Xbox Controller Rechargeable Batteries (Our 3 Best Preferences)

Make a scenario in your mind. Suppose you are playing the Xbox game, being in a highly concentrated game, and you are about to make the final kill and gain a reward. But unfortunately, the controller battery died, and all your effort has incomplete just because the Xbox X series controller has rechargeable batteries. Well, I understand it is the most annoying situation for a game enthusiast.

However, it is an unhappy certainty that the radiocommunication controllers’ batteries must be recharged. Some good Xbox rechargeable batteries or chargers can optimize the battery life span. This post will let you know the three best rechargeable battery packs for the Xbox X Series regulators.

For XBOX users, they have two options to charge their wireless console controllers;

  1. AA batteries
  2. The rechargeable battery packs

Below we have shared information about the rechargeable batteries for the Xbox controller.

Apple’s Rechargeable Battery Packs for XBOX Controller

The Play and Charge Kits are rechargeable batteries for the X/S series Xbox wireless controller in 2020. That contains a battery and a charging cable connected to the current battery cubicle. Additionally, the charging cable is a typical USB-A to micro-USB cable, which is 2.7 meters long—and prepared with orange, green, and white indicator lights that deliver charging status information.

However, this rechargeable battery pack is material vise pretty identical to the older versions. Users can charge the controller while playing games. Moreover, it provides 1400 milli ampere-hours, concluding its lifespan and capacity at 3.0V.

3 Best Rechargeable Batteries for Xbox Series X Controller

Best Rechargeable Batteries for Xbox Series X Controller
Best Rechargeable Batteries for Xbox Series X Controller

When you are willing to purchase Xbox controller chargers, the battery life is a significant factor to take into attention. Also, it is worth taking into the reason for how hastily it will charge your controller. Here we have collected the top three available Xbox series X controller chargers base on its specification and features.

So, let’s jump into it!

OIVO XSX – XBOX Rechargeable Battery Pack

Specification of OIVO XSX for Xbox Battery Charger

Battery includes2x 1300mAh
Weight0.24 kilograms
Charging Cycle2000 Times
Available ColorBlack

One of the best choices for XBOX X version chargers that are inexpensive is OVIO XSX. Batteries come with the 2x 1300mAh, which takes only two hours to charge completely and is available in black color. However, it provides a long-term investment with a charging cycle of 2000 times.

Moreover, these charging batteries are quite light weighted, about 0.24 kilograms, and compatible with all types of Xbox controllers. The commanded indicators state when the controllers are overcharging, overheating, or overvoltage and when they are arranged to use. Also, it has a short circuit protection feature that helps prevent damage to your console.

Power A Charging Station: Xbox Wireless Controller

Specification of PowerA for XBOX Controller Charger

BrandPower A
Charging DockSingle
Battery Include1x1100mAh
Weight0.2 kilograms
Available colorsWhite And Black

PowerA charging station for Xbox is an easy-to-use piece of charge kit. But it comes in a single dock, and the station is available in black and white colors. Moreover, the PowerA rechargeable batteries of the Xbox controller pack are known for their stylish and hard-wearing fine-built quality.

The station is created with a single 1100mAh battery that comes with an additional connection (USB). A single charge of the battery gives up to 20 hours of gameplay. However, the battery is lightly weighted about 0.2 kilograms. The LED indicator helps to state the battery position. Like when it is charging, the battery shows amber color; when fully charged, it will show white.

Venom Twin – (Dual Charging Station For XBOX)

Specs of Xbox Controller Rechargeable Batteries

BrandVenom Twin
Battery Includes2x 850Mah
Available colorsBlack, white, red, blue
Weight0.34 kilograms

The dual battery pack is designed with 850Mah and can make up to 15 hours of gameplay. Correspondingly, it comes with a USB port and is compatible with other devices.

These charging docks are very easy to use because many XBOXES controller charger needs to take out the battery before plugging the controller into the dock, which is tricky. However, the Venom twin chargers are much easier to use. Users need to place the controller onto the station.

Should you Get Xbox Series X Controller Rechargeable Batteries?

Xbox Series X Controller Rechargeable Batteries
Xbox Series X Controller Rechargeable Batteries

Selecting the rechargeable battery for the Xbox X/S series is a very efficient purchase. It will save a ton of your money as it will give you the perfect gadget for both your controller and rechargeable batteries. However, you can buy a pack of AA batteries for 10 to 20 Dollars anywhere, and purchasing them frequently can be expensive.

Meanwhile, use rechargeable batteries that only charge a little bit more but make sure that you would not require to buy batteries for playing games again. So, it is pleasing that you will not have your budget draining off.

Investing your expense in Xbox elite controller rechargeable batteries can take up less space in your home. Larger battery packs are big and bulky if you don’t have much space at home, so they can bother you.

Moreover, the more batteries you have, the risk of losing them. It can be dangerous if a pet or toddler puts their mouth on them. So, having fewer batteries around you makes you feel more relaxed and safer. Therefore, an unquestionably rechargeable battery pack will save you money and be reasonable.

Summing Up

Say ta-ta to disposable batteries that break up your game and boost the charging while playing or later. Keep playing games on your Xbox without any charging issues with the rechargeable battery + USB-C Cable.

Tell us in the comment box which rechargeable batteries you prefer to boost your Xbox X series controller.

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