the voice remote. Additionally, you can unplug the streaming box and wait for five seconds to reconnect it again. When the home screen of the TV appears, place the batteries back on the remote. Now press and hold the pairing button at the back of the remote to the right of the green status light until it starts flashing. Then follow the below steps after 30 seconds of pairing dialogue on the TV:

  1. Navigate to the Settings option on the TV.
  2. Then the Remote tab and then Pair Remote
  3. In the end, click on the Right arrow and apply the on-screen instructions.

How to Pair Roku Voice Remote Pro

Suppose you are trying to match up with Roku Voice Remote Pro with the Roku device remote. Then make sure that your Streaming box is running on the Roku OS 9.4 or higher. To do so, follow the steps:

  1. Firstly, on your remote, press the Home
  2. Secondly, navigate Settings and then the System option on your TV screen.
  3. The next step is to click the System Update tab and select the Check Now
  4. Now, the system will check the version; it installs the latest update if it seems necessary.

Try to do the pairing process even if your remote is not working. But it accesses if you have the latest OS version of Roku. Suppose it still does not work, then you may need help to know that mostly Roku remotes are exchangeable. You can also try another voice remote available at home and use it to install any required updates.

How to Reset Roku Remotes on TV

how to pair roku remote to tv
how to pair roku remote to tv

You can easily reset the Roku remote on TV with the two types of remote controls: a simple remote and another one is a voice remote to reset. Both types of remotes work differently. Simple remote works on the Infrared light (IR) where you need to point it directly toward the receiver to work. In comparison, the voice remote works through Wifi and doesn’t need to point out directly toward the screen of your Roku device. Let’s go through the below section to know how to reset them.

·         Reset Simple Roku Remote

A simple Roku remote works by the infrared light (IR) to run the Roku device. So it can straightforwardly pair with any Roku device. You just need to point your remote directly towards the Roku player, as anything blocking its path, even a glass door cabinet, can cause the remote to stop working correctly. Simple remotes won’t be compatible with the Streaming Stick model, for example, Roku streaming stick+, Roku streaming stick 4K, etc.

There is no hard and fast method to reset the Roku remote. Just remove the batteries (either AA or AAA) from the remote and reinsert them or change them with the new one’s batteries. Additionally, you can also reset your Roku device by pressing the reset button, which you may find at the bottom or back of your device.

Tip: To check whether the remote’s infrared light (IR) is working correctly or not. Just point out the camera on your phone and press any button. You need to restore your remote or buy a new remote if the camera does not detect the infrared light. But need to remember one thing before purchasing a new remote that ensures your Roku device is compatible with your remote.

·         Reset Roku Voice Remote

A Roku device works through wireless (Wifi) communication with your device. Sometimes, your voice remote is unpaired for any reason, so you don’t need to check line of sight obstacles. In contrast to a simple Roku remote, you don’t need to press the voice remote button to operate the Roku device. Behind the well-mounted wall or other out of sight location, the voice remote allows you to install the Roku device.

While setting up the Roku voice remote, the Roku device uses a pairing process to make a new wireless connection and detect a new remote. If the remote comes up with your device in a box, you have to install it initially during setup and activation. But if you want to upgrade your voice remote after the Roku device setup. Then the pairing process can be done through the Settings menu, described in the above section.


The Roku device is the best trendy device of today to enjoy streaming shows and music on TV. You can connect the device to the TV through a remote with a few steps. Hopefully, the above ways to pair or reset the Roku remote on the TV are fruitful. So do, let us share your views about the article in the comment box.

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