99+ Unblocked Games Play Online: Is It Safe to Access?

I remember when my Genetics class used to suck and mostly, we were just expected to sit and explore. It was a friend who told me about the unblocked games website and so that was the beginning of my boredom killer. Although I highly discourage you to be using these in class and focusing on the class.

Schools block these sites and games for the very same reason. They get addicting and distracting so students are better off without them. That’s not entirely true, everything in moderation is healthy. So yeah, if you are sitting in a lunch or waiting for a bus, you can take your Chromebook out and switch on some of these games to escape boredom.

Unblocked Games WTF

Unblocked Games WTF are the HTML-5 games on Google that you can play freely on your Chromebook or your phone by just searching for Unblocked Games WTF on Google. The availability is all across the web, no matter what app or device you are using.

The basic code of HTML-5 allows them to be able to not be caught by the blocking program used by the school. The simplicity also allows the developers to create many of these games on a single platform. More than 100 games are just the estimate, maybe there are like 500 games, I didn’t count anyway.

You can access these games by just searching on Google “Unblocked Games WTF

What Are These Unblocked Games WTF?

Most of the sites are banned because of students distracting from their classes but these unblocked games are the ones that remain open so kids can use them when they can or want to. The school or college district needs you to be vigilant about your grades and thus a lot of things are banned but not these unblocked games.

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They are safe and based on easy and simple codes that are not harmful to your devices or personal information. Although if you try to breach for some other service without having a clue of what you are doing, you can get in trouble.

wtf unblocked games
wtf unblocked games

What Are Different Unblocked Games WTF?

Many sites offer these games to you and many others that would otherwise require some technicality from you to start using them in the first place. But here we’ll only be talking about the ones that you can just type on your devices and access. Let’s take a look.

Unblocked Games by Google

Yes, they are offered by Google itself, so you have a limitless number of games on your device and they are all safe – no doubt about that. You can also put up a chrome extension for these games so you don’t have to go search for them every time you want to play games. Gazillion different varieties of games would never let you bore.


Bored of looking at that long list of games and can’t pick one? Or they’re all too dumb, could be any reason. Here’s the solution for you; boredom button! Just google this, open the first website and you’ll see a big red button.

Click the button and you’ll be taken to one of the most random games. To your surprise, it’s not something that one sees every day. So have fun with them and when you think it’s getting boring…go back to that red button and you’ll be taken to another random game when you click it.

Sonsaur Unblocked Games

If you are not a fan of Google’s unblocked games then this is something that might excite you. With the colorful interface, you’ll be browsing through all-new series of games if you come here from Google. The list here goes on and on with all different types of games, including RPGs, FPS games, etc. take a look and see if you find something good to stick to.


If you are a picky person – I know I am – you can try this website to play these unblocked games WTF. The interface that lets you choose the category and lets you pick the best of these games in these categories is what’s good about them.

You can also scroll down and look at some of the newest games that they have added and some of the most played games that you would like to. Whatever you go for, you’ll be able to see your options with the customized preference layout.

IO Games – Best Unblocked Games

We saved this dessert after the main course. IO Games are the of the best games out there – there’s no doubt about that and we would go into details of it and how you can access a gazillion of these super cool games but it would be better if you just get to it and see your options. The best thing about these games is they aren’t genre-bound and you can never get bored of them.

How to Play Blocked Games/Play Netflix etc?

There’s a way you can play the games that are blocked by your school, like Fortnite and Minecraft. Moreover, you can also stream Netflix and services like Amazon. Again, we highly discourage you to do that when you’re supposed to be studying.

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Hotspot Shield VPN

This is the type of VPN that you can install on your computer or mobile phone that would help you play the games that are blocked and also let you stream the streaming services like Netflix and Amazon.

What is a VPN?

Each computer is shown from a specific location when it’s on the internet and people who are on the internet can see your activity and watch you. A Virtua Private Network is something that holds the information. Although, you can change your location with a different VPN and hide your activities from anyone who could be watching you.

How to Use it?

Using a VPN is easy, you can just go ahead and install the VPN on your computer or phone. Turn on the VPN button and you can come back to your desired app that wouldn’t work previously. It’ll work now, with a VPN.

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