Share Screen iPhone During a Facetime Call

Sharing screens on Facetime is used for teaching, meetings, and even when you are sharing memes with colleagues or friends. Share screen iPhone during facetime call helps in attending important meetings and presentations. No matter the reason for sharing the screen, the steps will be the same for all purposes.

Consider a few things when you are sharing screen on Facetime. Likewise, the person you share your screen with requires a supported device for sharing the screen. So the members must have supported devices.

You should have an iPhone version of iOS 15.1 or higher so you will be able to share the screen. If screen-sharing options disappear in the call, you must ensure that all call members have the supported device.

Also, remember that, During a FaceTime call, other participants won’t be able to see your screen notifications if you close it from settings as sometimes it contains sensitive or personal information. It just happens when you share your phone’s entire screen, not any specific device.

Quick Guide to Share My Screen on FaceTime in iOS 15

Apple support says that you will need an iPhone version of iOS 15.1 or higher to share the screen Facetime. Follow the below steps for sharing a screen during a Facetime call.

Guide to Share My Screen on FaceTime in iOS
Guide to Share My Screen on FaceTime in iOS
  • Firstly, open Facetime on your iPhone.
  • Click the new facetime option.
  • Choose the contacts you want to share the screen with and click the facetime option.
  • When you are connected to the call, press the screen share icon on the top right corner of the screen.
  • And press the Share My Screen option, then wait for a few seconds.
  • Your screen will be shared with all the participants on the call when you finish it.
  • Click on the camera icon if you want to close the camera.
  • Swipe on your screen and find the app you want to share.
  • You can return to your Facetime call if you want by clicking on the caller’s icon in PiP.
  • Clean the screen share option if you don’t want to share the screen anymore.

Share My Screen on FaceTime on macOS

For sharing your screen on FaceTime, you will require a Mac version of macOS Monterey 12.1 or above. The participants in your call will require a MacOS 12.1 or above or iOS, iPad, or iPhone OS 15.1 or above. Here’s how to show your screen on FaceTime:

  • On your Mac, open up FaceTime and start a call.
  • While on call, open the app that you wish to share.
  • Click on the FaceTime option in the menu, and tap the share my Screen option.
  • Choose the app you wish to share with the participants.
  • Select Screen or Window from the pop-up window.
  • You can either select a specific app window or the entire screen.
  • To share the window, click on the Window option, move the cursor to the video you would like to share, and click on the Share This Window option.
  • To share the entire screen, tap the button, move the screen’s cursor, and click on the Share this Screen option.
  • To end the screen in the FaceTime sharing session, go to the menu bar and click on the FaceTime option. After this, choose the Stop Sharing option, and the connected tap will be closed.

Collaborate on a document

You can easily unite on a shared document while on a FaceTime call. It’s easy to make a FaceTime call from the app you created the document and jump on to a live chat and start working on your project or assignment. The FaceTime call, which is in progress, also accepts the collaboration of a document.

Follow the simple steps to collaborate on a FaceTime call and share the document

  • Firstly, tap the Share button in the application where you created the document.
  • Select the collaboration if required (rather than send copy) and link with the active participants in your FaceTime call.
  • Participants will get a notification about the collaboration with a button option.
  • Tap the open button, and the project or assignment will be opened directly.

Configure the iOS Device for Screen Sharing

Configure the iOS Device for Screen Sharing
Configure the iOS Device for Screen Sharing

Configure your device beforehand when you are planning to share the screen from your device. iOS mobile devices are shareable to other applications, for instance, the BeyondTrust customer client app.

  1. From the iOS device, go to Settings > Control Center
  2. Scroll down to the More Controls section and tap + by the Screen Recording option. Screen Recording will then appear under the Include section. At this point, the iOS device can begin broadcasting its screen to other applications.

Share iPhone screen on Apple TV

If you are watching a movie on your iPhone with your friends on a Facetime call, then here’s the alternative to enjoy it on a big screen. Follow the few steps on your iPhone, and you’ll enjoy more:

  • Choose the Apple TV as the playback destination from the streaming app.
  • Open the control center afterward
  • The video plays a sync on Apple TV, and chatting goes on your iPhone, so people enjoy doing it.

iOS 15 Updates Regarding FaceTime Screen Sharing

In iOS 15, Shareplay was first released, but the release date was delayed due to a significant problem. The update will again revise, and users should check the updates later. The older iOS doesn’t have all these features.

Screen sharing functionality has been included in Ios 15.1, and you can share movies, music, and applications with more than one person at once. After installing iOS 15.0.1, BETA users of iOS 15 can use shareplay on their iPhones.

Apple has introduced some features of FaceTime that people like the most. Here are a few mentioned below.

Generate invite Link

You can easily email the links to the participants who want to join the FaceTime call.

FaceTime with Windows and Android

Firstly, FaceTime was only on Macs and iPhones, but now users can give meeting links to users of Windows or Android.

Spatial audio

Spatial audio to FaceTime has been added to Apple iOS 15. It will help prevent your friends from listening to irrelevant or irritating background music. Participants can hear your clear voice of you; this feature will help you attend a meeting without noisy background.

Portrait mode for FaceTime

Your friends can see you clearly and blurs your background during a call. So, it’s the best feature to communicate properly with buddies.


Shareplay in FaceTime is cool and creative. It helps you to sync music and movies with FaceTime friends and colleagues. SharePlay helps you to watch movies, listen to music and entertaining videos simultaneously and discuss humor. You can also relax during the call and take a break or even make calls.

As Apple said, it will b added in the future, and it will help the iOS 15 to enhance its model and updated version, and users may enjoy it.

Advantages of Sharing Screen Feature on iPhone

Most people use the Facetime feature differently depending on their iphone version. There are many different advantages of facetime screen sharing, such as:

  • You can easily share the image files and videos if you are attending a meeting or discussing something important.
  • Also, you can watch videos or movies with your friends or colleagues.
  • Take interviews and presentations, as it was helpful during the pandemic times.
  • Collaborate with colleagues and share business ideas on facetime calls.
  • You can even give presentations to other people.

Why can’t you share the screen of the iPhone?

If your Iphone requires a subscription or purchase, you won’t be able to share the display. The alternative is SharePlay for free trials, and you can share a screen on Mac via call, which can be seen on an iPad, iPhone’s and vice versa.

Screen resolution problem also occurs if the participants join the FaceTime call from different devices because all have different resolutions.


Conclusively, it is understood from the above details that sharing the screen with other participants requires a compatible device. Otherwise, you won’t be able to connect with other participants. In screen sharing, users enjoy watching entertaining and fun-loving videos. Follow the easy steps to share the screen and connect with your colleagues or friends.

If you need more help, then let us know in the comments.

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