What Does Heavily Obscured 5e Mean in DnD?

In Dungeons and Dragons, heavily obscured 5e is a place known to be “heavily obscured.” That means it completely blinds or blocks the vision of anyone instantly. Any monster in the zone of the heavily obscured 5e means it is entirely out of sight though briefly.

As mentioned in the playbook of Errata: In a heavily obscured zone, it does not, theoretically, blind you, but instead it will blur everything you see.”

This led the advantage land into the attacking animal, which proves the disadvantage of the attack by a monster.

But it is strictly mentioned how far you can see in the zone of heavily obscured 5e. For most, they tend to see nothing, even not if it is staring them in the face. But some argue that the views are not blocked out but that you can see things as far as five feet away from your location.

So, in this article, let’s learn more about DND’s heavily obscured 5e.

What is heavily obscured 5e? And what does it mean?

In Dungeons and Dragons, there is a place called heavily obscured 5e, where Darkness, opaque fog, or dense foliage blurs vision. Every monster has their vision blurred or, more accurately, blind when they try to see anything in that area.

How heavily obscured 5e Effects Environment in DnD?

As mentioned above, areas such as HO include Darkness, opaque fog, or dense foliage that blinds anyone dwelling there.

In Dungeons and Dragons, the absence of any light in the zone of the game gives rise to three categories of various illuminations, which are:

  • Bright Light
  • Dim Light
  • Darkness

Bright Light

This led most of the creatures of DND to see like usually and normally. The specific radius of illuminations provides bright light such as torches and fires, even on gloomy days.

Dim Light

Dim light goes by another name, Shadows. The term is entrenched as it makes up a lightly obscured area. The dim light’s area falls between the bright light and the sizes surrounding Darkness. Both soft light and dawn also come in the category of dim light. In addition, a complete shiny moon also can lend dim light to the land.


The Darkness in DND conjures up what we call a heavily obscured area. The creatures there see everything as pitch dark, resembling pictures of dark dungeons or an area full of magical Darkness.

What is heavily obscured 5e in PHB and Errata?

dnd 5e heavily obscured
dnd 5e heavily obscured

In Errata, it points out that this obscured area is where the creatures often are blinded. If we go along, the Errata posits that the beast is not overwhelmed initially as a character. But this raises the question are the animals also blinded in there? But is this compatible with the PHB?

Besides, does this also mean that this falls into the category of lightly obscured areas? In this case, it may be possible that the animals inside the lightly covered area experienced drawbacks when making perceptions. In return, the creatures are at a disadvantage in this scenario.

The creatures roaming in the light-covered area do not invite any punishment compared to those already inside it. But on the contrary, these things have no impact on the gently obscured areas. According to Errata, when both parties directly end all the penalties, they become blinded.

But it can be deflected for one reason. Suppose any of the creatures has some sense regarding the above occurrences related to ordinary sight. In that case, it may be able to hide in the heavily obscured area. But it might also cancel the blind attack and penalties.

The Player hand Book of DnD

According to the PHB or Playerhandbook of DnDi, any creature in the area of heavily obscured area risk blocking out its vision wholly and instantly. In that area, none of the monsters in the DnD can have their vision back to regular sight as it gets blinded there.

But, Errata, on the other hand, contends that anyone who is in the heavily obscured will not blind its sight until anyone is forced to see anything hidden by it.

The blindness may affect you, but it is ruled out by being completely blind. However, there are specific ways to fix the blindness through a spell known as Heal. Though using Heal cannot end the heavy obscuration in the heavily obscured area. Ultimately, the game mechanisms cannot overbend, and you failed to see any in the HO areas.

This led us to Fog Cloud 5e. It is known as a tactical maneuver. It proves beneficial as it blinds the state that comes in 290 applications. The fog cloud can also be used as a source to cause mass panic in situations related to an urban problem.

Is it possible that Errata can send vision from Darkness?

Though in Dungeons and Dragons, a HO area does not necessarily blind you, it may do it if you try to see anything obscured.

However, as the Errata contends as someone inside the heavily obscured area, it does not stop someone from seeing outside the region but stops seeing inside it. For example, in the deep shadow place, a rogue tends to be heavily obscured by someone like a guard standing near a streetlamp. Allied, however, can easily see the guard there. But you can replace it with the elf to establish a mollified situation. But on the other side of the aisle, the rogue will be wholly blinded from anything happening in the region where shadow lurks.


In this article we unpack the heavily obscured 5e in its totality in the famed game of Dragons and Dungeons.

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