What’s So Special About D&D False Hydra? (Find out here)

Dungeons and Dragons is everyone’s favorite, right? There are several reasons why. But one of such is D&D False Hydra.

The creature got infamous in no time for evil Dungeon Masters. But how this homebrew monster is getting so much traction lately?

This creepy bugger has been subjected to many different versions and iterations. The homebrew critter arouses interest due to its terrifying nature and lethal attacks. The false Hydra is not only a monster but a dark phenomenon that lingers inside the mind of its enemies.

So, sit tight and watch for yourself as we unpack the terrifying D&D False Hydra in its entirety.

So, what is the Big Deal About this D&D False Hydra?

Consider yourself getting to a remote town. Everything is excessively calm, but this calmness signals the calm before the storm. In the city, there are several towns abandoned for decades. Animals of different kinds roam the streets round the clock. You stop by near an inn where a lovely married couple greeted you. But in the morning, the husband is missing, and the wife claims she was never married.

It is a lair of false Hydra that you just walked into. But it is possible you do not remember despite getting there again and again.

When you compare, the creepy creature’s stats are not much above the bar. Some of his attacks include claw and bite attacks. But still, it has some tricks up in his sleeve in the shape of a “blind song.” That let its prey forget anything or anyone in that period.

What are the stats of False Hydra?

false hydra 5e d&d beyond
false hydra 5e d&d beyond

Surprisingly, there is no official version of the creepy false Hydra as it was conceived as a concept of roleplaying instead of a stat block. Nevertheless, you can find the free ruleset that now has the standard everyone looks up to on the DM’s Guild.

False Hydra Measured in Stats

  • Armor Class 15 with natural armor
  • 250 total hit pints with the head as additional
  • The average speed of 5ft with Burrow 40 ft
  • The saving throws are at par Wis +11, Cha +11
  • Condition immunities include a long list of blinded, prone, knocked, stunned, charmed, grappled
  • As far as the senses are concerned, dark vision is 120 ft, and its passive perception falls at 15
  • The language it grasps clearly its victims
  • The fatal blind song can be deflected if anyone hears it through the throwing wisdom saving throw of DC15. However, if the Hydra attempts to sing with both hands, one should detach 1d4 from the saving throw. Failure to do so erases the creature’s memories of any hydra presence.
  • The advance of the FH is known as multi-attack. The creature can attack in both ways through claw and bite attacks.
  • The bite counts around =5 hits in a melee weapon attack with the reach of 15 ft at one target, approximately the hit of 9 piercing damage.
  • In a melee weapon attack, claws have a +5-hit count with a reach of 10 ft with one target hit of 8 slashing damage. But if the Hydra grabs the target with its claw, it naturally grapples the target instead of dealing damage. But there is something to note here: Hydra cannot use its basic attack of claw when grappling its target.
  • The Hydra also has the power to sing a song with its other head
  • The head of Hydra can grow back but three bonus actions of regrowth. It can get 20 points on each hit from its regrowth head when fully regrown.

Spotting Critter Lair

If there is any chance, you spot the false hydra lair. And for the next moment, you are finding any hints there. It means you are practically stuck there before the problem has been identified. You can be rescued either with the precious information from the DM, or either you can save via saves of sound wisdom.

Most of the game’s experts suggest fighting in the mode of meta knowledge because your memories can be wiped out if you fail to stop the song.

As soon as you find a way out of this puzzle. Try plugging up the ears of everybody and hacking the rest of the bits. Moreover, the penalty meted out as a condition of deafness is mild; however, the hydra melee can prove it is rather lackluster. But it includes many points, so try considering getting it away.

The last problem in this final fight is the false Hydra’s burrow speed. However, it will not be the problem until there is no problem for your DM. So, if the DM decides to go to keep the play away, try grappling the monster or holding its spell to keep the things intact.

Why is So Special?

The False Hydra is the creature that highlights the terrifying beast that gives tough competition to its rivals. They seem relatively harmless at the start, but as you get closer to them, they turn to their real nature. Though they shared some similarities to the Hydra, they are not directly linked to it. Their unique distinct can be identified from their multi-headed head with powers to regrow each of them. As far as younger false hydras are concerned, they have only one authority. Still, as soon they return to their zoetic food source, they soon become powerful creatures.


In this article, we explained the status of D&D false Hydra to inform you more about the creature and its terrifying effects.

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