Why won’t my airpods connect?

This article answers your question: why won’t my airpods connect? It may be a laptop, Phone, or any other device. Jump out to these quick solutions listed here and solve your issues.

One of the few products, airpods, is used outside apple’s ecosystem. Users can use apple products for their android phones. Nowadays, it is even easier to connect airpods to Android. However, it sometimes creates issues and doesn’t connect properly to the device. Fortunately, the easiest ways are available to solve the issue.

 Reports have found many complaints from apple and non-apple users for airpods connectivity. The problem can be the simplest or most difficult one. For instance, battery issues or software issues, respectively.

15 Quick and Simplest ways: why won’t my Airpods connect

Simplest ways why won't my Airpods connect
Simplest ways why won’t my Airpods connect

Apple AirPods are easy to manage and connect compared to the other companies. The only button on the charging case is enough to fix the problems. So don’t need to rush to the Apple store at first. Try to solve the problem from your side through these quick ways. Here are all the ways to connect the Airpods to your Phone or Mac.

Understand the different ways to fix your problem of connectivity. Reduce your stress and connect your Airpods to enjoy the music.

Airpods are commonly used everywhere. For instance, they use it in meetings, traveling, and even taking longer calls.

Software Glitch on Phone

Software issue on the Phone Every time your Phone turns off and on again, all of your background applications are closed and restarted. Sometimes, this can be sufficient to cause an error on your Phone. Yes, it can be simple like that. The solution is to Switch the Phone on and off again.

Phone Software out of date

The software on the Phone is out of date. With each new Phone model comes a new update to the software, sometimes even more often. It means that if your Phone does not update automatically, it could be two or three updates behind in six months. It fixes quickly when the user updates. The solution is to Update your Phone to the most recent programming.

Airpods are not setup correctly

If your Airpods are not set up correctly, follow the few steps to get it done.

  • Open your charging case 
  • Unlock Phone 
  • Place Airpods next to the Phone 
  • Go to the Setup process on the Phone.   
  • Lastly, Tap DONE

Dirty Airpods/Charging Case

If you’re using Airpods daily, they might not be as white as they came in the box. Fortunately, it’s easy to safely clean your airpods without damaging them.
By placing the charging case inside a protective casing, you can easily avoid cleaning your AirPods frequently.

Check for any physical damage

Ensure that your Airpods are in working condition or not. Check all the components and wires because you must visit the service center to fix the problem if any wires are unattached or broken.

Switch your Bluetooth On & Off

Airpods and devices are connected through Bluetooth connection. Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on.

Tap the Bluetooth settings and see whether your Airpods are discoverable or not. If any error comes in connectivity, try to turn on and off your Airpods to pair again.  

On iPhone

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click Bluetooth.
  3. Switch the Bluetooth button to turn it on and off.

On Android

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap Bluetooth.
  3. Switch the Bluetooth button to turn it on and off.

Stay within the Range

The range of Airpods is 10 – 18 meters max. So, ensure that your Phone and device lie in this range. If you aren’t in your range, then the possibility of your connectivity decreases. Similarly, any object or barrier between devices can also lead to disconnectivity. Therefore, when connecting your Phone and Airpods, ensure the experience goes well.

Check and Charge your Airpods

Airpods get automatically disconnect if the battery runs out. Even though you have connected your Airpods to the laptop or Phone, it will stop working.

Most users don’t check the battery of Airpods and forget to do so. They discover when they use it or when they open the case lid.

To check the battery of your Airpods:

  • Press and Hold on the Home Screen
  • Click on the +ve sign
  • Search and tap the battery.
  • Click Add Widgets
  • Tap done

Now you can see the battery percentage

  • If using an Android Phone:
  • Go to settings
  • Click Bluetooth to Check the battery percentage.

Charge your Airpods Charging Case

Sometimes, Airpods get disconnected because of the charging. Therefore, users become unable to enjoy the music. In this case, the AirPods battery is low or empty, so you must charge your   Airpods fully for at least an hour.

Charging the case of your Airpods also requires charging, and you can check the battery of your charging case on your Phone by enabling the widgets.

If the orange light is shown on the case, the charging case isn’t charged enough to charge the airpods. These colors are the indication also.

Charge your Phone

Sometimes your Phone isn’t charged enough, but Airpods are. So, your Phone must have enough charging to connect with airpods. Airpods functionality becomes low when you have low charging in the Phone.

Therefore, it gets disconnected randomly to save the remaining charging of your Phone. So, it would be best if you had enough battery to enjoy the music.

Force Reboot your Device

Rebooting the device is the solution when your device is freezing or not functioning well. Rebooting means minimizing minor glitches in your iPhone or Android. It is the simplest trick and works most of the time. All the systems will start from scratch again. Airpods won’t connect just a question that can be answered through these ways.

Update your Device

An update of your device should be the priority if airpods cannot connect. Especially iPhones require an update to the latest version because errors can cause the airpods to disconnect and be undiscoverable.

Therefore, updating your iPhone resolves your issue of connectivity. Even the manufacturers of apple center want you to update the iOS version with time. With the update, you can enjoy the new features and access new functions on your iPhone.

Reset your Airpods

Reset is the option you have when you can’t connect the Airpods. Resetting is a quick fix to solve the issue. This way, you can solve the problem, making it less consuming.

Ensure that your airpods are in the case and the lid is closed for at least 40 seconds.

  1. Press the setup button on the backside of the charging case for at least 15-20 seconds and flip the lid.
  2. When you see the white light blinking, the device is discoverable now.
  3. After a few seconds, the red light will blink, and then after the white light blinking means the airpods have been hard reset. 

Check if any issue is in Hardware

Ensure that your Airpods are properly working. Furthermore, the connectivity issue can also occur and break anytime. It isn’t a big problem so the user can solve it, or if you want to visit the nearest Apple Service Center, you can. To connect the Airpods, a user has to be in range.

Ensure Airpods are paired with the right device

If you have already connected your device with more than one device, the next time, it may connect to the closest device. It won’t show on your Phone if not connected well. The answer question of why won’t my airpods connect here.

Therefore, turn off Bluetooth in all the other devices except the one you want to connect with. In this way, you can connect your Airpods to the iPhone. If you still have any issues so, find the solution to your problem here.

If One Airpod not working, then?

  1. Verify that both AirPods are charging before returning them to their cases. Give them 30 seconds to charge.
  2. Wait for your iPhone or iPad to appear on the screen by opening the case’s lid near it.
  3. Try playing music or a video with both AirPods in your ears to ensure the audio works.

Typically, the issue fixes by resetting AirPods. However, if you continue to experience issues with either AirPods, check to see if anything is blocking the speaker mesh. For instructions on sanitizing your earbuds and case safely, see our guide to cleaning your AirPods.


Now you are well aware of the problems and solutions to why it won’t airpods connect to your Phone. So it’s easy to fix the problem. The connectivity or software issues occur most of the time on the Phone. All the smart solutions mentioned above connect your airpods.

The simplest way to connect your airpods is just by keeping the Bluetooth on both devices to which you connect. If you have the apple airpods, you can also visit the apple store. Find the more feasible way to connect airpods and hope they work properly.

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