Snapchat Streak Lost Heartbreak: (How to Get It Back Quickly)

How to get back the Snapchat lost streak? The Snapchat server has 300 million-plus regular active users. They send millions of pictures and videos “SNAPS” with each other. One of the main fantastic features of this server is a snap streak, which makes you communicate with your friends. The streak feature is unique on the Snapchat server because this interesting and outrageous feature is not available on the other social media platform.

Furthermore, if you are an SC beginner, then like you, many Snapchat users don’t know how to recover and make the snap streak from your Snapchat account. However, if you have already made Snapchat streaks with your friends and sometimes it is suddenly disappeared. So what would you do to get it back?

So here in this article, we will instruct you on how to get the Snapchat streak back from your desktop and mobile device and some rules and restrictions about it. Do follow the guide below to make it easy for you.

What is Snapchat Streak?

Before going the step far, you must clear the Snapchat streak concept. Therefore, let me clarify to you – A Snapchat streak is actually an example that reveals a friendship. You have to depend on your friend to make a Snapchat streak. When you and your friends send snaps to each other within 24 hours for more than 3 three days in a row, the Snapchat streak will begin to start, and a fire emoji will appear next to your friend’s name. Snap streak also tells you how many days the streak has lasted.

Moreover, the snap chat streak is not a singular work to do. You and your friend both should take part in it. The streak score is basically a numerical estimation that will show how dedicated you are to this platform.

Rules and Restriction of Snap Streak

lost streak snapchat
lost streak snapchat

To keep the Snapchat streak last longer, you must use this platform regularly because the streak will disable if you don’t snap to your friend within 24 hours. So here are some rules and restrictions you must follow to maintain your streak.

  • If you chat message with your friend, it will not include in the Snapchat streak, so you have to send the snaps in the form of pictures and videos.
  • Snap streak works between two friends. Both of you have to send the snap within 24 hours. If anyone of you did not, the Snapchat streak would be lost.
  • Suppose you answered your friend snap, it would not count in the streak score.
  • If you snap from memories and spectacles, your snap score will not increase.
  • You can have multiple streaks with your friends. It will happen at that time when you are following the rules and maintaining the Snapchat streak.
  • When a streak is lost by mistake, you have to restart it again.

How To Get Back Snapchat Lost Streak: A Patch-up Guide

snapchat lost streak
snapchat lost streak

If you are pretty sure you are following the snap streak rules and regulations properly, you lost it even then. And the negative point is that sometimes it is out of control to get it back. Here in this guide, we share with you to get it the streaks back by using your phone and desktop device. So here are the steps you should follow to regain your Snap streak.

Recovering SC Streak on Desktop

  • Log in to Snapchat on your device. And click on the support
  • Then select the contactus
  • After selecting the contact us option, a chart bar will appear on your screen.
  • Here choose. I lost my snap streak.
  • Now fill the form of snap streak accurately and get back the streak on the desktop.

Recovering SC Streak on Mobile Phone

  • Log in to your Snapchat account.
  • Tap on your profile icon, where you will see a profile page and a gear icon.
  • Click on that setting icon. A menu list will pop up on your screen.
  • Here select the I need help
  • Now select the snap streaks. Here tap on the let us know.
  • Then choose, I lost my snap streak and filled out the requirements of the form.
  • When you complete the form, tap on the send option to get back the streak on android.

Tips for Getting Snapchat Streak Back

When filling out the SC form, you must remember these tips to convince the Snapchat server that it is not your fault for breaking a streak and make a genuine reason.

  • What information should we know about the option you have to give a proper reason to convince the Snapchat team.
  • Another thing is that you can’t make this option regularly because the Snapchat server will help you twice. So make a proper excuse.
  • The Snapchat team will get back your lost streak with a single person. It will not help you regain the streak for more than one friend.

Reasons: Why You Lost your Sorrow Snap Streak

Suppose you lost the streak with your friends and are thinking about how it is possible. Since you have followed all the rules so, here are some reasons that we share why your streak is lost.

  1. Issues with Your Mobile Device

Sometimes your mobile operating system creates a problem, and you might lost the streak on Snapchat. Another reason is that when your mobile phone is not connected to the internet, your streak will not send to your friend.

  1. Forget to Send Snaps

Sending snaps regularly is not an easy task to do. You or your friend forget to send snaps on a particular day because, for some reason, you are too busy with your work and forget that it is okay. You can recover your streak using the method we have already shared with you.

  1. Issues with Snapchat Server

Sometimes Snapchat might face some technical problems. It is possible that you lost the streak. If this server has an issue, it is easy to get back your snap streak.

How Do I Find That My Snap Streak is going to be Lost?

People are obsessed with their Snapchat streak. So they are a bit curious about losing the snap streak. If you are losing the snap streak, the hourglass emoji appears next to your friend’s name with your streak going, and it can be seen on both sides. So I prefer that when you see the hourglass next to your friends, send the snap quickly to maintain it.

Final Words

Nowadays, Snapchat is one of the most popular apps with millions of users, and everyone mostly uses it to make a streak with friends and relatives. But by chance, if your Snapchat streak is lost and you want to recover it again, this guide might help you get your streak back. And if you have any questions about losing the Snap streak, you can ask us in the comment section; we are always here to reply.

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