Why Dedicated Servers are Essential for Competitive Franchises

A franchise needs to have fast and reliable digital infrastructure in today’s world. It is your business’s lifeblood, ensuring you can communicate with customers, employees, and partners. If you don’t invest in proper IT infrastructure, you will be unable to keep up with the competition and grow your business. Here’s why:

Shared VS Dedicated Hosting

While a shared cloud hosting solution may seem the most cost-effective, this is not always the case. Dedicated servers are more reliable and faster than their shared counterparts, making them ideal for proliferating franchises that need to handle increasing loads of customers.

While it’s true that using a dedicated server does result in higher upfront costs, this initial investment can save you money in the long run by ensuring your digital infrastructure doesn’t fall apart under pressure from increased traffic or outdated technology.

Dedicated Servers Are More Reliable

Dedicated servers are not shared with other customers. This means that you don’t have to worry about any performance issues caused by other users on the same server, and it also means your data is more secure than it would be if it were hosted in a shared environment. Your dedicated server will also have better uptime than a shared one, meaning you can always count on having access to your data. Finally, because dedicated servers tend to have much better bandwidth than their lesser-powered counterparts (such as VPS or co-lo servers), they can handle higher loads without causing slowdowns for everyone else who uses the same hardware at that location.

Data Centers

Datacenter providers offer a variety of data centers to choose from. You can choose between multiple data centers in different geographic regions, time zones, and political and economic regions. Deciding where to host your dedicated server is an important decision that can impact your online business. For example, suppose you’re running an eCommerce website that caters to clients worldwide. In that case, it’s essential to choose a hosting company that offers multiple data centers based on location to avoid losing potential customers due to slow connection speeds or traffic issues.

With dedicated server hosting from Liquid Web, you can benefit from “the best performance and the highest level of security for any website or application” with their state-of-the-art enterprise-level servers worldwide. No matter the size or scale of your digital infrastructure, Liquid Web has a hosting solution customized to your business needs, so you never have to worry about your website or data.

Customer Service with Dedicated Servers THAT aRE eSSENTIAL FOR competitive fRANCHISE

When it comes to customer service, three things are essential for a competitive franchise:

  • Reliability: Customer service is essential in any business, especially when trying to build a loyal customer base. Customers want to know they can rely on your servers and network to do their job. This means that dedicated servers offer more reliability than shared servers.
  • Uptime: Your team needs to access information about sales and marketing for them to decide what products should be sold or what promotions should be run next season. Without access to this data, you won’t be able to keep up with the competition! It would help if you had a dedicated server solution from Liquid Web that offers a 100% uptime guarantee. Your team can work uninterrupted even during busy seasons or other periods where demand spikes.
  • Security: Your company has sensitive information stored within its databases—and if someone gets access through one of those weak points (like poor encryption), then all bets are off when it comes down to maintaining privacy and confidentiality between employees, customers, etc. With dedicated servers, you can find a hosting solution that offers a high level of encryption and 24/7 malware monitoring, and automatic failover systems, so you never lose connection with your business.

Dedicated Servers for Franchises

When it comes to hosting, shared servers are an excellent option for franchises—but even so, they have their limitations. They’re less reliable than dedicated servers, less secure than dedicated servers, and cannot scale as well as dedicated servers.

As such, you should only invest in a shared server if your business isn’t growing at all or is not likely to extend beyond the capacity of your current hosting plan. Even then, we recommend you keep your options open by signing up with a provider offering easy service extensions and upgrades. You can switch over when necessary without changing your domain name or rebuilding websites that rely on custom code.

Franchises need to invest in dedicated servers for their digital infrastructure. It’s a great way to build a reliable network that can scale with your company as it grows. You won’t have to worry about data caps or high costs with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. You also get customer service from experienced professionals who know what they’re doing regarding managing servers and networks.

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