What is Screen Mirroring (A Complete Guide)

You are bored of seeing images and videos on a small screen. Now You don’t have to see pictures or attend meetings on a small screen anymore. Here, we will explain what screen mirroring is and how to use it. It is also known as “screen sharing.” Hence, technology allows a tablet, smartphone, or computer screen to exhibit wirelessly on another device’s screen. You can wirelessly project your phones, laptops, and tablets onto the large screen with a smart view as it is a tool that safely eases face-to-face collaboration. Moreover, you can also use it during meetings, presentations, and lectures to demonstrate relevant content to others present in a room simply.

In addition, It opens up several opportunities for device owners to share their gaming experiences, movies, and presentations on the giant screen. But keep in mind that the mirroring option only works over a wifi network, and you have to connect both devices to the same network. Then you are ready to see your small screen on the large TV screen. Anything you play on your phone will be displayed on the TV screen. Hence, it is the most budget-friendly process.

What do You Mean By Screen Mirroring?

It is a wireless technology that links your Android, iOS, and Mac devices to mirror images on the TV screen. Sometimes, we crave watching things on a large display in the comfort of our home, so mirroring helps us project the movie on a giant display. You can also attend your meeting and give a presentation away from your mobile screen by jumping to the large TV screen. It is a crucial tool to provide you with the facility of collaboration and exhibit your content while presenting.

Moreover, recent models have built-in support for features that allow you to cast your games, apps, and images from these devices with one click. It will enable you to mirror whatever is playing on your device and project it on TV.

How Does Screen Mirroring Work?

It is a display technology for smartphone devices using Miracast and Airplay technology. You can send video and audio content from your device, computer, or tablet to a compatible TV. Hence, it transfers all the media playing on your device onto your TV with a wifi connection. Ensure that you have connected both devices to the same wifi network.

what is screen mirroring on iphone
what is screen mirroring on iphone

There are two different methods to set mirroring: wireless and with a cable. Wired mirroring requires an HDMI cable that attaches your device to a TV. If your device has an HDMI port, it will be easy to share the screen by connecting one end of the cable to the TV and the other end to the device. Hence, wireless mirroring works the same, but without a cable, as many smartphones have a built-in wireless display technology such as Miracast. Then, you just have to connect your TV to the same wifi network with a wireless adaptor that will plug into your TV to receive the signals from the mobile. Now, you can play music, videos, and photos on your big screen.

Most computers and smartphones have built-in mirroring protocols like Apple Airplay and Windows Miracast. But, iOS devices use Airplay, whereas Google uses Google Cast. If you have a well-matched receiver connected to your display, it will establish the connection between the phone and the TV.

How We Can Establish Screen Mirroring

It is easy to set up a screen mirror, but the process varies by device. Here are some steps that might help you mirror the screen from your windows 10 desktop /laptop.

what is screen mirroring on iphone 11
what is screen mirroring on iphone 11
  • Tap on settings from the menu and launch the application.
  • Then, select the System, and tap on display settings.
  • Next, scroll down to numerous displays and wait for your device.
  • Then, tap to connect. If it needs any command such as PINS, passwords, and confirmation codes to complete it.

1.      Establish Mirror Screening On iOS

As most people know, Apple TV is the best airplay receiver. Apple has erected a feature known as Airplay in its iOS System that enables you to mirror your Apple device’s screen on an Airplay-compatible device in a few steps. Here are some steps to help you use the feature on your iOS devices.

  • First, swipe up from the base of your device to open the control center. On newer models, you just have to swipe down from the right corner of your device.
  • When you open the control center, find and click on the airplay option to open the feature. Then you will be allowed to choose the device you want to mirror your mobile. After that, you can successfully connect it and can now watch your desired shows.

2.      Establish Screen Mirroring on An Android Devices

If you are an Android user, you have many chances to grab one of the apps available for screening. Hence, if you own a different TV, find its application on Google. Here are some steps that help you mirror your Android to a Samsung TV.

  • First, install the SmartThings app on your device.
  • Then, open the app on your device and click on the Android phone. It will permit you to add the TV to the list.
  • Choose your TV from the available list and ensure your TV is connected to the same network as the following screen.
  • After that, type the PIN code that is showing on your TV and click on Smart View. Now your TV displays the contents of your Android device.

3.      Establishing Mirroring With Roku

Ruko is also a media player that attaches to your TV and launches a new world of streaming possibilities. You can purchase the Roku device as an external stand-alone to connect with a Tv. To reflect your devices on Ruko, then go ahead. Here are some steps that you should follow to establish the connection.

  • Install the Mirror for Roku app by iStreamer from the apple store.
  • Then, please attach it to your Roku Tv.
  • Next, it will show you to install this channel so click ok.
  • When the channel is installed, select the mirror screening & click on the start Broadcast.
  • After that, it will start mirroring on your display.

Advantages of Screen Mirroring

There are some screening benefits, so we have listed some of them. The best is to use it without dealing with awkward cables and device settings. As It facilitates collaboration by permitting team members to share their screens in real-time with no complex setup. Another benefit is supporting the “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) model to boost efficiency and lower costs. Moreover, it will quickly establish the meetings between distributed teams with the minor assistant from IT. It also uses concurrent screen sharing to ease communications to enhance productivity. You can share any screen from any device to carry out a presentation without the bulky hardware cables.


Mirroring is used for various business, education, and entertainment purposes. You can mirror all media types, such as videos, movies, shows, TV shows, and even games. Screen mirroring is a helpful feature as it allows us to attend meetings on a large screen with any device such as iOS, Androids, or Macbook. Hence, Apple devices rely on Apple technology for Airplay. So, in this blog, we have covered everything for you. Now try it and have fun with it in the comfort of your home.

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