Snapchat Not Opening (10 Quick Ways to Fix the Issues)

We are all aware that Snapchat is among the most used social applications, with millions of users and the most fun app. People use Snapchat to share a moment with their friends instantly. It is not delightful if we cannot maintain the streaks because the snap-chat is not opening. It can be not very pleasant when your favorite application does not respond. But do not worry. There are several ways to encounter the issue. So, in this blog, we will highlight how to tackle the problem of Snapchat.

How to fix the Snapchat not Working Issue -10 Ways to Fix It

There are billions of users of Snapchat globally, participating in sharing pictures, chatting, reality games, and maintaining the streaks with their friends. But nowadays, people are facing trouble opening the application of Snapchat and feel out of the loop from it. So here, we will discuss various methods to solve the issue.

why is my snapchat not opening
why is my snapchat not opening

1)     Make Sure the Service of Snapchat is not Down

There are two possibilities to check whether the Snapchat server is down or snap chat is having other issues. First, if your Snapchat does not work, check that the server is not down. So you can also check down Detector to check if the other people in different regions are also facing the problems. In addition, you can also check the official Snapchat support system account on Twitter, where the company will notify you about the server problems.

2)     Restart your Application if Snapchat is not Opening

When you ensure that server is fine, the next way is to restart your Snapchat application. For this, go ahead o the switch of the recent app and close the application of Snapchat. If it does not work, sign out of your Account and log in to Snapchat. Follow the steps if you want to do that on your iOS or other android devices.

  • Login to the Account and click on the profile icon. Then go to the settings at the top right corner of the home screen.
  • Next, scroll to the bottom of the settings and then log out. Next, again log out. It will confirm the action.
  • Then, restart your phone either iPhone or android.

3)     Make Sure About the Internet Connection

Sometimes, Snapchat creates problems due to the internet connection. When using a data switch to Wi-Fi or moving closer to the router, it is an internet issue. An easy way to confirm is to check the other applications of your phone is working or not. Try to use google. Check if nothing is loading. Snapchat also stops working if it detects the VPN, so stop the  VPN while using Snapchat.

4)     Check the Updates if Snapchat is not Opening

Make sure that you have not missed any problems. Sometimes Snap-chat is not opening because of the older versions. So try to update new the latest version to avoid bugs. It will be convenient to leave the automatic update option turned on in the setting app. Updating the app will resolve the error problems. If it does not work, then try to reinstall the application.

5)     Restart your Phones

Whenever we face any smartphone problem, we always restart the phone. So if your Snapchat does not open so, restart your phone. Sometimes it may work instantly. If it does not do anything, then move to the other step.

6)     Ensure the Network Permission of the Snap App

When you are sure that your internet connection is fine, go to the application’s network setting. It will open the system settings for the app and permit everything that Snapchat needs. Sometimes, the app’s permission may not allow the application to work and go to the black screen. Moreover, the permission app includes storage, location, phone and others. To check the app’s permission network, open your Snapchat account, then move to the profile. Next, go to the settings, select permissions, and enable the missing fields.

7)     Clean the Snapchat Cache if snapchat is not Opening

When you download the application or other things, some of the files are corrupted and cause the application of Snapchat not to open. So, when you get time, always delete these cache files. Removing these cache did not lose your data. Go to the Snapchat account, go to the Avatar profile, and then settings. From the setting, choose the clear cache option.

8)     Check  if the Account is Locked

Sometimes we cannot access our Snapchat account. Sometimes it happens if our Snapchat account is locked. It may be locked for reasons like a login account into multiple devices. The other reason is that you can also add too many rends without even confirming your phone or email. It also locked your Account. Moreover, when you send inappropriate snaps or a friend, Snapchat also locks your Account. So, in this case, contact Snapchat if your Account is closed, and you have to provide some helpful information to them to unlock your Account.

9)     Delete Conversation to Fix the Issue of Opening of Snapchat

when you try all the above fixes and still Snap-chat is not opening, you cannot send your snaps to multiple friends. It means you are facing some other cache conversation issues, so try to delete the conversation to resolve the issue of snaps. The act will delete your messages and unopened streaks. To delete the conversation in Snapchat, go to settings. You will have the option of clear conversations select the conversation you want to delete.

10)  Check your Phone Storage

When your Snap-chat is not opening, try to check the above fixes. If they did not work, then check your phone storage. Also, Snapchat does not work if you do not have enough space to save or send photos. So, if Snapchat does not work on your phone, try to free up space on your mobile phone.


So many different factors cause the problem and stop the application to run. Snapchat might crash due to some irrelevant software updates storage problems, and sometimes the data may be corrupted. Do not worry if your Snapchat is not opening in this blog. We have put together a list of fixes to tackle the issues.

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