What Level Does Netherite Spawn inBedrock Edition

What level does Netherite Spawn in Minecraft? Here’s a quick guide.

Netherite is one of Minecraft’s rarest and most valuable resources. Netherite ingots are used to upgrade diamond gear, making it more durable and powerful. Unlike all other gear, Netherite gear is fire and lava-resistant.

Moreover, Netherite Ingots are made by combining four gold Ingots and four Netherite scraps, which can only be obtained by smelting Ancient Debris or as loot found in chests that spawn in Bastion Remnants.

Netherite tools and weapons are the strongest stuff in all of Minecraft. Therefore, players aim to get their hands on them as soon as possible.

Let’s get started to let you know what level Netherite spawns in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

How to Find Netherite inMinecraft

Blocks of Netherite didn’t spawn naturally in Minecraft. You have to craft Netherite by smelting Ancient Debris in a Furnace. Ancient Debris is a rare material which only found in the Nether, and it can only be mined with Diamond Pickaxe.

Moreover, Netherite Scraps can be stuck with Gold Ingots to make Netherite Ingots, which can be used to craft powerful Netherite weapons, tools, and armor. Hence, to save your inventory room, you can join 9 Netherite Ingots to make a clock of Netherite.

WhatDoes NetheriteDo, And Where Does It Spawn In Minecraft?

Netherite is extremely useful in Minecraft because it is meant to upgrade all diamonds, tools, weapons, and Armor. The stats will notably increase when Netherite is attached to any of them. Moreover, it is helpful in PvP situations or preparing you to fight a Boss Mob.

Further, The Netherite only spawns in the Nether dimension of Minecraft. But before you start looking for Netherite, you must make a Nether portal in Minecraft and make a portion of Fire Resistance to combat the Nether’s lava ocean.

Where to Find Ancient Debris for Level Netherite Spawn

Usually, Ancient Debris spawns deep in the Nether in veins of 2-3 blocks. It is likely to appear below Y coordinate 15. For coordinates display;

  • Press F3
  • Go to Settings > Game > Show Coordinates [Y coordinate is the middle number]

However, be careful as you go down since you could run into lava. We highly recommend you dig yourself a winding stairway rather than digging straight down. Also, be alert to your surroundings and ensure you can get back to your Nether portal. It can be pretty dark; therefore, make some torches to bring with you.

Furthermore, Ancient Debris has a high blast resistance, so you can use one TNT strategy to excavate it. For making TNT, assemble 4 Sand blocks and 5 Gunpowder in the below pattern.

Ancient Debris for Level Netherite Spawn
Ancient Debris for Level Netherite Spawn

Put the TNT on the ground and light it while using Flint and Steel, then get out of the way. Except for Obsidian and Ancient Debris, most blocks will be destroyed. Keep blowing blocks until you find all your needed Ancient Debris.

Location inAncient Debris

Ancient Debris can also be launched in a specific location in the Nether. Below will be the details of where Ancient Debris is known to spawn, its location, and how many you will find out in Java and Bedrock editions.

Bedrock & Java

  • Bastion Remnant > Chest > 1
  • Bastion Remnant > Treasure Chest > 2
  • Bastion Remnant > Hoglin Stable Chest > 1 – in Bedrock while 2 – in Java

What Level Does Netherite Spawn inthe Bedrock Edition

You must smelt to acquire Netherite from rare blocks called Ancient Debris, located in the Nether. Mostly, Ancient Debris spawns in y-level 7-23, which means you need to go quite deep into the Nether as to come across it.You will most likely be traveling near the giant lava pools near the bottom of the Nether, so we recommend you bring something to help with fire, such as Fire Resistance Portion or armor enchant.

Furthermore, before going to start searching, make sure to enable Show Coordinates in the World Options menu to see your y-level, which is displayed in the top left corner of the screen. Ancient Debris looks like brown, craggy blocks, which usually spawn by themselves. But if you are lucky enough, sometimes you might find a small bunch. You just need a Diamond Pickaxe to mine them.


what y-level is Netherite 1.18.2?

you have to go height level Y 11-13.

What biome does Netherite spawn?

Netherite can be found in Ancient Debris blocks usually generated in the Nether biomes.

what is the best Y-level for ancient debris?

As spawn rate per layer, Y-level 15 has the most ancient debris

How to get Netherite ingots in Minecraft?

You have to mine Ancient Debris in the Nether as to get Netherite Ingots.


Hopefully, we will answer your query on which level does Netherite spawn in Minecraft

Moreover, Minecraft is available and playable on PS 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PS 4, Xbox One, PC, and mobile devices.

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