How to Fix a Windows Update Pending Install (100%Solved)

Windows Update Pending install

Hey, you there.

Yes, You!

Are you too having this problem?

You are frustrated when it showed up and says, “Windows update pending install”?

Well, you are not the only one. There are many like you out there who encountered this issue.

It typically happened when Windows 10, usually operate rather smoothly, sometimes stuck with the option of Windows Update Status that is being visible as Pending Install. or Initializing Downloading, or Awaiting Install—you get the memo, right.

To solve this sticky issue, we have curated a list of solutions that will clear the problem of this error of “Windows Update Pending Install” in no time.

Each Windows Update has stages with its own status. Under normal circumstances, they are not visible that much but when something is fishy with the update process or it is stuck in between; then they get prominent. There are mainly two reasons for that. One, your usual settings of the computer. The second one is the choice of the user to blame.

Windows Update Pending Install Status

In the recent updates of Windows 10, it will now have the feature to inform the user, in advance, of the available update for your computer. In conditions when some updates are necessary—it will self-update—rather than that the update will not be downloaded.

What are the fixes?

Well, for one, you can do it manually. By simply clicking on the button of download to begin the process of updating.

On the other hand, if you are looking to switch to automatic download and further, want Windows to execute the following steps. So, for then the configuration in the Group Policy settings will be required:

  1. Notification of both the auto-install and download
  2. Downloading automated and the notification for install
  3. Automate download and install schedule
  4. Enable local settings by the local admin

Select the option in the second row to expedite the process of downloading in the background. The notification of the installation will show up on the screen.

Apart from that, the day of installation is also scheduled to offer this regard for the user; with enough time to have the installation completed. Other than that, the installation process can be shifted on your say, as it can also be updated on particular days when you do not use the computer.

windows 10 update pending install
windows 10 update pending install

Windows Update Status Downloading

Windows Update Status downloading usually means that the connection with the Windows update servers is complete and initialization of the download commences. However, say, it stops on the percentage of any; then it is a red flag. Typically, updates are downloaded quickly and do not take longer time but when it does then it may be a problem with the folders of your Software Update either in your Windows Update Service or on your computer.

The solutions of this several but few of them are effective. They are as follows:

  1. Restart the Windows Update Service
  2. Along with BITS service
  3. Wipe clean the Software Distribution folder contents
  4. Then, configure the TrustedInstaller service.

Windows Update Pending Status Install

In there, the process of Windows has been downloaded and the update is up to hold for installation. There can be several reasons for the installation may get paused.

  1. The requirement for manual restart
  2. Hours of activation
  3. Settings in Group Policy

The issue can be easily fixed. The first fix to this will be simple to do things manually. It can happen by restarting the computer.

While on the other hand, there is another way. You need to shut the Active Hours down of your computer. Because the update will never happen when the computer is in Active Hours. That leaves you with two options: manually install it or revise Active hours. The third and last option will be to use the settings of Group Policy to enable the Automatic updates for immediate installation.

  1. msc type this there and it will open the Group Policy Editor
  2. Scroll down to computer configuration then Policies to Administrative Templates to Windows components to Windows Update
  3. Find the option policy to enable automatic updates immediate installation
  4. Right-click to execute both actions of open and allow it

As soon as the status is ready to show the Automatic updates then it will soon install the updates as they as soon as they are downloaded.

Windows Update Pending Awaiting Install

This underlines the system is waiting for certain conditions to meet for further progress. It can be attributed to several reasons. For one, an update pending is stalled, or Active hours are active and a restart is needed.

However, if the update still remains in its place for quite some time, then it requires a quick fix.

  1. Look for any updates which are pending. If there are any, then install them.
  2. Try disabling the Active Hours for effective results, in this case, the constant remaining status


In this post, we have lucidly explained how to solve the issue of the “Windows update pending install” issue. Follow our blog for more tech-related fixes.

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