Spotify can’t play this Right Now? Learn 8 Quick Fixes!

Are you worried about the frequent “Spotify can’t play this right now” error message? If sometimes, you don’t even play your current track or even the entire album. Then many users encounter similar problems when the application does not respond or abruptly standstill while playing a music track. Getting halt or glitches is eventually a common issue while listening to your favorite Music on a distinguished musical streaming app.

Let’s get started on its main reasons and how you can troubleshoot to run it via your Desktop computer or your Smartphone App smoothly.

spotify can't play this right now error
spotify can’t play this right now error

Why Can’t You Play Your Spotify Music Track Right Now?

While considering why Spotify can’t respond promptly to your music playing request, that’s quite an aggravating issue if it occurs frequently. It may encompass various factors due to which your player get anomalies in playing your Music track. Following are some factors to deliberate.

  1. Spotify can’t play the music track when you have shared your music link imported from your local drive to your acquaintants unavailable in your region. Then it would undoubtedly respond with an error message.
  2. Sometimes copyrights restrict playing specific music tracks in your location or when it is not available in your area.
  3. Free Spotify has limited playing musical tracks more than five times once they have exceeded six months of free membership.
  4. Difficulty detecting file location, local file cache, or amendments in hardware settings can eventually cause the unavailability error for the local file.
  5. Online player malfunctions even halt playing your favorite music track as smoothly as you want to enjoy because your web player has slowed down from the local source. So check for issues when the web player does not respond to your music track.
  6. Finally, Spotify Account Settings irregularities can even lead to you not playing error for your requested track.
spotify can't play this right now pc
spotify can’t play this right now pc

How to Resolve the “Spotify can’t Play this Right Now” Error on Your App

If you want to over come restrictions in your Spotifyplayer, then restarting your system should be the initial option. Because restarting your computer can help you resolve even other similar issues. Try to sign off from your Spotify account, then restart your Spotify app. Check to play your music track after signing into your account again. I fit remains unsuccessful, then try another alternate.

  1. Try to uninstall the local corrupted cache files for Spotify App.
  2. Deactivate Hardware Acceleration for Spotify
  3. Modify your streaming Settings for high-quality Music
  4. Display the deleted or unavailable playlist
  5. Reset Crossfading value to Zero
  6. Change your playback speaker setting if you have switched from one to another device
  7. Restart your Spotify App
  8. Upgrade or Reinstall Spotify as a last resort

Uninstall Spotify Corrupted Local File Cache

Follow the given guidelines to clear up your local file caches for Spotify App if you intend to resolve your issue like Spotify can’t play this right now.

Desktop App for Windows Users

  1. First, switch off your Spotify App. Then go through “AppData” by searching for“%appdata%” in your local system drive.
  2. Go to “Spotify>Users>ABCAccount”. Then remove the “.bnk” cache file from your computer.

For Macbook Users

It carries a similar process entailing like mentioned above.

  1. Initiate by shutting down your Spotify app in your Macbook.
  2. Then requires deleting “.bnk” cache file from the drive location “/Users/*your spotify name*/Library/Application Support/Spotify/Users/*your Spotify username*-user”.

Deactivate Spotify Hardware Acceleration Feature

If you’re using a desktop app, then hardware acceleration helps run your App smoothly and efficiently. It even enables changing your basic hardware settings that customize to meet software requirements. While accelerating hardware performance, it sometimes compromises its streaming quality, displaying an error on playing Spotify music. That’s why it is advisable to switch it off for the smooth running of your App.

To begin, follow the given steps.

  1. Explore your App on your computer, then navigate its Settings tab.
  2. Then scroll down to the Settings tab and select “Show Advanced Settings.” It leads to opening App Advanced Settings.
  3. Search for its Compatibility option, then deselect the “Hardware Acceleration” option.
  4. Finally, restart your App to activate modified settings.

Modify Your Audio Settings for Streaming High-Quality Songs

Adjustment to high-quality streaming music can even help you play your requested musical track. It is customary that high-quality melodic songs won’t be running smoothly when a user terminates on premium subscription to a free membership. Consequently, it requires making some changes to adjust the audio quality.

To do that, follow the given steps.

  1. Open up your App first on your computer. Then navigate its “SettingsMenu” from Profile Picture at the top-right corner of the screen.
  2. Open up App then modify its audio settings. Then go to “Music Quality”> Modify “Streaming Quality” to Automatic. You can even set it to lower quality already defined in the option.
  3. You can now restart the Spotify app to effect its audio quality amendments. Then check if it successfully resolves your issue.

If you’re using the Android App, then change via the following steps.

  1. Launch your Spotify app first, then go to Settings > Select Music Quality from the drop-down menu.
  2. Then click on “Automatic” streaming quality. Then restart after closing it down to check if it repairs your playing issue.

Display Deleted or Unavailable Play list When Spotify can’t Play this Right Now.

After downloading Music to a local drive, users can remove it. On the other hand, the Spotify playlist remembers it even after being deleted from its database. As a result, it can’t play it while actively visible in its playlist.

It causes an error like “Spotify can’t play this right now.” o avoid this, determine the active playlist that excludes unavailable songs restricted from playing your musical streaming app. Follow the instruction to exclude unavailable playlists if you want to run a smooth streaming App.

  1. Navigate its Settings on your Desktop App.
  2. Then click: “Show Unavailable Songs in the Playlist” appears in the Display
  3. You can now play your playlist effortlessly without any error on your streaming options.

Reset Crossfading value to Zero

Crossfading is one of the advanced features in the Spotify app that help you resolve your issue incase of not playing your current song in the playlist.

  1. Navigate the Spotify
  2. Then go to its Settings>Advanced Settings.
  3. Turn On Crossfading songs for specified playback song>Set Value Within 5 To Zero secs.
  4. It’s all set to play your song.

Change Your Play back Speaker Settings from One to Another Device

  1. Select “Play back Devices from the Volume icon on the Taskbar To modify your Speaker Settings.
  2. Then choose “Another Speaker in the playing tab” as your default speaker.
  3. Then reopen your App to check if you can play your unavailable earlier songs.

Restart your Spotify App When the “Spotify can’t Play this Right Now” Error Pop-Ups

It is undoubtedly one of the simple and convenient options if you’re facing trouble listening to your opened playlist music due to freeze or bug anomalies. Let’s learn how to restart your App.

  1. Go to “File>Quit Spotify” to exit your Windows App.
  2. For the MacBook interface, select “Exit” to get out of your Spotify App.

Reinstall Spotify as a last resort

Unfortunately, go for the reinstallation option if you cannot resolve your “Spotify can’t play this Right Now” issue in slickly playing your music track. In such a condition, reinstallation is the last resort to get on running your streaming app as you desire.

In addition, by contacting the support team via a ticket, you can even describe your problem and request assistance. Because Spotify can snag for unclear reasons, the ordinary measure won’t be sufficient. Hopefully, you will get fruitful advice to resolve your concern.


Of course, understanding the regional Spotify policy for playing your music track is an essential detail. The limits, as you may discover, are related to geographical constraints. Consequently, touching on some of the beneficial strategies can undoubtedly assist you in mitigating problems when using your streaming app. It moreover provides an easy-to-follow tutorial if you want to uninstall your narking App.

So, don’t hesitate to try out the troubleshooting techniques and share your experience fixing Spotify errors in the comment section. Hopefully, it sorts out your concern.

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