Where are Steam Screenshots Saved & How to Access tHEM

I am trying to find Where are Steam screenshots saved to put my image in. I couldn’t take a screenshot while playing the Risk of Rain, so I kept the picture as a jpg file on my desktop. The screenshot code is f12, and I should steam overlay marked. I already tried replacing the key, but nothing seems to work. Please post a suspension to where the screenshot brochure for the Risk of Shower is. I’ve seen videos anywhere people added screenshots themselves. To do what they did, I would require a screenshot folder for the game already made, which I don’t own.

If you are a fan of video amusements, you’re likely accustomed to Steam. There are numerous good reasons why this is among the most popular gaming platforms across the earth. It highlights a wide range of entertainment genres, and for several people, it is the top solution for downloading different titles.

Online gamers know the meaning of taking a screenshot of what’s happening on their security. They can use it for bragging rights. Meanwhile, these screenshots are crucial for reporting bugs and obtaining useful information. Now, you may demand, where is the screenshot enclosure in Steam? If this is your material, yourself, be delighted you found earthling. This post will teach you how to access the screenshot folder for Steam on Windows 10. We also wish to share some tips on how you can download the screenshots from the gaming principles.

How Do I Find Screenshots of the Cloud on Windows 10?

When you want to catch a screenshot of a game, you must press the F12 key on your keyboard. Once you made this, the Screenshot Manager will rise out. This is the Steam gaming principles feature for seizing screenshots. This tool also allows users to control the screenshots and share them externally, leaving the program.

Where are Steam Screenshots Saved
Where are Steam Screenshots Saved

After exerting your screenshots, you will be able to distribute the images into folders for each game. If you wish, you can also hold the images separately.

If you want to view the pictures via the Screenshot Manager, follow the preparations below:

  1. Go to the upper-left angle of your screen, and then agree on View.
  2. Select Screenshots from the options.
  3. You will see the Steam Screenshot Manager. You will be able to obtain the saved screenshots on the software application. On the other hand, you can likewise click the Show on Disk switch to open the screenshot enclosure that is locally saved on your machine.

You can also manually access the screenshot folder, particularly if you do not want to waste more time driving Steam. Keep in mind that the exact position of the folder varies depending on where you connected Steam.

Where is Steam Screenshots Saved?

  1. Jump into your Cloud client on either your Windows PC or Mac, and then match the Design tab (on the top list). Then from the dropdown menu, click on Screenshots.
  2. Now, select the game that you have saved screenshots of. This will draw up all the screenshots released for the game that you had arranged. You can then agree on the Show on record to directly access the saved steam screenshots from your hard drive.

How to Access Steam Screenshot Folder

Did you ever wonder where steam screenshots are saved on a PC? If you can’t find vapor screenshots on record in 2019. Then you came to the right place. We will explain the simple solution. You can use them in the location steam screenshot folder in Windows 10.

How to Access Steam Screenshot Folder
How to Access Steam Screenshot Folder

It’s arranged by each competition so that you won’t have to look through your entire institution of screenshots to find the appropriate screenshot.

The next method is a different alternative method that enables you to directly access tour screenshots from your Windows PC’s solid plate. It’s a great advantage if you are too lazy to begin the Steam Client.

If you’ve installed Cloud somewhere else, you’ll need to travel to the Steam folder anywhere you installed it. Once you’ve obtained Steam’s installation directory, does the audience locate the screenshot you are watching for.


  1. Navigate to the “user data” directory. Depending on how several accounts you have set up in your Cloud client, you will see one or more enclosures with a number in the extent of its name. That is the user ID character for the complex accounts. There will likely be one folder in the overwhelming majority of cases, but it might take a little bit of probing and backtracking to find the folder assigned to your account if you have multiple users.
  2. Navigate to and open your user brochure and look for the folder labeled “760.” Open that advertisement and open the advertisement inside labeled “remote.”
  3. Now comes the really clever part. Just as each user has an ID, so does each game. If you have an extensive library of games, clicking through each numbered folder will not be an efficient way to find your screenshot. An easier method is to go to this website and explore the game you’re looking for. You can explore by either recreation id or by the headline of the game.
  4. Once you understand your game’s ID, operate to that folder, and open it. Travel to the folder marked “screenshots,” and your screenshot will be in this advertisement.


Q: How do I find my old steam screenshots?

A: It’s much easier to access a game’s screenshots by right-clicking the entertainment in your Library and matching “View Screenshots” in the dropdown table. This will open a dialog anywhere you can observe all your screenshots, and click “Show on Disk” at the back to open up the folder, including all the screenshots.

Q; Why are my screenshots not being saved?

A: If the Screenshot folder doesn’t have the write permission, Windows 10 might not save in that folder. Step 1: Right-click on the Screenshots portfolio and then click Properties to open the Characteristics dialog. Step 2: In the Security tab, click on the Edit button. Step3: Make sure the system account has “Full Control.

Q: How do I save a screenshot on Windows?

A: This saves the complete screen as an illustration file. You can locate it in the “Images” folder, in a subfolder called “Screenshots.

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