The 10 Best Apps for Taking Digital Notes in College

Having good notes is essential to face the different subjects and topics of study, and we can take them on the different models of iPad, iPhone, Mac, or Samsung tablets. Start making all your digital notes until they are totally perfect for study, edit them as many times as you need, and print the final result if you need it.

This will help us to reduce the time needed to make the notes, since it is much faster and we will save paper in the process, by printing only the final result. No dirty or draft notes! So we would only have some notes ready to write my essay, to study and get a good grade on your next test.

In this post, we recommend you the best apps for digital notes that you can find nowadays and that you can use on different devices. Remember, you can use our digital stationery in the different apps for digital notes and improve, even more, all your notes or even take with you your digital agenda easily.

Apps for Digital Notes

Among the options of apps for digital notes that we can find are the following:


Compatible with iPad, iPhone & Mac

This app for taking digital notes tops the list by being in the TOP 10 most downloaded paid apps. It has different tools and possibilities to make digital notes and edit them completely until they are perfect. After finishing them, we can print them if we want to study them. You can make all your notes both with Apple Pencil and with the keyboard of the app itself or with your own.


Compatible with iPad, iPhone, Mac & Android tablets

Note shelf is one of the best options for digital note-taking apps, it has different styles of highlighters and writing tools that will make the process of taking notes and preparing for the study very comfortable. Currently, they are updating it frequently offering many more possibilities, and the truth is that it is becoming a perfect choice as an app for notes.


Compatible with Samsung Galaxy tab tablet

The perfect digital notes app if you have a Samsung Galaxy tab tablet. Therefore, it has become a really interesting option to expand the possibilities of this app notes. As this type of Samsung tablet have their own pencil included, the S pen, it makes it much easier to take digital notes. It is an app for digital notes simple to use, with the essential tools to start writing down everything you need, to be included with the Galaxy tab models is great.


Compatible with iPad and iPhone

This free app for digital notes has not been active for long, it is newly created and continues to constantly improve with updates.  The writing experience is amazing for a free app that you can install right now on your iPad or iPhone, it is also quite fast to process the information, which will come in handy when taking notes or writing down all our plans in the agendas.

We can also add class PDF files, sign them and export everything to print. It supports many paper layouts and a variety of beautiful templates. This free app for digital notes has been created by a student at the University of Hamburg, so little by little, it will surely be adding features perfect for studying.


Compatible with Android devices

With the latest updates of this free app for android devices, it is possible to add both digital notebooks and stickers to start using this app for digital notes in a comfortable way. You can get started by installing it on your device from the app store, and as we have mentioned, it is a free note app.


Compatible with iPad, iPhone & Mac

This app is quite useful when it comes to making very dynamic notes, as it allows us to add voice notes, but it has very similar tools to those of GoodNotes and NoteShelf. In addition, it is only compatible with Apple devices. We can also use digital stationery without problems, as it is compatible with this possibility.


Compatible with iPad, iPhone, Android, and Windows

A somewhat simpler and free app for taking digital notes, the version for Apple devices is somewhat more complete than on Android. It has different tools and colors to underline in a standard way. Although it is a somewhat basic option, it can be very useful for your first steps, and it is compatible with digital stationery.


Compatible with iPad and iPhone

An app for digital notes with the key functions to start elaborating all your notes or plan a digital agenda. This app is free, although it has the possibility of extending it to a paid Pro version.

From the free version, we can access most of the features offered by Notes Writer. In addition, we can add our class PDFs to edit them later by writing and underlining every detail. They still need to improve it a little more, but it is a good start for a free notes app.


With the advances of the different models of iPad and tablets, it is much easier to make digital notes faster and easier, allowing the teacher’s explanations are noted in a better way for further study.

The different apps for digital notes and digital stationery will help us to shape all our notes so that they are much better developed and easier to study. For this reason, we have recommended some of the best options of apps for digital notes that you can start using today on your device.

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