TikTok Gifts Worth: Coins & Diamonds Value

Are you waiting to hit thousand plus followers and want to earn money using TikTok? There you go! You work with a TikTok advertising agency or on your own. You can get gifts and earn hundreds of dollars from your fans. Want to know how? Let’s carefully read this guide to describe how much are TikTok gifts worth and how to purchase them to support your favorite TikToker.

Since online content creation has become a great career opportunity, people can make money in several ways, such as generating ad revenue or earning donations from their sincere and supportive followers. People in Asia and North America are particularly active on the TikTok application, one of the most popular, fastest-growing, and entertaining social platforms. It allows you to record, combine, edit, and upload videos. Moreover, TikTok has an exciting feature named “TikTok Gifts,” which are financial contributions given to beloved users by their followers.

In the short term, the users on TikTok follow & help influencers or content creators to grow exponentially by sending them so many gifts. Now you’re likely wondering what kind of gifts they get. Read below.

TikTok Gifts

TikTok gifts are TikTok points as a reward for content creators. It can be said to be a revenue stream from which influencers earn more. Many influencers make thousands of dollars for every post. Once you hit 1,000 followers, you can get TikTok gifts in a live video chat. These virtual gifts are icons varying from pandas to drama queens. Each of the gifts converts into a different amount of dollars.

Likewise, after getting these gifts, you can trade the virtual icons for virtual diamonds that you can exchange in cash via PayPal or another secure transaction method. It is simply an interesting way for influencers to earn and let the fans show some support to their most liked content creators. Keep in mind that TikTok only allows people above 18 to send a gift on TikTok. The officials began implementing this policy to safeguard young consumers from online scams.

List Of Each Gift Including Coins Value Per Gift

Gift Including Coins Value Per Gift
Gift Including Coins Value Per Gift

Rose – 1 coin

Finger Heart – 5 coins

Perfume – 20 coins

Panda – Five Coins

Italian Hands – Five Coins

Love Bang – Twenty-five Coins

Sun Cream – Fifty Coins

Rainbow Puke – One-Hundred Coins

Concert – Five-Hundred Coins

I’m Very Rich – One-Thousand Coins

Drama Queen – Five-Thousand Coins

If someone sends a drama queen to any TikToker, which can be bought in five thousand coins, they’ll get many diamonds worth at least $0.05 each. Now, you might think about how pretty low its cost is. Well, it is surely not great in terms of those terms, yet the well-known creators can earn so many gifts in a single live call which is undoubtedly an incredible source to make money.

Scam Alert: As clearly mentioned above, TikTok gifts are meant to encourage your dearest digital creators. It’s not a tool to offer likes or follows for the digital form of app default currency and become popular. So before getting into the digital TikTok treasure, you must be aware of the scams within the TikTok app.

How much are TikTok Gifts worth?

Estimating TikTok gifts’ worth depends on how many diamonds and coins they are equivalent to. It’s a little bit complicated as it involves multiple conversions. Even the TikTok application hasn’t publicized the criteria of how much each gift is valuable. It splits down as per the following info.

Each TikTok gift worth costs a fixed amount of coins, so we’ll start estimating the worth of a coin. A single coin’s value is around $0.01.That means TikTok gifts worth 1,000 coins are eventually worth $10 to the person who bought them. Similarly, the smaller TikTok gifts can cost as low value as five coins, which are only worth $0.05. By now, the calculation of how much each gift is worth is directed to the purchaser.

And when the popular and top searched influencers receive the gift, they have a chance to convert that gift to a diamond which they can cash out for real money, which becomes even more confusing.

Diamonds Value

Diamonds are the real worth of your earnings as a TikToker. They do not have a definite rate. Their value can change, and it gets only assigned when they are compensated.

It is the half value of the purchase coins amount, e.g., two 2 coins are equal to 1 diamond. Consequently, the influencer will earn only half of the coins per gift. The diamonds are equivalent to 50% of the coins’ value, and one hundred coins equal 50 diamonds. Fifty coins equal 25 diamonds. Each diamond value is about 5 cents. You can withdraw $50 if you have 100 diamonds in your account.

TikTok also holds 50% of its commission from your earnings. For instance, you earn diamonds worth $50. You keep yourself $25 only. Although, you can get your cash when you’ve gained $100 and transact it through a verified PayPal account within 15 days.

Easy Steps to Get TikTok Gifts

Get TikTok Gifts
Get TikTok Gifts

Each gift on TikTok costs different coins, so if you’re willing to send a TikTok gift to your favorite TikToker. Buy some coins first. Following these simple methods, you can easily send a gift to your beloved content creator using emojis in a live video chat.

  1. Open the TikTok app on your android or apple device.
  2. Press on Profile Button in the right at the bottom.
  3. Open the more Menu Option at the top right corner and choose Settings and Privacy.
  4. Click on the text Balance from the menu bar.
  5. Now, you’ll see a Coins icon and available coins. Click on Recharge to buy coins. You will see a variety of coin bundles ranging from 100 to 10,000 coins. The app quickly sets the currency to your region.
  6. After choosing the right bundle for you, it’ll ask for a payment method. You can use any credit card linked to the Apple or Google mobile store.
  7. As a result, you’ll have several purchased coins in your account.

Coins Cost

Coins Cost
Coins Cost

TikTok coins are the app’s virtual currency used to purchase the gifts and services like promotions and shootouts. In addition, you may find these coins anywhere from USD .99 for 65 coins or USD 99.99 for 6,607 coins. Once you buy TikTok coins, you are all set to send gifts to the personality you admire most on TikTok. Further, it will notify you to reload when you run out of balance.

Few Ways to Send Gifts on TikTok

I hope you understand the basic knowledge of buying TikTok gifts. Now you’ll learn how to send them. All can send TikTok gifts in both live and pre-made videos. The diamonds can be converted using methods, live gifting, and video. Here’s how you can send TikTok gifts.

Method 1- Send TikTok Video Gifts

  1. Go to the TikTok app & open the video you want to send a gift to.
    2. On the screen at the bottom right, press the comments button (speech bubble).
    3. Choose the Gift icon next to the text section.

Method 2- Ways Send TikTok Live Gifts

  1. During a live video, click on the Gift icon on the lower side of the phone’s display.
    2. Pick any gift for sending to the video maker.
    3. Tap the Send icon below the gift.

Sum Up

Sending the TikTok gift is the coolest way of showing some love & support to your favorite content creator. A user can send a gift by joining a live or non-live video. These gifts vary in terms of worth and price. Every gift worth has a certain value of coins that can be bought using real currency. Interestingly, an influencer can withdraw the cash from their fans’ favor. The creator must be popular enough to get the benefits of TikTok gifts.

Indeed, making TikTok videos and earning a lot through receiving virtual gifts is joyful and one of the top trending activities for creators and followers. Also, let us know your queries regarding the TikTok gifting feature and its sending methods.

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