How To Get Themes in PS5 [2023 Guide]

Do you want to know what possible options PS5 settings offer for custom themes and wallpapers? Every time there was a quarrel on PlayStation VS any other console, the odds always seemed to be tipping towards PlayStation.

Many factors determine those results, but most importantly, it has always been about preferences. One thing that people fancied a lot was the PS5 themes. They had a fan base, but to your disappointment, there are no themes in PlayStation 5.

Yes, Sony just decided to take it out and instead threw in the dynamic background, which looks cool too. But it was more about control from the beginning, and the change felt strange to many players.

However, fans are desperately waiting for the themes in ps5, while Sony hasn’t reacted to the issue, it can still add theme compatibility to PlayStation 5 in the future to allow players to customize their home screen.

But it can assume that the new update is coming out at the end of the year, which makes fans crazy over it. This update will greatly contribute to the UI/IX of the game.

Most importantly, it’ll have the PS5 themes. Since themes in PlayStation 5 are on their way, you might as well want to learn how to change them.

How To Change ps5 Background

The PlayStation 5 offers a powerful gaming experience. However, you might find the system’s default background dull and unexciting. Changing your PS5 background will help you to customize and personalize your console experience.

For instance, the ps5 dynamic themes changed when you selected to play the Last of Us Part 2. As the ps5 comes with a default dynamic theme, avoiding users from customizing ps5 themes because of this cool dynamic feature.

You can choose a unique image or color scheme, making it easier to identify your console.

Further, a customized background will add fun and excitement to your gaming experience. Exchanging the background on your PlayStation 5 is an easier task that took just a few minutes.

Even though you can use custom backgrounds to express yourself or share fun memories with friends and family, you can choose any background that gives your PlayStation 5 an eye-catching look.

Further, you can use any image stored on a USB drive or choose any pre-loaded backgrounds available on the console. Some renowned themes are fantasy, sports, nature, and gaming.

You can create your custom background by combining several images to make a creative and exciting collage. What’s more, you will explore the ever-growing selection of user-created backgrounds, which are easily available online.

Create your PS5 to stand out with creativity from the rest. But ps5 offers users an immersive gaming experience via the new UI and dynamic background to keep players stuck to the gaming console.

How To Change Themes in ps5

You can’t change themes in PlayStation 5 for now. However, its home screen is dynamic, so its look will change depending on your selected app. You will encounter this when you hover over a game. Though the background will change & sometimes the music does too.

For instance, if you choose “Hogwarts Legacy” (released on February 10, 2023), you will see a unique background screen. Hence, the same changes occurred with “Last of Us Part 2.”

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By default, PS5 has a dynamic theme, which is one of the primary reasons the consoles do not provide you with any settings to customize it.

But here, the users are confused. Can they permanently change the way it looks by default? Hence, users cannot change the themes for now! The console doesn’t change themes like PS3 and PS4.

In the PS store, if you search all items under ps5 category, you can’t find the themes as they aren’t available. Maybe you can see some changes in the upcoming update.

Although, PlayStation 5 is focused on providing users with a more alluring experience with a new UI, instant prompts, smooth navigation, dynamic backgrounds, and more to keep users stuck with the console.

Changing themes in PlayStation 5 is impossible at the moment, but you can modify the themes in PS3/PS4, and by that, you know how to alter themes in PS. We’ll walk you through the process so it’s easier to change it.

  1. Hover to the top, click on “Settings
  2. Scroll down till you see “Themes” and tap on it.
  3. You have three options to choose from.
  4. Click on Default
  5. You now have themes…

PlayStation 5 users who wish to customize as well as modify the console’s theme have to wait until the new update eventually be available.

how to INSTALL New Themes in ps5

ps5 themes

  1. Hover over to the top and open settings.
  2. Scroll to themes and hit X.
  3. Scroll down to the option “install from the store.”
  4. Choose a theme and enjoy!

how to Custom Theme in PS5

  1. Go into your Settings and scroll down.
  2. Hit X on the option.
  3. Scroll and hit on custom themes
  4. Browse through your screenshots and choose a theme.
  5. You have a Custom Theme!

The Latest PS5 Updates: Insight into the UI/UX

PS5 dynamic themes

It is specifically targeted to improve the UI/UX of the console and will improve the gaming experience tremendously. This is the update the fans have been waiting for and since it’s almost time, we should all be excited.

Let’s take a look at these updates individually.

Dynamic UI and PS5 Themes 

The dynamic wallpapers are here to stay and when you change the games the screen will be changed accordingly.

Although the update will have themes for you to install and have fun with. I mention how to change dynamic screen, so it wouldn’t be a problem for you to change when the update rolls out.

Better VRR or Variable Refresh Rate

The game will be much better with better VRR in the update it will maximize the fun in games on a whole other level. It will lead to the ultimate gaming experience, users can get. If you have little idea what VRR is, let me clue you in.

The VRR or Variable Refresh Rate is the number of times your screen changes the frames. Take a look at your screen as a still image, that image gets out of the way for the next image in another frame which changes the scene just a little and by changing many pictures in a second you would see the picture animation.

The number of times your screen changes those pictures is the VRR.

HDR and 1440p

Who doesn’t love HDR? Especially in games. so, there is a good thing because there is a new update that gives the best update on HDR with 1440 pixels.

All the brighter sides of the screen will now be more visually appealing, and the details would enhance the gaming experience. Combined with the ultimate VRR this is going to blow the PlayStation users right when they start playing it.

The Social Feed 

There’s not a lot of information about this feature out there, so we’re just hoping it would work better than the previous ones and have the same expectations as we have from the other updated features.

So, if you want some more details on PS5, read our guide on discord-ps5/. However, all we know for sure is that this is helpful in UX.


Q1. Is it possible to change the background of the PlayStation 5?

It cannot be changed, but users can play with the cool backgrounds accompanying every game. However, when you choose an online game, you only have to choose the background & the theme.

Q2. How to change the PlayStation 5 home screen settings?

You can easily modify your home screen settings by opening the settings menu and picking a theme. Then, you have to select a screen you want to set on your PS home screen. Now, select custom to set a background of your preference. For detailed instructions, check out this article. How To Customize PS5 Home Screen Setting

Q3. How to get free themes in ps5?

Ps5 doesn’t offer any themes, and you can’t change your ps5 theme. Instead, the console’s dynamic theme feature will change the background related to the game.

Q4. Can I disable dynamic themes in ps5?

However, there is no way to turn off the dynamic themes, as the console automatically updates the background image. Some users show disappointment with the constant changing of background.

Final Words

There is no way to change the PS5 themes; you will have to use the default user interface. However, the dynamic feature may be the primary reason the PlayStation 5 does not offer players any settings to customize it.

We know that it is quite disappointing for users because the option is already available on both PS3 and PS4. But don’t be upset; we fully believe that PS officials will soon include the theme-changing feature to satisfy users’ needs in a later update.

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