What Is Android System WebView (ASW)?

Are you an Android user? If yes. So, you may probably encounter an app called Android System WebView. Do you know about this app? If you don’t. Subsequently, read the guide below to understand what it is and its purpose.

Android System WebView App

There are two ways to see the web content on the Android operating system.

  1. Android System WebView
  2. The conventional web browser

Here we are talking about the Android system Web-View. If you want to know what it is, read the guide below.

A system that allows the Android operating system to demonstrate the application’s content straight from the web without opening a browser is called Android system Web-View. This software system is used in Android 7.0 and later versions of Android.

NOTE: You can use and examine the android system Web-View, but you can’t uninstall it from your android device.

Purpose of WebView on Android System

The main persistence of this software system on an android device is that a user can insert the browser functionality inside an application. However, users can examine and interact with web pages and web-built applications whenever this system is inserted into an application.

Moreover, users must include the WebView library if they want to enclose the browser into an application. The WebView system software is influential because it permits users to extract the webpages and perform the JavaScript. Though this system only allows those applications that can implant the browser into it.

Insert WebView in Apps to Display Web Content

Android (OS) 0.7 and the latest version devices allow for the addition of the WebView system. Consequently, nowadays, almost every android device depends on that. Moreover, this system makes the application turns into a web application.

At first, a user needs to enable the (ASW) to insert an app. To do that

  • Navigate to the settings on your device.
  • Tap on the applications option from the settings menu.
  • After that apps list will appear. Here click on the android system WebView.
  • Then tap on the enable option to insert it.

Then follow these instructions to insert the WebView into an Android application.

Add WebView in the Activity Layout

Track the below arrangements to insert the WebView element into your XML layout file.


Android: id = “@+id/WebView”

Android: Layout_width = “match_parent”

Android: Layout_height = “match_parent”


To put a web page in the WebView system, use the URL in the Java file

Browser. Load URL (“HTTP:// https://technologyrest.com/);

As an example, we put our site. Using the WebView, a user can correspondingly control these configure from a web page.

  • Load Data
  • Go Back if a back page history exists
  • Go forward if a forward page exists
  • Clear the history

JAVA: is a programming language that produces software for numerous systems like WebView.

Uninstall Android System WebView

WebView is a system app; that’s why you can’t uninstall or disable it for a reason. That many applications use it to display external web pages and other content. However, if you try to uninstall this system, it means that you are breaching the programmability and making them wobbly.

In addition, the android system Web-View is already installed on every android device. However, if a user has a device of android 7, Android 8, or android 9 version device, disabling the app is fine because Google Chrome already concentrates it on the entire device.

It means that Chrome works for all online websites on your device to make the procedure more efficient.

Accordingly, to uninstall or disable the app system, here are the steps you can apply.

  • Go to the Google Play Store on your android device.
  • Tap on the search tab and type androidsystemWebView, and click.
  • Then tap on the disable option to disable the android system WebView.

Wrapping Up

The Android system WebView (ASW) app is a core part of the android operating system. This app is not itemized in the rocket launcher application, not a distinctive app; similarly, you can’t open the app physically.

However, this system is available when another app needs it. So, it is a good idea and best for a developer to use the (ASW).

Hope this guide helps you to understand this system. If you have any queries, let us know in the comment section.

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