Super Mario World Secrets: Explore 10 Unknown Areas

Are you looking forward to discovering the Super Mario World Secrets? Then, you are lucky that you are on the right page, where you will explore different hidden secrets of the worldwide playing game.

It is, without a doubt, the most popular SNES game for a reason, and it is a perfect example of what makes Mario games enjoyable. Because of its incredible features like great music, perfect controls with lots of movement possibilities and graphics. Additionally, you will get rewards when you move out to seek them out. Completing all the 96 exits is nothing less than a pleasure, and you have many secrets to figure out.

However, it might be possible that players will not explore all the hidden secrets, and still impossible to assemble all the hidden stages. Consequently, move on to the next section to see some of the top-secret stages of the game individually.

1.     Star World

Star World’s most exciting thing possibly about Star World is how one enters it. The initial secret stage of Super Mario World is composed of five fairly challenging levels that tend to use Yoshi more than the rest of the game. Unlike other hidden areas, multiple stages lead to the five-star World Levels.

Star World 1 is the only one that is connected to a single level, and that is Donut Secret House. Star World 2 can be unlocked by Vanilla Secret 1 or through finding Star World 1’s secret exit. SW3’s secret exit is linked to Soda Lake and SW2’s secret exit; SW4 is linked to Forest Fortress and SW3’s secret exit. SW 5 is connected to Valley of Browser 4 and SW4’s secret exit. It depends on which exit players find first. As a player, it is up to you to tackle Star World early or very late.

2.     Top Secret Area

Top Secret Area
Top Secret Area

This area considers the most useful hidden area in the game, where every player should try hard to find it. It is like a mini stage and one of the two areas with no enemies in the game, and you can pick up any item on the way. You can grasp two feathers, two fire flowers, and Yoshi in this area. But unlike Yoshi House, the Top Secret Area permits the players to restock 1-UPS, mushrooms, and fire flowers.

However, you can only get there by entering Donut Ghost House with the cape, walking slightly to the right as Mario, running left, and flying up where they start. Following the route, players will find an alternate secret exit leading to a top secret area. You can easily get 99 lives by doing the secret over and over. It is unnecessary to say that anyone can visit the secret area whenever they want, even if they are playing for the first time.

3.     Super Mario World Secrets: Vanilla Secret

The specific notable point about Vanilla Dome is that it actually branches in one of two directions. Mario will head to Castle 3 and tackle Lemmy, following the intended path. By finding the secret exit in Vanilla Dome 1, nevertheless, players can also access the Vanilla Height, as the alternate route that skips the rest of Vanilla Dome and brings players to the Twin Bridges. Hence, players have to power up through a couple of tricky stages and Vanilla Fortresses to access this bridge.

Vanilla Secret 1 can also make its way directly to a Star Road by flying to the upper right area near the stage’s end, which will disclose a pipe. The hidden secret behind its tricky exit is the design around the Red Switch Palace; a stage player’s access can be restricted until the completion of Vanilla Dome 1. Yoshi can also gulp a Blue Koopa and fly up towards the secret exit right after the stage’s block maze. However, time is the core of this stage because Yoshi gulps shells on a timer.

4.     Soda Lake

Soda Lake
Soda Lake

The secret exit considered necessary to get to the Soda Lake stage is the coolest one in the entire game. However, the Cheese Bridge Area is maybe the most complex secret in all of Super Mario World. After playing usually, most players will not notice anything amiss. While its level dot glows red, indicating that there is a secret exit on the stage.

Make your way with the cape to an extended platform a short distance after the checkpoint. After that, run right, start flying, and you will need to fly over the most challenging part of the stage. Before reaching the end, you need to dive below the gate and leap up to the platform behind it. Then, you will be rewarded with a 34-up moon, and now you can access Soda Lake. You will find the other entrance to Star Road at Win Soda Lake.

5.     Super Mario World Secrets: Special World

Certainly! Star World is not without its rewards. By finding the secret exit in Star World 5, players will not unlock Star World 6, but instead Gnarly, a brand new stage in the brand new Special World. It can only be accessible by flying to the top portion of the stage. The Special World stages are far away and the most challenging part of the game.

So it is suggested that players only come here when they have already more or less mastered the main game. Once the players have visited all the switch palaces, the Special World’s five secret exits will be obvious. Or else Blue Yoshi will do the job. The 8 levels of Special World are not as hard as they seem. Even Caped Mario can do that.

6.     Chocolate Secret

Chocolate Secret
Chocolate Secret

The weirdest stage in Super Mario World comes in the form of Chocolate Island 2 because it yields different areas depending on definite factors. Those factors include the number of coins, obtained Dragon coins, and the task time of completion.

On completion, the stage by the Giant Gate grants players accesses to Chocolate Island 3. Nonetheless, on getting the secret exit, the key will unlock the cavernous Chocolate Secret that technically resides in the Valley of Browser.

Hence, reaching the “A” variation of Area 3 requires having 250 seconds or more left on the timer. After getting away from the charging chucks and other obstacles, Mario will come upon a key and a keyhole that shape a lane to the pipe leading to the Chocolate Secret.

7.     Super Mario World Secrets: Donut Plains

If you have not completed the Green Switch Palace, you will see a wall of green switch blocks that seems to have green outlines after completing Donut Plains 1. Still, if you do not have one, then there is no problem as long as you have a cape, which you may find many times at this level.

Just move to the end level, clear the charging chuck, and run left and fly up to search for a key and a keyhole. This stage is the more accessible secret to explore because switch blocks tell you where to find it. Still, it is the more critical secret since it permits you to access Donut Secret, Donut Secret House, Donut Secret 2, and Star World.

8.     Forest Secret Area

Forest Secret Area
Forest Secret Area

Another Forest of Illusion 4 exit will lead to the airborne Forest Secret Area’s branching path and a secondary castle leading to another Star Road. The players will have to make their way to an elevated pipe near the end of the stage. That will lead the player to another progressive key and keyhole game. They will be flying over the lava pit to the secret exit of Forest Fortress, defeating the boss and waiting for him to unlock the path to the Star Road.

9.     Autumn Dinosaur Land

Any problematic challenge, such as Special World, necessitates some sort of reward. Hence, players get a massive change of scenery when they don’t unlock more levels. By finishing the final stage in Special World, like some funky players, you can access a version of Dinosaur Land where the seasons change from Spring to Autumn.

Usually, some enemies wear masks, while others are redesigned, and Super Mario World’s lush green is replaced with soft orange. It is a fantastic superficial reward for clearing the game’s most complex stage. Hence, it really brings a breath of fresh air to the game’s art direction. It is like visiting a totally new island.

10. Super Mario World Secrets: Valley Fortress

Play Valley of Browser 2 as normal until you cross the second pipe. You are standing in that area where the yellow floor rises and tries to squish you, but you can simply run right to safety. Rather than dropping down into a pit with a Mega Mole, stop at the edge and wait for the floor to rise. Stand on the border of the yellow floor and jump while holding left. Now, start to run over the stage and, after that, find another secret key and keyhole.

This secret exit will take you to Valley Fortress, one of the trickiest fortresses in Super Mario World. After beating Valley Fortress, you can take Browser’s Castle by going through the back entrance. This means you almost skip right to Browser himself. Therefore, skip the first two-thirds of the final stage.

Wrapping Up

As you know, Super Mario World consists of more hidden areas than other SNES games. Therefore, you can still reveal the secrets that you might have missed. But now, from the above guide, hopefully, as a player, you will take help and enjoy all the stages. Hence, by commenting, let us know your views about the above-mentioned hidden areas.

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