Samsung TV Input Button (Change with 4+ Quick Ways)

What if the source button of the TV is not working? Is it reliable to change the Samsung TV Input Button? Yes! You don’t need to puzzle. Thus, stick with this page, where you will learn many quick ways to recover the remote problem within a minute, along with the information of all well-matched devices with the SmartThings app.

No doubt, the essential controls of Samsung televisions are fairly simple to navigate for most users. But it will become quite complex for you to switch between inputs. But there are other options as well to program your Samsung TV remote rather than buying a new one. So, if your source button is not working on your remote, then you may use apps, joysticks, or third-party apps to access the menu.

Hence, continue reading to see how to recover methods of input button with remote or without in detail.

How Can You Use the Change Input Source by the Source Button on Samsung TV?

Fortunately, you have several inputs for your Samsung TV, and the menu which you used is known as Sources. Hence, you have a good opportunity to use more than one input/source.

But among all, the most reliable and foremost way of changing the input source is through the Source button. It is located in the top right corner of all Samsung TV remotes (next to the power button).

Hence, on pressing, all the available input options will be displayed on the screen. You can scroll to the preference that you want by using the D-pad on your remote. Then, press the “Ok” tab after selecting the desired option.

While in other cases, the only possible way to access the source menu is either through the source button or by plugging something into the TV so that the source menu appears automatically.

What Is The Method Of Changing The Input Source Through The Menu Button?

Changing The Input Source Through The Menu Button
Changing The Input Source Through The Menu Button

In most cases, you can simply select the Source via a menu, especially on modern TVs. Samsung TVs also permit their users to change the input button through the TV menu. So follow the below steps:

  • Initially, hit the Menu button on the remote.
  • Now, scroll down on the screen to Source and press the Ok
  • The pop screen will display all the sources and inputs which are connected to the TV. Even it may also show you which connections are missing.
  • Select your preferred option and press the Ok

Tip: You can also rename the input sources or gaming consoles through this process.

Is It Possible To Plug-In The Device While The TV Is Turned On?

As an alternate trick, you can also use the plug-in method if you cannot access the input menu on your Samsung TV for some reason. This method is not very complex; you just need to turn on the TV before you link a device to your TV.

For instance, if you are trying to connect a PlayStation to your TV, turn the TV on and then click on the PlayStation. This way, it prompts the input menu on the screen. But it depends on the TV model you possess. Automatically, the TV might change the source to the device that was just connected.

Isn’t It Amazing To Change The Input Button Of A Samsung TV Without Remote?

Sometimes it happens that your remote starts malfunctioning, and you cannot access the input menu. So, no worries, your issue may be resolved simply if you have a Smart TV and a mobile. For that, you also don’t need an IR blaster. Nevertheless, you will need an IR blaster if you are using a non-smart TV.

Additionally, you can also use the buttons on the TV or a media streaming device to control your TV. Hence, see other methods as well in the below part.

Make Use of the Control Stick

You may have noticed that all the new Samsung TVs have a joystick-like control button. Usually, it is placed at the back of the TV at the bottom right corner. This button uses to open the menu and scroll through it. Just find the button on your TV and press it to access the menu. However, it is placed at the bottom left corner of the rear panel on some TVs.

Using the SmartThings App for Samsung TV Input Button

App for Samsung TV Input Button
App for Samsung TV Input Button

Another way to change the input is through the SmartThings app if your TV is connected to the app. Hence, open the SmartThings app on your phone and click on the menu for that purpose. A TV will be selected from the list of devices, and a remote will show on your phone’s screen.

Now you can use the remote to access the input menu. The controls are identical to those found on any Samsung remote. Moreover, you can change the input either through the menu button or by clicking on the source key to change the input.

Note: Your TV has already been added to SmartThings as a device to use this method.

Third-Party Applications are also an option.

What will you do if you get another cozy option? You definitely would like to use that option, so use your phone as a remote by downloading the Samsung TV remote or any universal remote app from the Play Store or App Store on your smartphone or tablet. You can also use this method to change the HDMI input simply. However, the input changes may vary in most third-party programs.

But keep in mind that your phone and Samsung TV are connected to the same internet connection. So you will be glad to know that there are various Universal Remote Apps available for non-smart TVs too. So make your life easy and comfy.

For Samsung TV Input Button: Use the Voice Command

The describing method only works when your Samsung TV supports voice assistants. Usually, it has 3 built-in voice assistants that are:

  1. Bixby
  2. Amazon Alexa
  • Google Assistant

Hence, you can change your TV input by voice command using any of these voice assistants. Just say Alexa, switch to AV. To see the steps:

  • Initially, click the Mic button on the remote.
  • After that, say your command. Like remote is not working.

However, Bixby is available on 2018 and later models, while Alexa and Google Assistant work on select 2020 and later models. But your Samsung TV has to be connected to any of them for this to work.

However, you can also direct your commands to your Echo Dot or Google Nest speaker or else through the voice assistant app on your phone.

Do You Want To Know What The Samsung SmartThings App Is For And What Devices Work With It?

The main purpose of the Samsung SmartThings app is to control all the smart devices that are installed in your home. It is Samsung’s unbelievable endeavor to make a central control app for all smart devices. Moreover, you don’t need to control or manage all your devices with one click without switching from app to app. Hence, see the list of compatible devices with SmartThings whether you are at home or even away:

  1. Window Treatment
  2. Home Lightning
  3. Air Conditioner & thermostat
  4. Air Purify & humidifier
  5. TV& Display
  6. Soundbar
  7. Cooktop
  8. Refrigerators
  9. Washer & dryer
  10. Air dresser
  11. Valve
  12. Remote & Switch
  13. Adapter & Outlet
  14. Energy monitoring
  15. Lightning & energy control
  16. Camera monitor & CCTV
  17. Doorbell & door locks
  18. Siren & alarm panel
  19. Various types of sensors
  20. Z-wave hub
  21. Range extender
  22. Tag & tracker

Final Words

Usually, remote problems might be irritating, especially if they suddenly stop working, like the input button of a Samsung TV remote. However, there are several workarounds available that you can use. So, hopefully, now you get all the ways to use them according to your convenience. Still, if all the above tricks will not work, you can contact customer support and let us know your views about the article by commenting.

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