Why Is My Alexa YellowLight Flashing? (Why It Won’t Stop)

Do you have an Amazon Echo maneuver, Alexa, at your place? If yes. So, I know getting used to its different indicators can be a big task because Alexa uses diverse colors to display different sorts of information. However, the standard Alexa displays yellow, red, blue, pink, and green.

Moreover, Amazon echo comes in different shapes and sizes, such as cylindrical orbs and screens. But the indicating light feature is common in each voice assistant to provide signs of what it may signify.

But unfortunately, many of us don’t know what this indicating light actually wants to say. Here in this article, we will let you know what the yellow light flashing and spinning on Alexa wants to tell. And why it would not stop.

So, let’s dive deep into the article to understand it.

Alexa Colored Lights

The Alexa device flashes the lights in different colors. This blinking of color light is one of the most exceptional design features of the smart speaker. This blinking light’s main function is that it is a status and notification indicator for all sorts of information.

However, with each color, Alexa actually tries to state something to its user. While sometimes the light stays off when plugged in, it means the speaker is active and waiting to speak the wake word. Meanwhile, whenever a user interrelates with Alexa, they probably encounter white and several tones of blue. Moreover, users can ask the echo device to change the color because Alexa’s color light choices go much yonder than the typical red, yellow, pink, green, and blue.

Are you Confused by Alexa Yellow Light?

Are you Confused by Alexa Yellow Light
Are you Confused by Alexa Yellow Light

Does your echo device display the yellow light? Don’t you know anything about it and what you should do about it? So, don’t worry.

Below we have described all the details about the yellow light, so you know what’s happening.

Check How Yellow Light Appears

At first, make sure to crisscross whether your device is displaying a flashing or a spinning light because both have different patterns and allegations. Suppose your Echo device is pulsing yellow color that will die downcast for a few seconds, then pulse again. It means that it is pulsing light.

Meanwhile, if you encounter that the light is constantly revolving, it means that the light is spinning.

Why is My Alexa Flashing Yellow Light?

When Amazon Echo shows a flashing yellow sign, it means that your voice assistant wants to tell you something. So, if you want to know what the flashing yellow sign means, follow the guide below.

Alexa blinking yellow light revenue that you have a new message or a new notification. That message actually comes from other Echo users from your contact. In addition, you can send text and also voice messages from your phone or Echo device to other echo users’ devices including in your contacts. However, messages are a technique for you to communicate with your friends with each other.

Moreover, the Echo notification you get from the applications that are on your phone makes you aware of the status changes in your Amazon shopping shipments, new features, weather events, etc.

Why is My Alexa Spinning Yellow Light?

As stated above, a flashing and spinning yellow light on Alexa’s device has different patterns and assertions. Track the below directory to know all about the spinning light on your Alexa.

When you switch the plug, your brand-new Echo displays the yellow spinning light for the first time. Accordingly, the spinning light wants to state that it is in set-up mode. It means that you have to set up your Echo. Such as connecting it to the internet or signifying that an internet connection is available.

Moreover, if your device is already connected to your internet, it signifies a dogged yellow spinning light. So, it means that you have to re-enter your Wi fi connection password.

How to Stop Alexa Flashing Yellow Light?

How to Stop Alexa Flashing Yellow Light
How to Stop Alexa Flashing Yellow Light

Some simplest methods allow you to stop the yellow light on the device. Below we have instructed you that how you can do it.

Ask Alexa to Read Messages

If you encounter a blinking yellow light on the device, it specifies that you get a new notification or message. However, if you want to stop this blinking or flashing, you have just to ask Alexa to read your messages or notifications. Just say Alexa read my message, or Alexa read my notification.  

The yellow blinking light will stop as soon as the device reads the message or notification.

NOTE: If the pulsing yellow light keeps appearing, you can also check the reminders and delete any reminders you don’t require.

Change The Notification Settings

Another method to stop your device from showing new messages or notifications from your phone’s applications is to modify the settings straight from its application.

Follow the below steps to switch off the blinking yellow feature.

  • First of all, open the Alexa app on your phone device.
  • Here on the top left side, tap on the three-line sign.
  • Then tap on the settings option from the pop-up menu slant.
  • After that, hit on the device settings option.
  • Now select your device and then click on the communicationsoption.
  • Here turns the toggle off on the communications option. Then it will drive in gray color.

Alexa Yellow Ring Won’t Go Away? Troubleshooting to Solve

The yellow ring will blink on your device when you have not checked your messages or notifications. Therefore, be sure to check your inbox before going on to another step.

However, here we have defined other solutions that will help you get rid of the blinking or spinning yellow light on your Alexa device.

Check the WIFI Connection Between Echo Dot & Modem

If you want to use the Amazon Echo, you must connect it to the internet. There is probably an interrupted internet connection that will cause the continuity of the yellow flashing light. Also, make sure that your echo device is not located very far from your modem. Because when the router is placed far away, the Wi-Fi connection can’t work.

Check the New Update Available

The Alexa yellow ring light glitches arise when your phone application is not up to date. Consequently, make sure that your app is updated to the latest version.  

To update the Alexa application on your phone, follow these steps.

  • Open your phone device and navigate to the settings menu.
  • Then select your device option.
  • Then in the about section, select the Latest software version for your device.

Restart your Amazon Echo

If the yellow ring is still appearing, the next option for you is to try restarting the device. First, release the power adapter from the echo device and wait for at least ten seconds. Then plug it back. Here it is essential to reconnect the device with a Wi-Fi connection. After that, check whether the glitch persisted or stopped. If the problem is not sorted out, your device needs a full reset.

Summing Up

The yellow blinking and spinning light on Amazon’s Alexa indicate different information. However, the simplest method to stop it is to ask Alexa to read the message.

I hope you find this article helpful. If you have any queries, ask us in the comment box.

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