Widgetsmith Ideas ( 10 Aesthetic Ideas For iOS Home Screen)

Bored to see the simple screens of your phones. So you have a chance to make it eye-catching by just adding the widgetsmith ideas. Which came with the release of iOS 14 to customize your phone with unique widget ideas and make your screen looks like it has never before.

This new feature is praised by its users as it gives multiple options of designs, themes, and colors. Moreover, it also allows you to apply widgets on the main screen as it is beneficial for the users to access the app at a single touch.

Finally, widgets make it easy to personalize your phone’s home screen with the calendar, weather, health reminder and place them in your preferred position. In this blog, we will discuss the ideas to customize widgets.

Introduction of iOS Widgets

Widgets are described as an exciting and essential aspect of customization of the home screen. The primary purpose of the widgets is to provide a better experience to their users to access the desired application rapidly. You can also move the widgets across the home screen.

In addition, you can also resize them according to how much you want to see the information on the widgets. It helps you to quickly view the app you used most and set the most used apps on the preferred position of the widgets.

How to Use Widgetsmith?

It is a widget app with several designs, which is available for free on Apple Store. But there is also a premium version with particular widget designs, more themes, and zero in-app ads. The app costs $1.99/month or $19.99/year.

First, you need to download the free version and try it out before upgrading to the premium. Here is the full guide on how to use the Widgetsmith.

  • Go to the Widgetsmith App and select the widget size (small, medium, or large).
  • Mostly, calendars are the default widget during this stage. But you have a chance to change it later.
  • Select “Add Widget” and click on it.
  • Select the widget again to edit/customize.
  • Choose the widget style you want, including Time, Date, Photos, Custom Text, Calendar, Reminder, and Astronomy.
  • However, Weather and Tide fall under premium.
  • You can scroll down to change the color, font, background, and other available design features. The options will vary depending on the widget you have chosen.
  • For example, if the widget has a photo background, you will have to select the photo from your camera roll.
  • Once you are satisfied with the widget’s appearance, click on the name in the upper-left corner, which will take you back.
  • Click on the name again to rename the widget. Write a name you will remember, then select “Save” in the upper-right corner.
  • Exit the widget app.
  • Press and hold anywhere on your Home screen until the apps start wriggling.
  • Click on the “+” sign at the top-left corner of the screen.
  • When the Apple widget hub opens, scroll down till you see the Widgetsmith App. Click on it.
  • Choose your preferred widget size and tap on “Add Widget.” It would be the same size that you created earlier.
  • The widget will show as blank.
  • Select on it while the Apps are still wiggling. Widgetsmith will show its name.
  • Click on the displayed name of the blank widget. You will see names of similar-sized widgets that you have created.
  • Choose your widget from the list.
  • Click outside your widget editing screen.

However, you may move the widget around the same way you move Apps. If you don’t want it, long-press the widget, then select “Remove Widget.”

10 Aesthetic Widgetsmith Ideas To Customize your iOS

The release of the IOS widget feature in iPad OS 14 is a long-awaited feature by the iOS users,  which allowed widgets to be set on the main screen. The best thing about having multiple widgets under widgetsmith is that you can come with a broad range of exceptional combinations that are also cool and functional.

Here are some of the widget ideas that you can customize on your home screen. 

The element is used to customize the most favorite apps a person operates with a refreshing look with fantastic design and different options that display additional information in a click. And it can also make the home screen of your phone unique.

So now, let’s discuss the ideas for widget-smith.


Add a Widgetsmith to Your iOS Home Screen:

iPhone comes with iOS 14 and a feature to add widgetssmith on your home screen. In addition, Apple provides you with a dozen apps to create and add widgets to your home screen. Like color and widgetsmith, which helps you add small, large, or medium photos to your screen.

Some steps help you add the widgets in the home screen to get the best experience and widgetsmith. First, hold the area of your screen which shows the negative sign. Then, tap the plus sign from the upper corner and bring the widgets to the menu.

Moreover, when you touch the widget to add the menu, you can also swipe right and left of the screen to choose the widget’s size, shape, and style.

Then click on the “add widget.” And touch the screen to leave the edit mode, then place the widget to the preferred position.

1)     Calendar Widgetsmith Idea

The widget will allow you to customize the calendar. You can also set the dates, mark the events, and more. In addition, you can style your calendar, from minimal to more numerical design, and design with colors and ideas to look more fabulous.

To set the calendar widget, you have to go to the system setting and fine-tune the calendar settings to customize your calendar widget and display the temperature and quality index.

2)     Weather Widgetsmith Idea

Another handy widget is the weather. It will display the current weather in a view and show you the temperature. Again, Widgetsmith gave various designs, and you can easily style your widget to look fresh and cool.

3)     Photo Gallery Widgetsmith Ideas

The simple method to create a visually attractive home screen theme is applying a photo widget on your phone. You can make a slideshow of your photos with styled themes to match the wallpaper’s display.

You can style wallpaper and add pictures to give the best look.

4)     Colour and Transparent Wallpaper  widget Ideas

Use aesthetic color themes with your applications, wallpapers, and icons and make your phone’s home screen appealing and attractive. You can also add photo widgets to match the color theme.

Moreover, you can also make white space on the screen, which helps you show your wallpaper beautifully.

On the other hand, you can also add a photo widgetsmith to add a background photo similar to the background color of your IOS.

5)     Battery life of Devices Ideas

The apple store has given its users many wireless devices, essential for everyone. With the help of widgets, you can track your wireless device’s battery. With this feature, you can now observe the battery level of all your accessories.

6)     Music Widgetsmith Ideas

Whether you listen from Spotify, Apple Music, or Sound cloud, you have to place the music on the home screen to play it quickly. Now the widget makes it easy to access the new album quickly.

7)     Health App Widgetsmith Ideas

Apple provides many features that permit you to place your health and fitness routine. From the widgetsmith, now you can add your health goals with some beautiful, pleasing designs.

Also, add the tracker progress apps like water intake, step counts, daily exercise, and many more.

8)     Clock Widgetsmith Ideas

There are many clock widgets and multiple designs to set the clock. In addition, they offer numerous designs and varieties to design the clock widget.

9)     Finance widget

Finance widget helps you in business related aspects, so it’ll be more convenient to check the status of your firm on home screen.

However, your all-informational data shows along with other apps icons and tracking of your money flow is on your fingertips.

10)      Quote widgets

with the help of the quote widget, you have the luxury that you can see your favorite quotes from every genre on your home screen either it can be a song quote or a motivational quote.

Make a Custom App Icons for Your iOS Home Screen

The most fantastic element of the iPhone is that you can create your custom icons. If you want to make your phone screen attractive and unique. Then, you can use the app’s shortcuts to create icons.

Then, follow the custom apps and add them to the home screen.

aesthetic widgetsmith ideas
aesthetic widgetsmith ideas
  • Click on the shortcuts app and then touch the “My Shortcuts” on the left side of the screen.
  • See the plus sign on the upper right corner of the screen to create a shortcut.
  • Touch on the “Add Action” and type “Open App” Tap on the “Open App” to add it.
  • Next, select and choose the application you want to add. Then touch on the three dots.
  • You see the option “Add To Home Screen,” then name the app ad to add to the shortcut.
  • Then, select “choose file” and get the icon to use for the shortcut.
  • Next, select “Add.”


The widgetsmith feature launched in iOS 14 as an additional feature that brings different themes, designs, and colors that make the phone home screen more appealing.

Widgetsmith is the most popular app that allows users to customize their home screen by adding widgets according to their likeness and aligning them in the preferred place.

In this article, we described the Widgesmith customization ideas of iOS for you as an additional feature, and I want that you enjoy it. So please read on and let us know which one idea is best for you in the comment box.

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