Premium Snapchat (Add It To Your Account)

 Like Twitter and Telegram, Snapchat has released a compensated subscription for its services called Premium Snapchat. However, this new service comes with new features and services.

But do you really know what it is actually snapchat+, shared it is available, how much it costs, and what you will get when you subscribe to it? This guide will tell you all the details. So, let’s dive deep into it.

What is Snapchat Premium Application?

To be honest, the limelight fact is that there is no such thing – As Snapchat Plus. Actually, a few years back, Snapchat became the home of social media for adult models, camera girls, and porn film stars. In 2022 Snapchat’s official terms and policy service ban on nude and unambiguous content.

A Snapchat plus is basically your regular Snapchat account and is about your community paying to access your account. However, it’s just a feature that lets you imprison your content to restricted or selected viewers with confidentiality.

In simple words, it is not another application; when users want to add you as a friend, they have to pay to add. Moreover, if you are not 18+ so the customer service of the app will not add you to this plan.

Users can share snap photos and videos of casinos, nudity, adult content, and whatever they want. Furthermore, it correspondingly accesses an assortment of private, tentative, and pre-unconfined features. And offers a user an exclusive plus symbol, pin a friend as a BFF, count of story rewatches, and many new filters.

How to Get Snapchat Premium?

If you want to use the plus version of Snapchat, you don’t need to make another account if you already have one. You can add this plus feature to your current Snapchat account.

NOTE: Before getting the feature, make sure you have updated Snapchat.

Do follow the below steps to get the premium features.

  • First of all, hover over the Snapchat app on your phone device.
  • Then tap on the profile icon that you see at the top left side of the main screen.
  • Here you will see a gold-highlighted advertisement banner. Tap on that.
  • Now select what sort of membership you want.
  • The payment options will depend on the device that you are using. Such as a Google account, Apple ID account, or linked payment method to a debit or credit card.
  • Once you complete the payment, tap on the subscribe to style it official.
  • After that, a menu will pop up on your screen that shows some features that this subscription gives you, letting you turn them off or on.

NOTE: The membership of Snapchat plus is free for a week. When the week is complete, then you will stimulate for the membership you select.

Subscription Cost of Premium Snapchat Accounts

Snapchat plus offers a monthly subscription, a six-month subscription, and a yearly subscription. However, if you don’t want to continue with Snapchat+, you can cancel at any time.

The Subscription Cost of Snapchat Plus
Trail NameAmount
Monthly Subscription$3.99
Six Month Subscription$21.99
Yearly Subscription$39.99

Track the below-mentioned steps to scratch the subscription.

  • Tap on your Snapchat profile icon on the main page.
  • On the profile page, tap on the gear icon on the top right side.
  • Then tap on Snapchat+ and then tap the Manage your subscription option.
  • On the pop-up page, cancel your membership. That’s it.

NOTE: Keep in mind that premium content is unavailable in many regions. So, you must check the region list before applying for the subscription.

Available Regions for Snapchat Premium

  • Austria
  • Australia
  • Bahrain
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Egypt
  • France
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Israel
  • India
  • Ireland
  • Kuwait
  • New Zealand
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • Saudia Arabia
  • Switzerland
  • Sweden
  • The United States
  • The United Kingdom
  • The United Arab Emirates

Which Features Do You Get on Premium Snapchat Setup?

The current exclusive features of Snapchat plus are premeditated to make it easier for Snapchat’s most enthusiastic users.

·         Ghost Trails on the Map

This feature allows you to see your friends who have recently shared their location with you in 24 hours. Tap on the Map of your friend Bitmoji to watch their Ghost trail.

·         Story Rewatch Indicator

It will allow a user to see that one or more friends have rewatched. The number next to the eye emoji counts how many friends have rewatched your story. But it did not tell the total number of times and which of your friends rewatched your story.

·         A Special BFF Pin

This feature lets you pin your 1 friend as BFF at the top of the chat windows. Keep in mind that you apply this feature to just one of your friends.

·         Custom App Icons or Themes

On the Snapchat plus account, you can choose from nearly 40 new icons. If you want to select one of these icons, tap on snapchat+, then tap on the app icon. Here selects any icon you like.

·         Snapchat Premium Badge

This feature allows you to add aptitude to your Snapchat username with a black star badge. When you add this badge, other people know you are a Snapchat + subscriber.

·         Friend Solar System

It will allow you to see a best friend’s badge with a gold ring on someone’s friendship profile. It states that you are one of each other’s eight closest friends. When you tap on the badge, a pop-up window tells you which planet you are in your friends’ solar system. However, every planet has a different position in its best friend list.

 NOTE: If you want to see a friend’s solar system, you and your friend have a linked Bitmoji.

·         Snapchat Web

Undeniably, this feature will ultimately develop for everybody on Snapchat. While on the web, users allow messaging app features to chat replies, chat reactions, and others.

·         Story Timer

This feature allows you to set custom timers on their stories that start from 1 hour to as long as 1 week.

·         Camera Color Borders

This feature can set custom-colored borders around the Snapchat camera view. However, you can use a large collection of colors that shows around your camera as you click a snap photo or record videos using the in-built Snapchat camera.

·         Priority Story Replies

The snapchat+ subscription allows you to reply to stories posted by Snapchat stars that will be arranged and be more noticeable to them.

Other Features of Snapchat Premium

  • New Bitmoji backgrounds
  • Post view Emoji
  • Share eBay Listing
  • Friend snap score change
  • Custom Notification sounds
  • Capturing Color
  • Director mode
  • Shared Stories


I hope this blog will clear all your misconceptions about Snapchat plus because most people find it another application. We have also described some other details of Snapchat+.

So, just take your phone and subscribe to the premium Snapchat account to experience a new way of fun and entertainment.

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