What is Discord? (Learn All Benefits and Avoid Confusion)

You might’ve already heard of the popular chatting app Discord.

Originally designed for gamers to interact but not limited to them only.

If you have an interest, there’s a very good chance that people with the same interests as yours are on discord. People congregate to chat, play games, discuss things, call, and do lots more. The ability to have more control over your chats and servers and what you do with them makes it a perfect congregation spot.

What is Discord For?

Anything and everything. That’s Discord, best described.

Although the founders who were in the gaming industry wanted to build a platform for the gaming community to interact and stay connected even games, the app became popular in the pandemic when people were home and were seeking means to communicate.

People with different interests can be found on Discord in their servers which you or community members can make and invite you in. the servers then have different sections for different types of chats, say, for example, you want to have a chat for general purpose and then if you are a gamer, you can make different chats for different types of games you play.

Moreover, you can add friends and have private chats with your friends. Clicking the texts of different people in the servers pulls their profile details up, you can see their gender, profile picture, interest, etc. You’ll find an option to add that friend and see the pending button until they add you back. Then you’ll be able to chat with them privately.

How to Make a Server or Find One?

When you open your discord account on a web browser or a mobile application, you’ll find the “+” button on the bottom left corner. Clicking that would start the process to set up your server. The easy steps will ask you to set up your region and other settings of your server and at the end, you can provide the link to your friends for them to join.

If you want to join a server, you can do so with the best option to go on Discord Servers and search for the community you want to join. The details will be in front of you and all you need to do is open it and click join. Joining a server on Discord is as simple as just clicking a link. That’s all there is to do.

If you want to add a specific server on your Discord, all you need to do is to click the “+” button and choose “join a server” in the next step at the bottom of the screen. You can then add the server link in the box given.

what is Discord
what is Discord

Make Friends and Chat Privately

Apart from the public and private servers you can also add people as friends and chat privately with them. There are two ways to add people as your friends in Discord.

The first one is that you can tap on the picture of a texter in a server, this pulls up the profile of that person and you can click on “Add Friend” your request to befriend will be pending till they accept.

The second is that you can search for a friend by clicking the chat option on the top left corner. Once the chat list opens, you can click the option on the top right corner that shows a “+” with the chat icon. You can then search for a friend to add.

Go Live-Stream Video Games

The Go Live option enables you to go share the live feed of your video games or any other media on your Discord server. This helps gamers stay connected to their communities and share their games in real-time with their fans as opposed to them posting it after they’re done playing.

This is feature is not only for gamers but for everyone. You can even watch a YouTube video with your friends via the Go Live feature on Discord. Click the Go Live button on the bottom of your screen (if the admin of that server has enabled it) and share your screen or a specific app that you want to and start streaming.

You can join anyone’s life just by clicking their picture when there’s an indicator showing that they are life. You’ll be immediately taken to the screen that they are sharing in the stream. You can do live at 720p 30fps if you have a free Discord account. If you have a Nitro Classic then your quality would be 1080p 60fps, and 4K at 60fps if you have the Nitro account.

What is Discord Nitro?

Discord is widely popular because of the services being free of any cost. But if you want as a gamer; you can pay $9.99/month and access Discord Nitro to be able to get extra benefits on Discord.

The benefits can be like using animated emotes and being able to share them across different servers. Moreover, you can stream live through Go Live in 4K at 60fps. you’ll be able to upload bigger files on your servers.

The most important benefit and the one everyone enjoys is that you can boost the servers which helps everyone in the server to have extra benefits that you can help servers get. Everyone on the server can use the emotes and the audio quality of the calls gets better.

How to Optimize Calls on Discord?

Discord makes it very feasible for you to contact your friends via video and audio calls. Moreover, you can also share screens or share a specific app’s screen. To start a video call, all you need to do is open the chat of the friend you want to talk to and click the camera icon on the top bar and the video call will be started.

By default, Discord will keep your mic off until you speak but that can be customized. You can configure this setting of Discord calls by learning how here. Sometimes, if you are gaming and using a headset or doing a podcast with a mic, Discord gets issues with the external mic but they aren’t something to worry about because I already have the solution for you.

Using Bots on Discord

Bots are another cool feature of Discord and they get more fun when you use them as per your desired roles. If you own a discord server only then you can add bots in it or otherwise you’ll have to ask for access from the administrator of that specific server. You can also learn how to add bots to a server and how to use them.

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