Pokemon Go Hacks (How to Get Hacks for Android & iOS User)

Pokemon Go hacks are an artificial nostalgia of the pokemon franchise. However, it is one of the most beautiful realities that many people adore because they want to catch and walk for the pokemon hack.

Even though cheating is never endorsed in video games for the players, they are still finding ways to hack Niantic’s renowned mobile game – Pokemon GO. Whether it is putting oneself in a different country to catch region-exclusive Pokemon or giving oneself the most powerful legendary Pokemon. There are many ways to hack an account, but which methods still work?

Many players cheat in the game Pokemon GO for different reasons. The reason could be: Maybe a player wants to catch a Pokemon that is not in season at the moment, or the player needs a little bit of candy to evolve a Pokemon. Despite the security of the game, there are still several ways to hack it. Here you can follow these steps.

What Is Pokemon Game – History

pokemon go hacks 2021
pokemon go hacks 2021

The Pokemon Go game was developed by using fictional characters known as Pokemon, and it began the pokemon life of the mid-’90s for the game boy. However, the Franchise of Japan is well known for its innovative feature, character, and graphics.

Pokemon Go is a popular game of history, and it is available as a free smartphone app that combines the innovative gaming world into the real world. This wonderful game uses your location and mapping technology to create an augmented reality where players catch their favorite Pokemon in the real location and train them.

How To Get Hacks for Pokemon Go

hacks for pokemon go
hacks for pokemon go

The Pokémon GO hacks allow users to perform various tasks with little to no effort. Many of these hacks are so powerful that they make you wonder how anyone could enjoy playing with them. Yet, they are widely used by players throughout the world today. We have listed 5 common Pokémon GO Hacks for you and how you can get them.

  1. Players Cheat to Defeat any Pokémon Gym

Pokémon GO hacks are the second commonplace where players cheat your way to defeating any Pokémon Gym team. Unfortunately, it takes three players to do this hack, and players could be friends or anyone for the playing.

To begin, you must start a gym battle with three players. After that, you must drop the first two players during the fighting. Then, after the battle has ended, the drop-out two players must rejoin, with the first player dropping out right away and joining a new battle. In the end, all players win the match together and defeat the Pokémon in the gym.

The method is effective even against the most difficult opponents in GO. However, it is still against the terms of service (as is the case with most hacks), so it may be suspended.

  1. Pokemon Go Spoofer Hacks

pokemon go hacks iphone
pokemon go hacks iphone

Pokemon Go spoofer is the most common and popular way to hack a game through spoofing. You make the game think you are somewhere else by faking your location by spoofing.

Among the benefits of changing your location is picking up exclusive Pokémon and finding creatures not normally found in your locale, such as region-exclusive Pokémon. Other than that, Pokémon GO Community members disapprove of spoofing and risk a permanent suspension, so you should spoof at your own discretion.

  1. Straightforward Cheat by Creating Accounts

Creating multiple accounts is an overused but straightforward cheat. You can use multiple accounts to cheat in various ways throughout the game. For example, having multiple accounts can defeat gyms more easily and quickly.

By utilizing multiple accounts, you can quickly gain complete control of a gym and defeat your opponents. Unfortunately, while the hack is common among fans, you could be banned for it.

  1. Use the Incense to Attract & Catch the Pokemon Hacks

free pokemon go hacks
free pokemon go hacks

Using incense is another way to hacks Pokemon Go to play the adventurous game. You can use these items to attract Pokemons near your location so that you can catch them. Pokestops allow you to buy incense when your level changes or in the shop when you upgrade. Below are the steps to guide you through the process.

  • Select the items from the Pokeball.
  • Go to the Items section, and you will find incense.
  • Click the button to get it and use it.
  1. Use Botting Hack To Capture All the Pokemon

Botting is another popular hack used by players to cheat their way through games. In botting, you set up robots that enable you to capture all Pokémon within a certain area with your bots.

pokemon go evolution hacks
pokemon go evolution hacks

Whenever you play Pokémon Go, the bots catch your Pokémon automatically, and it makes you the laziest Pokémon trainer out there. Unfortunately, in the same way as spoofing and other hacks on this list, botting can get you banned from the game and ruin its enjoyment.

Best 3 Pokemon Go Walking Hacks -2022

reddit pokemon go hacks
reddit pokemon go hacks

The pokemon game allows you to move from places to search for Pokemon and catch them. However, walking around your neighborhood is fun but more than a walking experience; I love to stay in my comfort zone and play the game. For this purpose, we write this walking hack that allows players to play the game without walking and moving.

  1. Make Use of Bike or Skateboard for Walk Hack

A Pokemon Go no walking hack is for Android and iOS users. It involves riding your bike or skateboard around the neighborhood of the game area. Getting out of your comfort zone would still be a challenge, but it would be easier than before.

Put the mobile on your bike and drive it slowly. First, make sure that the speed is slow so that you do not receive any lockout alerts. You should avoid catching too many Pokemons at once, and last, you must complete your ride after you have covered the distance between egg hatchings.

  1. Get Double XP to Levelling Up

pokemon go tips and hacks
pokemon go tips and hacks

Many players use the leveling up pokemon hacks to quickly level up their characters and Pokémon. Unfortunately, the only way to accomplish this is by catching a truckload of weak Pocket Monsters like Caterpie, Pidgey, and Weedle.

After completing this, you will earn double XP during the next 30 minutes by using a lucky egg. After that, you can level up as many of the Caterpie, Pidgey, and Weedle as possible before evolution. In addition, it allows you to maximize your experience points and level up your character.

The hacking technique is helpful for players to level up fast with minimal effort. It allows you, as a new player, to start the game. For more experienced players, it is still used, but less often. You can earn over 80 evolutions in 30 minutes by increasing your XP using this hack.

  1. Use a Roomba to Clean Your House While Playing

This method is another hacking and hatching egg in Pokemon Go. In this way, you will take assistance to clean the house because it is a clean house robot. Try one time once at your home because it is available.

easy pokemon go hacks
easy pokemon go hacks

For hatching eggs in Pokemon Go, place your phone on Roomba and allow it to move to surround the house. When Roomba moves slowly, this will make Pokemon Go into thinking you are walking. But make sure your phone is properly placed on the Roomba to avoid any massive accident.


Pokemon Go is a fictional based character that was developed by Nintendo switch. It began the pokemon life of the mid-’90s for the game boy. If we focus on the main title, then the pokemon hacks allows users to move from places to search for Pokemon and catch them. Here are the best hacking ways to get them for the playing game for Android and iOS device users. Let us know if you used any one of the hacks.

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