Trust Browser Enable (How to Allow it on Android & iOS)

Do you know how to enable Trust Browser? If not, then no worries. Here we will guide you on everything about the Trust Browser & how you can access it. Hence, it is a valuable & trustworthy application that creates accessing DApps easily. Trust browser is a versatile web 3 browser that arrives with a great approach to using DApps. The tool is intended well to help create a secure connection between the users & the DApp they are using. Moreover, you first have to allow the Trust browser; without it, you would not be able to use any Decentralized apps.

Further, you can use the trust wallet both on your iPhone and Android. The whole process is quite simple, so let’s move to the method to access it.

What is Trust Wallet & DApp Browser?

It is the certified app of Binance constructed on top of the Ethereum Blockchain technology & can be explained as the one-stop platform to obtain, save, and send cryptocurrencies. Moreover, it is not only limited to cryptocurrencies but also Decentralized applications. It is a mobile app used to handle and receive cryptocurrencies. Hence, it is an open-source, free and decentralized crypto wallet.

Additionally, the Trust wallet will give you access to over 33 different blockchains. It also works with the DApp browser that assists you in making immediate transactions. Thus, it is safer than other browsers & works incredibly on android or iOS devices. But, iOS users have to follow some other steps to use the browser on their devices. Because Apple has eradicated the DApp browser on trust wallets.

How to Enable the Trust Browser (Android & iOS)

trustbrowser enable
trustbrowser enable

To allow the DApp browser on trust wallet, you must follow the given steps.

  • First, go to the Trust Wallet download page.
  • Then, tap on the Download button to take it on your device.
  • After downloading the app on your Smartphone, ensure to get the recovery codes as you want them for emergency purposes.
  • Once the app is downloaded, you need to allow DApps on iOS and Android. You will need to allow DApps on iOS & Android. In the next section, you will get the steps to enable the trust wallet browser.

Allowing the DApp browser on your Android or iOS is an easy process. But, it takes much longer on iOS due to the restricted ecosystem of iOS devices. So let’s move to the steps to allow the trust browser on Android and iOS.

Enabling the Trust Browser on Android

To allow the trust wallet on Android is quite a simple process. You do not need to open with the trust browser on Android as it is already present, and you just have to allow it. So follow the below steps to allow it.

  • Open the Trust wallet app on our phone and click on Settings from the right side.
  • Next, find & click on the Preferences and then go to the DApp Browser.
  • Now, you have to locate the Enable option and simply click on the toggle to allow it.
  • When you have done by allowing it, go back to the dashboard and see the browser option added to the menu of trust.

Enabling Trust Browser on iPhone

Allowing the DApp browser on Trust Wallet on iOS is not as easy as it was for the android phone. Two different methods will help you to permit the trust browser. So let’s move to the steps.

1. Enable Trust Browser on iOS: Procedure 1

Here are the steps to allow the DApp.

  • First, go to the web browser. Here, you can either use the Safari browser accessible on iOS devices or any other reliable browser such as Google Chrome. However, other alternates can cause problems.
  • Then, insert the Trust browser URL in the search box and enter.
  • Next, a pop-up will display with the message asking whether or not you would like to view the page on the “Trust Wallet” app. Then click on “Open.”

Note: In June 2021, DApp browsers were erased from iOS. It will flip an error with the pop-up warning message “Deep Link not supported.”

2. Enable Trust Wallet Using PancakeSwap in iOS

Let’s explore another method to allow the trust browser on iOS with the PancakeSwap exchange platform. So let’s dive into the steps to access it.

  • Go to the official PancakeSwap exchange website.
  • Then, choose “Connect Wallet” present in the navigation bar.
  • Next, you will discover a pop-up with the list of crypto wallets that you can link. Choose “Wallet Connect.” Further, you can also discover an option to connect to a trust wallet. So please do not tap on it; it will cause an error.
  • Another message will appear after tapping on “Wallet Connect,” with a list of all the crypto wallets you can link to. Find and choose “Trust Wallet” for enabling the trust browser.
  • Then, an automatic message will ask whether or not you would like to view it on the Trust Wallet App. Click on “Open.”
  • After that, go to the “Connect” button at the bottom of the resulting page. For instance, if you do not locate the button, force stops the application and begins the process from scratch again.
  • You will have PancakeSwap DApp allowed on your Trust wallet app with the above click. Find the top corner of the web page to ensure the related trust wallet address.

What Should You Do If Trust Browser Doesn’t Work?

trust wallet browser enable
trust wallet browser enable

People reported that the trust browser is not functioning for them, so what should they do to make it work. So here we have found three primary reasons. So let’s move to the solution to enable the DApp browser.

 Fix 1: Use the Safari Browser to Enable Trust Browser

People are using this option on iOS devices as a trust wallet removed option. Now people first have to open the trust web browser to access links with the other browser, such as Chrome, which does not function most of the time. So, you have to view the link from your Safari browser and then simply click on Open, where it will ask to view the page in trust. Further, if you have attempted this method on the Safari and still do not function, go for the next solution.

Fix 2: Reset & Clean the Safari Browsing Data

Most of the users recommended that the trust browser link on iPhone was not functioning just due to the Safari cache. So first, clear the data & cache by following the given steps.

  • Launch Settings on your iOS, then find the Safari and click on it.
  • After that, click on the Clear History & Websites Data.
  • Next, give the consent again by tapping Clear Data and going after further steps to clean cache, browsing data, and cookies.
  • Start your safari browser again and ensure that this issue is solved when it’s done.

 Fix 3: Trust Browser Enable does not Work on Android

If you have read the above section, you must know that the DApp browser was never stopped for the android users & so the link would not function either. Moreover, if you do not locate a browser option on the trust app android, you have to allow it from the settings mentioned above manually. You can also attempt to start your phone again.

 Pros of DApps

There are so many benefits of the DApp browser on the trust wallet. So let’s discuss some of the pros of the DApps.

· Decentralized

DApps work on Ethereum, which is a decentralized platform. It means it is not managed by any person, organization, or society.

· Isolated

These are used in the Ethereum Virtual machine. The benefit of this is that it does not allow an intelligent contract to influence the performance of the blockchain network, even if it has an error.

· Less Downtime

The most delicate thing about the DApps is that it does not have any free time bugs. This is due to the innovative contract technology running on a blockchain network. Due to its zero downtime,  hackers cannot assault users using apps on trust wallets.

· Reliable Performance

After you allow the trust wallet browser, you do not have to worry about anything. You can create any type of transaction by using smart contract technology.

· Privacy

When you allow the DApp browser on trust wallet, submitting your actual identity while signing with the app is not mandatory.

· Data Protection

Data stock up on DApps cannot interfere as they are protected by powerful crypto technology. It also does not allow spiteful attackers to forge earlier data or transactions.

Cons of DApps

Instead of all the significant advantages, DApps have some disadvantages too in enable the trust browser. So before allowing the DApps browser on trust wallet, first check its cons. So let’s move on to discuss the cons of DApps.

· User Experience

According to legal sources, getting a smooth user experience on a DApp browser is pretty tricky. Users find it difficult to use tools to interact with the blockchain.

· Transactions Get Stuck

Users state that transactions usually get stuck while using DApp on a trust wallet. This mostly happens because of large transactions taking place on the app. The network can manage only 15-20 transactions. As the amount increases, many transactions get stuck.

· Complex to Preserve

Users also claimed that it is tricky to manage. It is mainly due to the code and dates published in the blockchain, which cannot be modified. It also prevents developers from creating necessary changes to the DApps after publishing them, even if there is an error.

· Performance Overload

Because of the vast volumes of transactions, the applications usually get overloaded. It creates a lot of fuss for users.

Is Trust Wallet Secure?

Trust Wallet is a growing cryptocurrency exchange platform where people can safely store their crypto property. Moreover, it provides its customers with top-notch services to explore the crypto world safely. Because the digital market is exposed to cyber-attacks on your property, trust wallets have different security checks to secure your assets from cyber-attacks. However, it is a good and trustworthy platform for users, with no fees or other additional charges.

Final Words

So, the final discussion of this guide is that you can easily link your DApp browser back to the Trust Wallet app on Android as well as on iPhone by using the trust browser link. If you handle your cryptocurrencies using your phone, the DApp browser will be best for you. Furthermore, a Trust wallet makes it easier to create your transaction.

But, if you have found that the trust browser does not function, we have mentioned some of the fixes that will help you enable the trust browser. Hopefully, you have got all the details about enabling the Dapp browser to access the Trust wallet.

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