Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Suffer from Performance Errors

Scarlet and Violet are experiencing some issues at launch, with players reporting various performance issues

Many Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players report that the games are experiencing some performance issues. Some early access reviewers are reporting significant problems with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet before they’re officially released.

There is great anticipation for the two new games in the popular Pokemon franchise, which is not unusual. The new Pokemon games are the first traditional Pokemon games to be available on the Switch, and they feature open-world gameplay and different paths the player can take. There were more linear games in the franchise earlier on. Even though there have been Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leaks, these early-access reviewers have played them first.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet received early access from multiple reviewers, and they reported several bugs and performance issues. Visual clipping and invisible Pokemon were relatively minor problems, while heavy frame rate drops or crashes were much more serious.

Major of Pokemon Graphical Errors

There were generally few major issues, most of which affected non-game-breaking graphical errors. Many of these problems seem to be caused by the Switch’s inability to keep up with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s performance requirements. The low reviews for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are likely due to these performance issues.

Pokemon games are nearly guaranteed to sell well, but any change to a tried-and-true formula usually arouses some apprehension.

The Pokemon Legends: Arceus game demonstrated this with its first open-world component. Scarlet and Violet were generally well-received when Arceus debuted. When these performance problems are combined with the surprisingly low reviews the franchise’s two newest entries are receiving, these problems could cause serious problems for the franchise. There has been a 1.01 launch day update from the Pokemon Company, but it hasn’t fixed the performance issues players have been experiencing.

It is certainly not good that these glaring problems appear so early on in the game’s history, and it may hinder sales or even lead to returns. Although some players might be turned off by these sorts of gameplay and graphical issues, there is a large and well-established fanbase for the Pokemon franchise. Considering that Scarlett and Violet’s fans have been waiting for so long, it’s unlikely that something like this will put them off.

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