Turn off Do Not Disturb iPhone 2 Quick Hacks

You don’t think that we have to pay gratitude to Apple because of its features; we are always aware of text messages, calls, social media mentions, phone calls, and notifications from apps and services. Consequently, Apple offers a DND (Do Not Disturb) mode with a few exceptions. Moreover, you can see your screen light up with incoming notifications even when your iPhone is muted or in DND mode. But this feature sometimes creates a problem; that’s why it is better to turn off the Do Not Disturb mode on your iPhone to remember your essential calls or events. This amazing feature is available on all iOS devices with a slight difference so that you can use it according to your iPhone model.

Hence, when you turn on the DND mode, a crescent moon will appear in the status bar and on your lock screen, indicating that DND mode is on. But remember to disable the DND mode for your important events so that you will not forget your special moments. Additionally, you may use this feature for particular contacts, time frames, and activities according to your needs. Moreover, you can also set the device to enable or disable mode automatically through the scheduling feature for a particular reason.

In this article, we are discussing about the two techniques for turning off the DND feature in the subsequent section and additional features for making your iPhone silent to cut off this online world.

2 Amazing Methods to Disable Do Not Disturb Mode on iPhone

Here are the two amazing and quickest ways to disable the turn-off mode according to your need and iOS model. Let’s move to the following section to learn the methods through the Control center, Settings option, or you can also schedule the mode through settings:

1.      Disable Do Not Disturb Mode via Control Center

do not disturb iphone turn off
do not disturb iphone turn off

One of the easiest methods to disable the do not disturb is through Control Center. In the iOS 15 or later series, you can unlock your iPhone and swipe down to open the Control Center. You can swipe up to access the Control Center for older iPhones series. There is a slight difference in iOS to open Control Center. So, access according to your iPhone model:

  • After accessing Control Center on your iPhone, click on the Focus
  • Then, navigate to the Crescent moon icon (Do Not Disturb) and toggle the switch to disable the mode if it is on.

2.      Disable Do Not Disturb Mode via Settings Icon

how to turn off do not disturb on iphone
how to turn off do not disturb on iphone

To disable the DND mode on your iPhone, you can also follow the below straightforwardly steps:

  • Initially, go to the Settings icon on your iPhone.
  • Secondly, tap on the Focus
  • Now, tap the Do Not Disturb
  • You can also select custom options for notifications.

Additional Features for Do Not Disturb Mode on iPhone

Some more features like scheduling and airplane mode are presented in the next section to avoid interruption for a few moments, and you may disable this feature according to your desire. So, let’s go through of them:

1.      Scheduling

If you want no one to disturb you for a certain time, you can also set a schedule and change the setting of DND features, which help you concentrate on your work. You can set the schedule for any event, day or weekend. So, follow the below steps to seek the way of scheduling on the iPhone:

  • Firstly, navigate to the Settings icon and then the Focus
  • Now, choose the Do Not Disturb
  • A new menu will appear at the bottom; click on the Add Schedule or Automation.
  • Select the Time option from the automation home screen.
  • Now, toggle the Schedule button and tap on the “From and To” section to choose the needed timeframe and the selection of days. You may also switch the Bedtime option to enable or disable Do Not Disturb like an alarm automatically.
  • Moreover, you can also schedule the timings when you want to receive calls, texts, notifications, etc., according to your desire.

2.      Airplane Mode

An airplane is one more way to go off completely. It immobilizes the cellular network, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi on turning on this mode for a short time. On turning on Airplane mode, its icon indicates orange, and all your cellular networks switch off instantly. But there is no automatic setting for this mode. Similar to DND mode, you can enable or disable it through the Control Center or Settings easily. However, this feature is only applicable if you want to ignore someone and the social world for some time.

Pro-Tips for Do Not Disturb Mode on iPhone

  1. iPhone will not ring in the car while driving due to turning on DND mode. So, turn it off after your work is done.
  2. One more way to check whether DND is on or not. If it is on, then you can see it in the upper right-hand corner, next to the battery of your screen.
  3. The crescent moon becomes purple, and the icon turns grey when the mode is on. The crescent moon turns white on disabling, and the icon will become dark.
  4. Do Not Disturb is on when the switch is green in the Settings app.


DND mode makes your life easier, especially for those moments when you don’t want any disturbance to your work or events. All audible notifications will become quiet on enabling the Do Not Disturb feature, making the screen dark. However, you will get notifications by turning the screen on manually. Only in this way can you take a break from the online world for a limited time. But it is also important to disable the DND option if you don’t want to miss any important calls or meetings. So, hopefully, the above knowledge is quite helpful for you. Also, do let us know about the article by commenting.

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