How to Rebuild Database PS4 -Begin with safe mode

When was the last time you did a PS4 rebuild database? If you don’t know what that is or can’t remember, chances are it’s been too long. Luckily the process is safe and straightforward. In contrast, it will take longer if you haven’t done it before (or ever). There’s no harm in improving your console maintenance now.

Following these steps will eliminate corrupted data and rearrange your files, improving your system’s performance. With the PS5 soon to be released on general sale, many gamers will face a tough decision of stick or twist. Those of us who will stick with the current-gen consoles we’ll need to ensure our PS4s are fighting fit and ready for action.

rebuild ps4 database
rebuild ps4 database

What is the PS4 Rebuild Database?

When your Sony PlayStation 4 downloads data. The console must sift through the downloaded data to find its needs, whether it’s a new game or an update to an existing title. A few significant updates and game downloads can cause your console to slow down, as it has to sift through a lot of data. Much of this data isn’t relevant to the current operation, though.

Rebuilding your PS4’s database tells the system where the relevant downloaded data resides on the drive. Once this process is complete, it’s easier for your console to find the data it needs for a particular game or service. This can lead to faster boot times and a more responsive console.

This isn’t the same as defragmenting a hard drive—that process would take much longer. Defragmenting moves data around, whereas rebuilding the database only affects the database. After the database is rebuilt, the console notes where the relevant data is on the drive. Then updates its location.

How do I begin the PS4 in Safe Mode?

  1. Turn off the PS4 mode by pressing the power button on the front panel. The power indicator will flash for a few moments before turning off.
  2. Once the PS4 system is off, click and hold the power key again. Release it after hearing the second beep: one beep will sound when you first press, and another seven seconds later.
  3. Connect the DUALSHOCK 4 with the USB cable and push the PS button on the controller.

Why it’s Important to Rebuild Your PS4 Database

If you tend to keep your PS4’s hard drive mostly full of applications, save games, video clips, photos, and the like, those files can become disorganized and fragmented over time, leading to issues like the following:

  • Slow load times and menu navigation
  • The inability of the PS4 to consistently read game discs.
  • Stuttering and framerate drops during in-game cut scenes (especially during graphically intensive scenes)
  • The trouble with accessing downloadable add-on content

Fortunately, rebuilding your PS4’s database can help address the above issues. Even if you’re not currently suffering from said issues. Rebuilding the database is still a good idea if it has been a while since your last rebuild. (or if you’ve never rebuilt it and had your PS4 console for a time).

When Should We Rebuild the Database PS4?

A few circumstances are necessary to rebuild your database. The user can perform safe and low-risk operations at the finite break without compromising the drive’s data. The following is a smooth and proper operational instance of your PlayStation 4.

  • The console is not working properly when loading times for games, apps, and consoles.
  • Console performance issues include freezing, glitches, frame drops, crashes, and stuttering.
  • The games menu appears but is missing icons.
  • When gamers play a game, a variety of errors seems to appear and leads to crashing.
  • The file cannot be accessed for the game because they are corrupted.
  • A database error might be displayed, such as the CE-34054-6 error.
  • Downloading problem.
  • Unable to load DLCs, updates, season passes, etc.
  • Consoles cannot read the discs in disc trays.
  • Delete the computer’s internal drive.
  • Automatically shutting off PS.

How to Rebuild Your PS4 Database

How to Rebuild Database PS4
How to Rebuild Database PS4

Before you rebuild your PS4’s database, rest ensured that the process doesn’t delete your saved data. It merely reorganizes and freshens up your system’s files. To do this, you’ll need to put your PS4 into Safe Mode. Now, as to the specific steps for starting a database rebuild, those are as follows:

  • Make sure your PS4 is entirely powered down and that your Dual shock 4 controllers is connected to the console via a USB cable.
  • Boot up the PS4 in safe mode. This is done by pressing and holding down the power button until you hear two separate beeps (about seven seconds).
  • Once the PS4 is booted into safe mode, you’ll be taken to a menu with various options.
  • Select the “Rebuild Database” selection, making sure you don’t accidentally select the “Initialize PS4” option since that will erase all your data.
  • The screen is assumed to go black when the rebuild process is underway, so don’t worry if that happens. Depending on how much data you have on your PS4. The rebuild method can take some time. So be patient, and don’t turn your console off while the process continues.

Once the database rebuild process is complete, your PS4 will hopefully run like new. (or at least more unique than how it was before the rebuild). If you want to assure your PS4 is always in tip-top shape. Make sure you perform a database rebuild at least once a month.

Are There Any Downsides of Rebuilding Your Ps4 Database?

Suppose something is missing, which means that the database is corrupted, but it happens. The game list will be deleted, and you must go through the browsing library to find things rather than scrolling.

A rebuilding error removes all the notifications from the system. However, it is easy to clean the slate because as long as you don’t manually remove them, the console seems to keep them.

At last! You could be waiting to complete the process if you have an amazing game collection and external drive. Moreover, we have not noticed a specific time on either a PS4 with extended storage or a PS4 pro loaded to capacity.


Q: Should I rebuild my ps4 database?
A: Fortunately, rebuilding your PS4’s database can help address the above issues, and even if you’re not currently suffering from said issues, rebuilding the database is still a good idea if it has been a while since your last rebuild (or if you’d never rebuilt it at all and you’ve had your PS4 console for a time).
Q: How Long Does the rebuilding database take ps4?
A: The process of scanning the entire hard disk and rewriting it takes time, given that a typical hard drive has billions of memory segments.</p> <p>Usually, it takes about 3 hours for a standard rebuilding to occur, but this varies significantly.
Q: Why can't I rebuild the database on ps4?
A: The possible reasons for PS4 data corruption are various, and the common ones you might experience include: Your hard drive is poorly functioning. The data of some game you installed gets damaged. You didn’t install the game file to the system properly.
Q: Does rebuilding database speed up ps4?
A: The Rebuild Database choice does a defrag of the PS4. Which can solve a whole host of issues on the PS4 and free up some much-needed space, speed up your console and fix problems. The Rebuild scans the drive and creates a new database of all content, thus erasing the disc drive.


After selecting Rebuild Database, it’s waiting time. It could go quickly, or it could take hours, depending on how bad it’s gotten. When it’s done, your PS4 will restart itself, and your database will be organized perfectly. If you have any other queries regarding the PS4 rebuild database. Please share with us in the comment box section below.

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