How can you use voicemail settings iPhone to your advantage

Let’s start with the basics of voicemail. Another key topic that will be covered in detail later is how to set up voicemail on iPhones. In the following part, you’ll quickly learn how to incorporate voicemail settings on the iPhone.


Voicemail saves voice messages to be retrieved later when the recipient is unavailable or occupied with other obligations. The interest in using voice mail lies in the caller message to prevent missed calls or facilitate call screening. Callers leave short messages, typically saved on digital media or the company’s server. As technology has advanced, voicemail has been integrated with internet services. It enables users to receive incoming messages on standard computers or other compatible devices. In other words, we can compare it contentedly to the answering machine. However, there is a crucial difference in storing messages on servers on reserved data storage known as user mailboxes. Integration of voicemail with email is another fascinating solution for voicemail these days.

Augmented Features of Voicemail Settings

Voicemail settings for iPhone offers similar features to email except for text messages, which it says are voice messages. Along with recording and playing sound back, it provides the additional features of receiving and forwarding voicemail from the callers or many other people’s mailboxes.

Adding a voice introduction to the forwarding messages

Broadcast voice messages seem another exciting feature to let numerous contacts get informed with similar notifications simultaneously.

Voicemail also helps in storing Voice Messages for a longer time.

It can keep you informed of all the voicemail notifications through your mobile phone or pager.

It also offers a personalized greeting option for different users.

The convenient option of storing voice messages on a hard drive is another feature. Consequently, it leads to facilitates the sending of attachments with email messages.

Visual voicemail is another intriguing feature that occupies space on smartphones and mobile devices. It allows you to read all the messages without listening to everyone in the mailbox. It, like email, displays a detailed list of voicemails. Listening to it again, deleting it, or moving it could be among numerous options that you could not avail in standard voicemail.

Google Voice offers outstanding services, free of charge, for short messages worldwide. Another augmented feature for sharing contacts across multiplatformis Address books, like email, landline phones, and mobile phones. Google Voice and other similar apps operate in conjunction with voice-enabled emails.

where is voicemail settings on iphone
where is voicemail settings on iphone

Voicemail Settings Facility in iPhone

One of the key features that allow you to connect with crucial messages is the voicemail service. Respond to them as soon as possible if you want them to deliver a message even if you are not present. It is a simple feature supported as a built-in feature in any Smartphone, especially the iPhone.Even if you prefer to communicate through a texting app, setting up voicemail on your iPhone is still worthwhile.Voicemail can capture all of the critical messages you regularly get unanswered due to your hectic schedule. You may avoid answering spam calls by getting any unknown number on your phone and responding through voicemail.

Steps for Voicemail Settingsin your iPhone

1: Navigating it in your Phone app, then look for the Voicemail tab.

2: The Voicemail tab displays the Setup screen to launch through it. Tab the “Set Up” button where you get invited to enter your security password.

3: Then, in the following display tab, retype it to confirm it.

4: There is another screen for greeting your voicemail. Choose between the Default or Custom greeting.

5: You can use the recording option for the greeting in the voicemail messages in your personalized greeting. If you have selected the custom option, tap the “Record Button” below to record a custom greeting for your convenience. You can use the “Stop” button to stop recording your personalized message. Get the facility of hearing it once you have registered it by pressing the “Play” button.

6: You can then save it by tapping the “Done” option for the outgoing greeting for voicemail.

iphone voicemail settings
iphone voicemail settings

How can you Play, Share or Delete your Voicemail Messages?

You can listen to, share, or delete your voice messages. Ofcourse, playing, sharing it with others, or deleting messages are some of the features available in your voicemail setting. You can avail of it any time you need. You can even ask your Siri to play your voicemail message.

Phone App > Voicemail Icon > Click your Message

1: Navigate your “Phone App”first present on your Home Screen.

2: Go to the “Voicemail” icon on the Phone App.

3: You can choose from the following options for your desired message:

      a: Play messages, sharethem, or delete them.

4: Amongst all given options, deletingmessages will move the Voicemail message from the inbox to the Delete Message folder in the voicemail list.

5: To undo the deleted message, you can opt for deleted messages. Tab it, select your deleted message and undelete it by tapping “”

How can you Modify your Password saved on an iPhone Voicemail?

You can change your saved password by following the similar steps you have learned in the above discussion. For that reason, you need to navigate to the Phone app in the settings menu, where you will find the option to change your voicemail password if you are willing to modify it.

Settings>Phone app>Change Voicemail

Then, in the resulting screen, enter a new password. Re-enter it and tab “Done” to finish your settings procedure.

How can you personalize your Voicemail Greetings in iPhone Settings?

Once you have set up your voicemail, you can get your voicemail active working on your behalf. Whenever someone calls that you can’t respond to immediately, the recipient will probably hear your voicemail greetings. You can also change your greeting at any time.

Phone app>Greeting > Record > Stop> Done

1: All you need is to navigate the “Voicemail” tab in the Phone app available on the home screen.

2: By clicking “Greeting” in the display upper left corner, you can re-record your greeting message as you learned in the previous few steps.

3: As for sending your call to your voicemail, you can tab the “Hang Down Red Button” in the notification of incoming calls. In contrast, picking up the incoming call will directly connect you with the calling person.

How can you get an alert for new voicemail messages?

To make things short, you can navigate it in the Settings menu. There you can find the “Sound & Haptics” option. Then you can select your desired sound by tapping on the “New Voicemail Messages.”

Any Questions or Query?

Feel free to ask any questions if you have any queries about setting up voicemail on the iPhone. Drop your comments in the comment for any further assistance. We will surely get in touch with you to resolve this to the best of our abilities.

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