What Is Airplane Mode On iPhone& Its Other Uses?

What is airplane mode on the iphone? Did you ever wonder why scientists named the function airplane mode instead of using a different term – However, this function confuses people a bit more than any other function – Give us a try to explain you guys.

Airplane mode is a function you need to enable on your device while traveling on an airplane. Airplane mode offs all the functions on your mobile device, like wifi cellular data, Bluetooth, etc. The reason to switch on airplane mode in the plane is. There are various sensors in the airplane that deal with your phone.

During traveling, do that experiment that puts your cell phone close to the speakers. You’ll come to listen to a harsh buzzing sound, and then you’ll realize why airplane mode is crucial.

We’ll come with the guide just for you guys. In this article, we’ll tear apart the topic and try to squeeze brief knowledge into a small jar, soit won’t be difficult for you to understand. However, without further due get back to the topic

Is Airplane Mode OfThe iphoneDifferent From Android

It’s a myth that some people use to say that android airplane mode differs from the iphone airplane mode. There is a difference in interfaces; however, the properties of airplane mode on both devices are the same. You may find placings of some functions different in android and iphone. But the work of airplane mode is what it is made for.

Can I UseWifi& BluetoothIn Airplane Mode

Turning on airplane mode means you limit yourphone’s abilities where the phone switches off most of the useful features like Bluetooth &wifi. But after 2013, the USA updated its policies and allowed users to use the Bluetooth feature in airplane mode because Bluetooth connecting rays are short and don’t deal with outer plane signals.

However, you also have the door open to using wifi if it’s supported by your plane. Moreover, it’s possible to use Bluetooth and wifi in airplane mode with modern phones. All you need to do is grab your iphone and go to the settings.

At the top of the wifi option, switch the airplane mode option on by toggling its button right side. Another way to switch on airplane mode is to swipe up the control center from the bottom of the iphone and enable airplane mode option.

Airplane Mode Additional Uses

Airplane Mode Additional Uses
Airplane Mode Additional Uses

It might be clear to you now what airplane mode actually is on the iphone. Let’s talk about some extra benefits we can avail with airplane mode. Suppose your mobile consumes battery fast. Turning on airplane mode will stop all types of functions on your cell phone. However, this leads the external functions to halt consuming your mobile battery.

On the other hand, if you are facing problems with your phone regarding signal issues or glitches related to signal properties. Turning airplane mode on & off again might get rid of several issues because it gives a soft restart to your mobile functions and makes your phone’s functions perform well afterward.

If you are off for the day, want nobody to disturb you furthermore want time for yourself, then airplane mode helps you out in that scenario. Turn airplane mode on, and feel free to do your work without worrying about annoying calls, email notifications, etc.

Suppose there is a possibility that you can get important calls and emails. In that situation, deactivate airplane mode when you have a higher chance of receiving crucial calls. Afterward, enable airplane modeto save your battery power.

If you ever notice that charging an iphone pro max on airplane mode will charge your battery fast. The major quality of airplane mode besides traveling a plane is that it stops draining your phone battery. However, let’s go through the other properties of airplane mode in short steps process.

1.     Stops phone from releasing radiation

Stops phone from releasing radiation
Stops phone from releasing radiation


The radiation emitted from phones is not necessarily damaging because it releases only a significant amount of energy. However, some people like to take extra precautions. Hence turning on airplane mode stops emitting extra radio frequency radiation from the phone.

But only activate the airplane mode feature if you don’t have a fear of any urgent calls or other important emails.

2.     Save international cellular fees by airplane mode of iphone pro max

Save international cellular fees
Save international cellular fees


The best part starts here because this is the reason why I like the airplane mode feature so much. If you are a traveler, you’ll probably be familiar with the international cellular data connectivity fee when it connects to a nearby tower.

This problem occurred when you didn’t pay the international roaming fee. As a result, when you travel to any place without paying a fee, any tower nearby your plan will connect to your device and charge the cellular data fee from you.

In that scenario, what airplane mode does is that it dysfunctions all the features inside the phone so that your phone won’t connect to any tower nearby. Thereby, those towers will be unable to charge any fee from you.

Consequences Of Not Putting Your Phone On Airplane Mode In Plane

Phone On Airplane Mode In Plane
Phone On Airplane Mode In Plane

If you’re violating the rules without any reason and do it purposefully, this means you’re inviting a big disaster before the coming storm. However, the consequences are not hazardous, but they will if a plane has any error. Furthermore, pilots use the plant’s radio altimeters to measure the plane’s height above the territory below. Pilots are contingent on this data in foggy areas such as mountain regions, snowbound places, bad weather, etc.

How does your mobile device cause a problem supposes your iphone pro max has the 5g capability, and it’s not on airplane mode – The plan with the capability of autopilot and lands without the interference of any pilot controls. In that scenario, the plane must have the correct information from the radio altimeter.

However, this sort of landing is not possible in low visibility. The most dangerous thing occurs when your device signals and radio altimeter signals collide with each other. As a result, the radio altimeter indicator will cause problems while landing on a runway. Now visualize some people’s blunders leading everyone on the plane to face circumstances.


The work of airplane mode on both android &iphone is the same. Though you’ll find differences in interfaces and functionalities, the property of airplane mode is still the same. The information in this article fleetingly describes how you can use Bluetooth and wifi in airplane mode and other uses of airplane mode, and the consequences of not putting your phone on airplane mode while traveling plane.


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