Shadowbringers Relic Weapon Guide – FFXIV Steps & Quest

if you are looking for a Shadowbringers relic weapon guide, welcome everyone! Final Fantasy XIV or FFXIV contains several Shadowbringers relic weapons. If you are unfamiliar with relic weapons, they are the types of shiny and glowing weapons specific to each job. Shadowbringers expansion weapons are related to Bozja and the Blades of Funnhildr.

This article features a guide to getting Shadowbringers relic weapons if you are interested. In contrast, if you read this article, your interest in playing games will increase, and then you may play the game to create adventure in your life.

What Is FFXIV Shadowbringers Relic Weapon

when we talk about “Relic Weapons,” this is a catch-all term that can refer to all the weapons in XIV’s expansions, but it can also refer to the set available in A Realm Reborn. At the moment, we will cover unlocking and upgrading resistance weapons in Shadowbringers.

Relic weapons are unique legendary equipment in FFXIV. They are based on renowned weapons from previous FF games. However, relic weapons are regarded as the best slots for their respective roles despite their legendary reputation. These weapons are more powerful than any other weapon. These are also accessible by the time to earn a relic for yourself.

Unlocking The Shadowbringers Resistance Weapons Relic Quest Chain

ffxiv shadowbringers relic weapon
ffxiv shadowbringers relic weapon

As with any quest, you will need to complete particular prerequisites for the resistance Shadowbringers relic weapon to appear. You will need to travel back in time for this one.

Having completed the 24-man raid series from back in Stormblood is a prerequisite for starting Save the Queen: Blades of Gunnhildr quest chain. Raids on Rabanastre, Ridorana Lighthouse, and Orbonne Monastery occur in Return to Ivalice. Assuming you are otherwise in the loop, completing those quests should result in the quest Hail to the Queen showing up in Kugane Market. You are on your way if you accept this.

Shadowbringers Resistance Weapons FFXIV Relic Steps

Here are the mentioned below steps to get the Shadowbringers resistance weapon in this full of glamorous game. Additionally, the Zodiac sign weapons are the hardest to get for their grindy efforts. On the other hand, the players require more time to spend on the game to get the most brutal zodiac weapon such as Excalibur and Aegis relies heavily on many players.

relic weapon ffxiv shadowbringers
relic weapon ffxiv shadowbringers
  1. Making Resistance Thavnairian Scalepowder (iLvl 485) Weapon – Step 1

We have been teasing the Shadowbringers relic chain for months, so what’s next? Not much, in fact. I think this is one of the tamest attempts at relic weapons so far. You need to follow Kugane Market’s natural progression to complete the quest.

It has a long opening chain, so be prepared to set aside some time for the few fights and cutscenes. After you finish following the cutscenes, you will be given the exact amount of Thavnairian Scalepowder you need to craft your very first iLvl 485 Shadowbringers relics.

  1. Get Dying Memories of (iLvl 500) – Step 2

With Shadowbringers relic weapon patch 5.35, new relic upgrades for weapons have been added, and a proper introduction of the Bozjan Southern Front. Even though you don’t need to upgrade this zone right now,  you must reach rank 10 to continue.

ffxiv relic weapon shadowbringers
ffxiv relic weapon shadowbringers

When you speak with Zlatan in Gangos as the class whose relic you wish to upgrade, you will be asked to provide the following Memories of the Dying: Tortured Memory (x20), Sorrowful Memory (x20), Harrowing Memory (x20), and Bitter Memory (x6).

These can be earned in two ways. The first is to naturally acquire them as rewards while fighting your way around Bozja. Compared to the following method, it is prolonged. However, it is very effective when leveling another class to 80.

  1. Way to Get a Shiny Relic Weapon – Step 3

For those who want the fastest, most straightforward way to get new weapons for their classes, farming FATEs in any Heavensward area will do the trick. How come Heavensward, you ask? It will probably prevent FFXIV’s expanded free trial from effectively killing legacy zones.

Heavensward FATE areas resulting in Memories of the Dying are as follows in Shadowbringers relic weapon:

  • Coerthas Western Highlands
  • Dravanian Forelands
  • Dravanian Hinterlands
  • Churning Mists
  • Sea of Clouds
  • AzysLla

You should be able to get them from whichever method you choose as long as you are on the quest For Want of a Memory. Whenever you find one at the end of a FATE or battle, it will flash up on the screen with a swish sound, like Atma from past relics or the Yokai from Watch event currencies. You will not always get them, but the odds seem to be much higher in Heavenward areas than in the Bozjan Southern Front.

According to early reports, it takes around an hour to get 20 of one type of memory, so you will spend a little over three hours gathering the materials to do your first relic. Is Bozja nearby? One could run around for about two hours without finding a single one, let alone a set of twenty. That’s just the way it is.

  1. Heavenward Nice Look for Free Trail & Bitter Dying Memories of (iLvl 500) – Step 4

relic weapon shadowbringers
relic weapon shadowbringers

Having the necessary memories, you should upgrade your original ilvl 485 relics to ilvl 500. There are only a few old dungeons left to complete in Patch 5.35 to make your Shadowbringers relic weapon look its best.

If you have an iLvl 500 weapon in hand, you should be able to pick up the will to Resist sidequest from Zlatan in Gangos. The only thing this asks of you is six bitter memories of the dying.

These are mainly dungeons regarding Heavenward looking pleasant and populated for the Free Trial players. Still, a single one can be picked up once per day from Duty Roulette: Leveling queue. Regardless of your class, you can fill out the dungeons irrespective of whether you have the weapon equipped. You must, however, run the dungeons properly. You cannot speed up the dungeons with undersized parties.

Bozjan Southern Front-focused players will find Bitter Memories of the Dying dropped from enemies there at random.

  1. Shadowbringers Quests Line & Patch 5.45 – Step 5

Patch 5.45 allows you to continue the relic weapons questline. Be sure that you have reached rank 10 in the Bozjan Southern Front before starting. You can earn Mettle (rank experience) as you complete skirmishes and critical engagements. After completing The Lady of the Blades quest, you will unlock the Castrum LacusLitore raid. You can then talk to Gerolt for the In the Queen’s Image quest and Zlatan for the Change of Arms quest after you have completed Castrum LacusLitore and the follow-up DelubrumReginae raid.

This step requires 15 Loathsome Memories of the Dying, and you can earn them in two ways: Critical engagements on the Bozjan Southern Front or raids on Crystal Towers in A Realm Reborn.

ff14 shadowbringers relic weapon
ff14 shadowbringers relic weapon
  1. Necessary to Upgrade your Weapon – Step 6

After completing the step mentioned above, move to this Shadowbringers relic weapon upgrade step. Start The Resistance Remembers quest by talking to Gerolt again. You need to perform this step for the first weapon you upgrade, but not for subsequent ones. Here are the items you will need to do it:

  • Haunting Memories of the Dying (x18)
  • Vexatious Memories of the Dying (x18)

Heavensward Haunting Memories are found in the Mhach raid series and GyrAbaniaFATEs. In contrast, Vexatious Memories can be earned from Stormblood raids or OthardFATEs.

Once you have handed in the required items, speak with Zlatan again to begin the quest A New Path of Resistance. This is the final step for patch 5.45, and it will take some time. You can earn the timeworn artifacts by running DelubrumReginae or advancing in the Palace of the Dead. This step should be completed with DelubrumReginae since it has a 100% drop rate. Conversely, if you have a task to boost level up, Palace of the Dead awards Timeworn Artifacts by clearing floor 100, with accidental falls from floor 51.

Finish the quest by turning it in. As soon as you run this line, you will be able to customize your weapon’s substats for free. Don’t worry about being locked in here. If you want to change your stats later, you can use four Aetherial Sealants.

Top 3 most badass relic weapons in FFXIV

We are here going to discuss the best FFXIV relic weapons available in the game and push the end walker relic weapon hype as much as we can. But, of course, this could have just been a dark knight-only list. Some jobs just have the upper hand in weapon design by the nature of the weapon they have at their disposal. So please don’t let that demotivate you if your main job does not have a weapon representation on this list. However, let’s dive into our first candid.

1.     Lilith Rod zeta

Although this weapon is not so famous, it’s my favorite black mage weapon so far. However, the anima relic kaladanda lux is also cool, but I’m not fond of its form too much. The dark purple circle waves and edgy design of Lilith were just amazing.

2.     Areadbhar lux

However, my second-best favorite dragoon weapon from dreidzak recollection is areadbhar lux. However, the unique design of this weapon simply puts a cherry on top of all the weapon designs for dragoon.

But the cherry here is a dragoon, so what else do we need to say about that – just get it done because the animal relic is the easiest relic when you want to reach the final stage and haven’t started at all. Ensure your overloads of tombstones of poetics in advance to reduce the time spent on it significantly.

3.     Sazuke’s Blade Zeta

This is the most freaking ninja weapon in the FFXIV. However, not all the ninja weapons are large in size, but the glow and color they are vibing simply yell killer and assassin into the distance. The bloody knives will for-sure freak out the opponent. The only drawback is that with the large weapon, you can’t play many moves of a ninja as aspected, but apart it’s a good choice instead.

astrologian shadowbringers relic weapon
astrologian shadowbringers relic weapon

How To Get Thavnairian Scalepowder

You will need Thavnairian Scalepowder to make a second Resistance Shadowbringers relic weapon. You need to obtain and spend a decent amount of Poetics in this step to match traditional relic steps. Luckily, these are available from most serious activities these days, so you will not have to work particularly hard to get Thavnian Scalepowder.

Upon acquiring 1,000 Poetics, head to Auriana in Revenant’s Tol or Hismena at Idyllshire to trade your tombstones for Thavnairian Scalepowder.

How to Get Blade Weapon in Shadowbringers

This game was added in patch 5.55 and gave a 535 iLvl weapon. If you want to get this unique weapon, you must first complete all the above steps of Shadowbringers resistance weapons. In addition, to get this weapon, complete the main scenario quest of future rewritten and a new playing field side quest. After that, start the side quest from Gerolt in Gangos, then accept the three quests to open up three following impressive levels.

ff14 shadowbringers relic weapon release
ff14 shadowbringers relic weapon release

Furthermore, collect the 30 compact Axles and Compact springs for the battle of the realm – A Day in the life of Shadowbringers and turn them in the 180 items. When you have done a deal, start the repeatable quest, and another collection begins to turn in 15 Raw Emotion.

You can obtain the 180 goods from Zadnor after completing the preceding tasks. Once you have received these items and turned them in, you will not have to repeat this process when creating a new Shadowbringers relic weapon. We have listed the details below.

Shadowbringers Blade’s Weapon – Material List

The DelubrumReginae, The Dalriada, level 70 dungeons, and Heaven on High are dropped from blue Raw Emotions. The Dalriada grants three Raw Emotions, whereas DelubrumReginae grants two. You will not be rewarded with Raw Emotions if you do the content unsynced, as you were with the previous steps. After that, you will have done with your first step.

final fantasy xiv shadowbringers relic weapon
final fantasy xiv shadowbringers relic weapon
ItemZadnor locationRaid location
Compact AxleSkirmishes in Zadnor Southern PlateauHeavensward – The First of the Father, The Cuff of the Father, The Fist of the Son, The Cuff of the Son, The Eyes of the Creator, The Breath of the Creator
Compact SpringCritical Engagements in Zadnor Southern PlateauHeavensward – The Arm of the Father, The Burden of the Father, The Arm of the Son, The Burden of the Son, The Heart of the Creator, The Soul of the Creator
A Day in the Life: Battles for the RealmSkirmishes in Zadnor Western PlateauStormblood – Deltascape V1.0, Deltascape V2.0, Sigmascape V1.0, Sigmascape V2.0, Alphascape V1.0, Alphascape V2.0
A Day in the Life: Beyond the RiftCritical Engagements in Zadnor Western PlateauStormblood – Deltascape V3.0, Deltascape V4.0, Sigmascape V3.0, Sigmascape V4.0, Alphascape V3.0, Alphascape V4.0
Bleak Memory of the DyingSkirmishes in Zadnor Northern PlateauShadowbringers – Eden’s Gate: Resurrection, Eden’s Gate: Descent, Eden’s Verse: Fulmination, Eden’s Verse: Furor, Eden’s Promise: Umbra, Eden’s Promise: Litany
Lurid Memory of the DyingCritical Engagements in Zadnor Northern PlateauShadowbringers – Eden’s Gate: Inundation, Eden’s Gate: Sepulture, Eden’s Verse: Iconoclasm, Eden’s Verse: Refulgence, Eden’s Promise: Anamorphosis, Eden’s Promise: Eternity


In conclusion, when we talk about “Relic Weapons,” this is a catch-all term that can refer to all the weapons in XIV’s expansions, but it can also refer to the set available in A Realm Reborn.

As with any quest, you will need to complete particular prerequisites for these resistance weapons to appear. You will need to travel back in time for this one. In addition, to get the resistance relic weapons, players require more and more time to spend on the games that are pretty much difficult, but it is the game, and you have to do it to get resistance weapons.

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