The Spore Cheats – To Customize your Creatures & Planets

Spore cheats give you total control over your creations and the world they populate, allowing you to play God in the game. Besides getting additional money to spend or unlocking levels early, you can customize the whole game’s look and add many customizations features simply by typing in some of the Spore cheat and codes we have listed here.

Be careful when the Joker Badge appears on screen, as this means that earning achievements have been disabled as a result of the code entered. Don’t save after that point unless you unlock any awards during the remainder of your playthrough. Would you please take a look at these Spore cheats and get creative with them?

Overview of Spore – 2008 Video Game

spore cheats unlock everything
spore cheats unlock everything

The Spore video game is a God game developed by Maxis and designed by Will Wright. This game was released in 2008 for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. Spore allows a player to control the development of species from its beginning as a microscopic organism.

The player guides mould species and transform them from single-celled organisms to more complex animals. Eventually, the species evolve and ability to think. The player then begins shaping and guiding this species’ society, transforming it into a space-faring civilization capable of exploring the galaxy in a spaceship.

The Spore Cheats Unlock All Parts – List

Spore allows you to activate cheats at any time to gain an advantage or to make gameplay more enjoyable. You can activate the cheat console by pressing the keys CTRL+Shift+C. This allows the player to use one of the cheat commands. Moreover, the joker badge is awarded using specific cheat codes to gain an advantage. The pathological cheater achievement is awarded for using the same cheat 50 times.

spore galactic adventures cheats
spore galactic adventures cheats

When the joker badge has been earned, certain cheats prevent you from earning further achievements. In contrast, it may ruin your enjoyment of Spore in the future. In addition, players should avoid saving their game after using a cheat or using a mod to prevent achievement disabling. Here is the list of spore cheat and codes to unlock all parts and enjoy the adventure in the spore game.

  1. Style Filter Spore Cheats

A stylefilter cheats alter the game’s visual style but do not cause the game to receive the joker Badge.

spore cheats tribal
spore cheats tribal
  • None – Stylefilter – Revert to standard view
  • OilPaint – StyleFilter – Adds the effect of oil painting to the game
  • FilmNoir – StyleFilter – Black and white version of the game
  • Microscope – StyleFilter – Creates a chalkboard effect in the game
  • Norainbows – StyleFilter – Makes the game look darker and less colorful
  • NextGen – StyleFilter – creates fog in the game
  1. Adventure Filter Spore Cheats

You can save and publish your filter changes with the adventure. So, the other players can view it exactly how you intended it to look!

spore tribal stage cheats
spore tribal stage cheats
  • None – AdventureLook – Return to normal view
  • Norainbows – AdventureLook – Makes the game look darker and less colorful
  • Watercolor – AdventureLook – Transforms the game into a watercolor painting
  • Sepia – AdventureLook – Adds an old-fashioned look to the game
  • Sixteenbit – AdventureLook – Makes the game appear blocky and adds dithering
  • Eightbit – AdventureLook – Dithering looks better than 16bit
  • Filmnoir – AdventureLook -. The game will appear black and white and have imperfections, like old black and white television. It also rains constantly.
  • Freecam – Allows the camera to move freely
  1. Joker Badge Spore Cheats

There is the possibility that the following cheats will disable future achievements but at least on the save game on which the cheat is used. Moreover, don’t save your game after cheating if you want to earn more achievements.

spore cheats unlock all parts
spore cheats unlock all parts
  • Rename planet [new name] – Rename the selected planet
  • Rename star [new name] – Make the selected star’s name new
  • FreeCam – Turn a Free Cam around
  • PauseUIVisible – Controls whether the pause frame is displayed
  • ToggleCaptureUI – Controls the UI for capturing images
  • CapturePlanetGIF – Creates a GIF of your planet, which is saved to the “AnimatedAvatars” folder.
  • AntiAliasGIF – Saves a rotating picture of your planet in your “AnimatedAvatars” directory
  • Killallhints – Remove all hints
  • Help – displays a list of cheat commands
  • Help [cheat code] – displays additional information about a particular cheat command
  • Full-help – describes cheating commands in more detail
  • History – displays your last commands
  • Option – Lists the options available
  • Prop – Display/modify property values
  • Clear – Clear the console
  • Quit – End the game

Follow These traits – Effect the Relationship with Empire

If you use the Gravitational Wave and Fanatical Frenzy spore cheats. Then, you will break the Galactic Code. Moreover, violations of this code will negatively affect the relationship of any empire within 10 parsecs.

  • Carnivore – SetConsequenceTrait cell
  • Herbivore – SetConsequenceTrait cell
  • Omnivore – SetConsequenceTrait cell
  • Aggressive – SetConsequenceTrait creature
  • Social – SetConsequenceTrait creature
  • Mixed – SetConsequenceTrait creature
  • Aggressive – SetConsequenceTrait tribe
  • Social – SetConsequenceTrait tribe
  • Mixed – SetConsequenceTrait tribe
  • Military – SetConsequenceTrait civ
  • Economic – SetConsequenceTrait civ
  • Religious – SetConsequenceTrait civ
  • Bard – gives the Soothing Song ability – SetConsequenceTrait space
  • Ecologist – gives the Safari Vacuum ability – SetConsequenceTrait space
  • Zealot – gives the Fanatical Frenzy – SetConsequenceTrait space
  • Diplomat – gives the Static Cling ability – SetConsequenceTrait space
  • Scientist – gives the Gravitation Wave ability – SetConsequenceTrait space
  • Trader – gives the Cash Infusion ability – SetConsequenceTrait space
  • Shaman – gives the Return Ticket ability – SetConsequenceTrait space
  • Warrior – gives the Raider Rally – SetConsequenceTrait space
  • Wanderer – this will not give any consequence trait. – SetConsequenceTrait space
  • Knight – gives the Summon Mini-U ability – SetConsequenceTrait space

Spore Cheats Codes – How to Use

spore cheats pc
spore cheats pc

Open the console screen by pressing CTRL + Shift + C to use spore cheat codes. Then, type one of the following commands into the console and press Enter when you are done. After that, press Escape or click on the X to close the console.

The List of Spore Cheats Codes

We give you a spore cheat codes list that makes your game more adventurous and flawless.

  • MoreMoney – Earn $2,000 for civilization and $1,000,000 for space
  • RefillMotives – Refill your health as well as other motives
  • AddDNA – Receive 150 DNA points
  • UnlockSuperWeapons – Unlock super weapons
  • SpaceCreate -. Play in space and unlock and recharge creation tools
  • Freedom [on/off] – enables or disables the complexity limits; creations that go beyond them are not pollinated
  • Evoadvantage – Select any creature from the Sporepedia whenever you start a new Creature game.
  • Levels -unlock – Use the main menu to unlock all stages; if you use this code, you might not get any accomplishments.
  • Levels -unlockAdventures – Access all Maxis adventures from the main menu
  • SetTime [h, m] – select the time and speed multiplier for your avatar
  • UniverseSimulatorPirateRaidFrequency – Controls how often pirates attack your system
  • UniverseSimulatorPirateRaidAllyFrequency – Sets the rate at which pirates raid allied systems
  • UniverseSimulatorPirateRaidPlunderFrequency – Controls how frequently pirates raid your system and take spice
  • Movie – Watch all movies
  • Blocksmode – Creates blocky representations of creatures
  • HighresTextureLevel [off/low/medium/high] – Modifies the texture quality of vehicles and buildings

Spore Cheat Glitches

spore cheats steam
spore cheats steam

Spore cheats have many glitches, but they occur infrequently. Moreover, zooming in and out on both planets & galactic views can be disabled by cheating at the time. This glitch is permanent by simply clicking the sporepedia tab or exiting the game. In addition, we defined the actual meaning of glitch over here.

Glitches are accidental consequences of any video game’s programming. Glitches can be beneficial to a player, amusing, meaningless, inconvenient, or game-breaking. Additionally, there are two glitches – Major & minor glitches. Minor glitches have little or no effect on gameplay and are frequently more humorous than dangerous. In contrast, major glitches are those that obstruct or make gameplay impossible.


  1. How do I get spore cheats for the tribal stage?

There is no cheat for the tribal stage so, you cannot get it.

  1. Is there a way to skip to the space stage in Spore?

Here are the three easy steps to skip the space storage.

  • The ‘unlock’ command will allow you to unlock all the stages with a cheat.
  • You can access Unlock-stages with Ctrl + Shift + C.
  • Once you have completed a stage for the first time. Then, you can start a new game and skip the next stage.
  1. When you lose in the tribal stage of Spore, what happens?

The game cannot be over if you lose your last city on your home planet and there is no other planet to colonize on the Space stage. It is possible to build another city after the last one has been destroyed.


In conclusion, Spore allows you to activate cheats at any time to gain an advantage or to make gameplay more enjoyable. Moreover, you can also activate the cheat console by pressing the keys CTRL+Shift+C. Additionally; we described all the cheats and codes in this article to unlock all parts of the spore game. You can read the cheats above and apply them in your game when you are playing.

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