Risk of Rain 2 How to Unlock Characters 2022 Update

Are you exploring to know all about Risk of rain 2: how to unlock characters? After four expansions, the record of unlockable characters in Hopoo Games’ roguelike Risk of Rain 2 has increased considerably. Presently calculating nine Survivors with one more planned to release alongside the upcoming 1.0 Launch Update.

Each Survivor comes with its individual toolkit and can be unlocked in a kind of ways, some more straightforward than others. This can make it challenging to figure out how to unlock characters in RoR2.

Here, we’ll be describing the methods for unlocking each playable character in the game as well as offering tips to speed up the process.

How to Unlock Characters in risk of rain 2

Risk of rain 2 has been released an update on March 23, 2022. According to this update, some additional characters have been included in this expansion. So, let us hover to know how a player can unlock the characters in RR2.

Unlock Commando

Challenge to unlock: Already unlock by default.

Every player has the first player commando by nonattendance at the beginning of the game. However, this character also obliges the figurehead for the game.

Unlock the Character of Bandit 

Challenge to unlock: Complete the first three rounds without dying.

Keep playing effectively through zones when looting maps and defeating enemies. If you get a problem reaching the third stage. You can consider lowering the difficulty to get a feel for every stage.

Risk of rain 2 – Unlock Huntress characters

Challenge to unlock: Warrior: Reach and finish the 3rd Teleporter event without dying.

The Huntress is the most comfortable Survivor to unlock and can be earned in your first run in Risk of Rain 2. Only by completing the Teleporter event on the 3rd Stage (Rally point Delta or Scorched Acres). The challenge will be completed.


  • Playing on Drizzle difficulty will make this more comfortable if you are struggling to get to the end of the 3rd stage.

About: Huntress has the unique passive to attack while sprinting. And has a compelling blink ability, making her an excellent choice for players that like a highly mobile playstyle.

How to Unlock MUL-T

Challenge to unlock: Verified: Complete the first Teleporter event five times.

You have to shatter the teleporter boss and continue to the second round to increase the progress. After you complete clearing the first stage 5 times in 5 separate runs, you will complete the challenge. Unlocking this character is very easy.

About: MUL-T is a multi-functional survivor that can make in a few different forms. Depending on which equipment and abilities you select. His unique passive lets him carry two pieces of equipment at once, depending on which primary skill is active. Be sure to pair your equipment with the best immediate attack for it!

How to Unlock Artificer

Challenge to unlock: Complete the pause challenge and purchase 11 lunar coins to unlock the characters of Risk of Rain 2.

To unlock this character navigate to the Bazaar, pate to the merchant, and interact with the frozen Artificer beside them. This character prepares with various powerful, damaging skills and can defeat enemies. Meanwhile, this character has no self-protective qualities except the lon surge (fly continuously) skill.

How to Unlock Engineer

Challenge to unlock: Engineering Perfection: Complete 30 stages. They must finish over any amount of runs.

Simple enough, right? This challenge is worth knowing about but will most likely to perform passively while attempting the rest. Moreover, suppose you want to unlock this character quickly. Just try to play on trickle difficulty and concentrate on the teleporter events. Doing this makes your way to the teleporter as hastily as possible than relatively taking time to explore the map.

About: The Engineer’s playstyle is centered nearby placing his powerful turrets, which obtain all his item buffs, to do damage for him.

How to Unlock Loader

Challenge to unlock: Guidance Offline: Beat the Alloy Worship Unit Boss at Siren’s Call.

To try this challenge, you initially require to play a run and get to Siren’s call, one of the stage 4 options. Once you get to this stage, if you see around, you’ll see birds’ nests with eggs in them. Destroy 5 of these nests nearby the map to summon the Alloy Worship Unit Boss.

The boss is relatively easy and should be much more challenging than the teleporter bosses. Killing it for the first time will finish the challenge. Every time (including your first) you beat the boss by this method, he will drop a legendary item for every player.


  • You aren’t insured by default to get Siren’s Call on the 4th stage, but if you keep playing you must eventually get it.
  • You can (almost) guarantee to get Siren’s Call if you activate a Newt Altar on stage 3. And Dream for Siren’s Call in the Bazaar for 4 Lunar Coins.

About: The Loader is a too-high mobility character (way more than Huntress). Who excels in the early game due to her strong abilities and low reliance on items for mobility and damage.

How to Unlock the Captain Characters in Risk of Rain 2

Challenge to unlock: Reach the Moon, defeat Mithrix, and washed away.

The Captain is the last Survivor to open and can earn after you finish a run in Risk of Rain 2. Mithrix is a multi-stage boss encounter with a giant hammer and multiple attacks.

In addition, to expose the captain, you must complete the challenge by beating the final boss and conquering the main game. After that, you will need to escape the moon before it destroys itself, joining the ride on a spacecraft to leave the planet. Keep protecting the rescue ship for 60 seconds to beat the game and unlock the captain as a playable character.


  • Playing on Drizzle difficulty will make this more comfortable if you are struggling to get defeat the boss.

About: The Captain has a shotgun that stuns and has a movable spread.

How to Unlock REX

Challenge to unlock: Power Plant: Get the Fuel Array from the back of the Escape pod. Please take it to Rex in the Abyssal Depths. Be careful when holding the Fuel Array because falling under 50% health will cause you to die. Since the Fuel Array goes in your machine slot, it means you can’t pick up any other equipment while doing this challenge.

Abyssal Depths is one of two-stage four options and can easily identify by the dark red theme. It is possible to get Siren’s Call as your Fourth Stage. This means you need to either try again in a fresh run or play another four stages (8th) to try and get Abyssal Depths. However, You can see REX on one of the upper platforms in the center of the map. And can immediately reach any survivor by taking the air jet (jump pads) on the stage.


  • Because of the critical nature of holding the Fuel Array, I’d suggest getting this done on Drizzle difficulty unless you want a real challenge.
  • If you get a piece of equipment on a stage before Abyssal Depths, you can swap out it when you clear the stage. So, you don’t risk hanging when going below 50%. Moreover, Just remember to choose the Fuel Array backup before continuing.
  • You can (almost) guarantee to get Abyssal Depths if you activate a Newt Altar on stage 3 and Dream for Abyssal Depths in the Bazaar for 4 Lunar Coins
  • If you get Siren’s Call for your fourth stage, reflect on dropping the Fuel array since holding it for another stage will be challenging to do without dying.

unlock the characters From the risk of rain 2 -FAQs

Question: How do you unlock the acrid riskofrain2?

Answer: Under the Bazaar in the Bazaar between Times, there is a secret cave that leads to a purple portal. This portal leads to the Void Fields. Beating the nine challenge cells in the Void Fields will open Acrid.

Question: Is Rex good ror2?

Answer: All of this being stated, that to unlock the Rex characters have the highest initial game DPS of every Survivor in Risk of Rain 2. His weaknesses and the fact he can pump out much damage with super spam-able abilities make him the de-facto champ of the early game in ror2.

Question: How several characters are at risk of rain 2?

Answer: At launch, Risk of Rain 2 has six playable characters: Engineer, Artificer, Commando, MUL-T, Huntress, and Mercenary. Four more extra character icons are recorded as under construction. Risk of Rain 2 is in Immediate Access, so those four characters will be added throughout development.

Question: How good is the acrid risk of rain 2?

Answer: Acrid is lackluster at best. Acrid is a joke, and he tricks you into considering that he is super good with that mass poison that deals 10% max hp loss per sec and a pretty good early game. Then it dawns on you that his virus cannot kill or procure anything

Summing UP

In this game, Risk of rain 2, there are other characters like Mercenary, railgunner, void fiend, and others you can know about in our other posts. So, stay tuned and keep checking our new posts and updates.

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