XBOX Refund Request (100% Money Back Guarantee)

Have you ever felt Annoyed when you unintentionally bought something from the Xbox store or purchased a game that did not meet your expectations? We know that sometimes purchases of digital game products don’t go as planned. No worries. Xbox provides its users with its own refund policy system through which you can easily refund a thing labeled as “Refundable.” However, if you face major issues with a game on your Xbox series console, so you must be aware of the Xbox refund policy. Moreover, if you buy a product from a Microsoft store, you can request Xbox for a refund.

But remember that the repayment does not make for games in Xbox Game Pass though you can cancel it. But if you are running into issues with a game purchased from the Xbox Store. You are entitled to a full refund. Beware that submitting an appeal doesn’t guarantee a refund, especially if the complaint doesn’t meet the refund policy criteria, which we will discuss in the next section. So let’s move to the next section to know how to get a refund from Xbox.

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Xbox Refund Policy

  • However, Xbox has set some refund policies. It used to be impossible to get a refund for a digital game. Also, you must have an authentic reason when a request a refund.
  • There are usually limits on the number & kind of refunds allowed and the monetary compensation we can offer to each purchaser in a given year.
  • Refunds are usually issued for requests made under 14 days of the purchase date for users for which you haven’t built up a major amount of time.
  • Moreover, if you do not have access to the account that made the purchase, you will have to contact your financial institution for a refund.
  • We offer digital game product refunds as part of a reliable buying experience. Although, if refunds appear to be abused, we reserve the right to stop offering refunds except where they are officially needed.
  • If your purchased game doesn’t function or severely malfunctions, you can request for refund.
  • In addition, you cannot get a refund if you play a game for almost two hours.

Hence, if the refund request is accepted, Microsoft will return the money within a business days.

How to Request for Xbox Digital Games Refund

The Xbox account support page states that most purchases are not eligible for a refund after 14 days. But there are some exceptions and some essential terms and conditions worth noting. But here, we will give you the right directions to get a refund for the item you’ve purchased.

  1. Open your Xbox, press the Xbox button on your controller, and pop open the side menu.
  2. Go to profile & system, then select Xbox Assist and open it.
  3. On the right side of the My Xbox Assist option, tap the get help icon.
  4. After then, from the left menu, tap on help topics. From the big icons, tap on purchases & downloads.
  5. After that, it’ll show you 2 folders. Select the purchases folder and then tap on Request an Xbox refund.
  6. Tap on the seePC/mobile options icon at the screen’s bottom left.
  7. A new window opens. From there, tap on the open in edge option. This will prompt you to the Xbox billing & subscription support page on the edge browser.
  8. If you’re already signed into your Xbox account, go to your order history. Select which order you want to refund request, then tap on request refund at the bottom of the list.
  9. Ensure that your title and order number should be correct. Give a strong reason for your request.
  10. Provide additional information and confirm your email, then click submit. However, you can tap the “Refund Status” next to “Request Availability” to check the procedure.

Returning A Physical Product Acquired Through Xbox

Whether you are aware or not, you can also buy physical items through the Xbox, even a console or anything. But, if they do not work or arrive smashed, you must again walk through the refund process if you encounter any issues. So let’s move to the steps: How you can request Xbox for a refund.

  1. Launch your order history on your Microsoft account.
  2. Next, choose the option of “Request a Repay.” Moreover, As per the Xbox Support page, if you do not see any option like “Ask for a return,” it means your item is not qualified for a return.
  3. After that, chase the instructions on the screen to get a prepaid shipping tag for the return.
  4. When the Xbox has acknowledged your purchase, you will either get a replacement or a refund.

Request Refund to Microsoft Store for Digital Products

Request Refund to Microsoft for digital products
Request Refund to Microsoft for digital products

Here are the steps that help you request a Microsoft store for digital products such as games or applications.

  1. Open the refund page of the Microsoft store. Then choose the Checkbox next to the game or app you wish to refund.
  2. Next, choose the request or refund
  3. After that, select a reason for your refund in the appearing window.
  4. Then, tap on Next. Check your request & choose the submit option.

If your Microsoft account accepts your Xbox refund request, you will be issued a refund after a few days or maybe 14 days. But keep in mind that Microsoft only accepts issued refunds that meet certain criteria.

  1. The request must be made within 14 days of the date you buy the game or any app.
  2. Request the Xbox games or apps you have not even tried or used for a major period.

If you do not meet the above criteria, a warning will pop up next to your refund demand that points out that the refund request is conditional & that it may not be established.

How tO Request Xbox Subscriptions Refund

When you accidentally pick up the Xbox Game Pass subscription or have an EA Play membership that you no longer need. However, you can also demand a refund of the subscription along with the media purchases and Xbox games. So let’s explore the steps.

  1. Open the Services & Subscriptions page of your Xbox Microsoft account.
  2. Besides your subscription, click on manage.
  3. The next window appears from their click on cancel subscription and turn off recurring billing.
  4. By clicking the cancel subscription option, you’ll be redirected to a page where you need to tap on cancel subscription again.
  5. Once your subscription is canceled, a refund is automatically processed together with it.

The processing time varies. However, if the refund doesn’t reflect in your bank account after 24 to 72 hours, then immediately contact your bank about your query so they can take further action.

How to Call Off a Pre Order

We all know that before even launching a game, we can pre-order it. But unfortunately, some game reviews are not good, or the whole game is plagued with bugs, making you wish to cancel your order. ThankGod Xbox gives you an option to end your pre-order. Here are some steps that might help you cancel the pre-order. Make sure you do not have to buy something you do not need.

  1. Open the Order History on your account.
  2. Then, locate your pre-ordered things.
  3. Next, choose the “cancel item.” For this, you do not have to submit a refund demand & if you have charged, those funds should be refunded to you directly.

How Much Time Does Microsoft Take to Refund Money?

You will get a confirmation email after making your Xbox repayment request. A support team member will get back to you within 72 hours after confirming whether your purchased items are eligible for a refund based on the submitted form and documents. If you do not see an email from them, you are warned to ensure your email is spam or in a junk inbox.

Furthermore, you can easily check the Xbox refund request and discover the information in your account order history. In addition, if you wish to complain after your demand is denied, you are suggested to reply to the verification email or the last email you get about the refund.

Problems You Might Encounter When Making an Xbox Refund Request

However, the refund policy of Microsoft seems strict, but it is not impossible to get a refund for digital items that meet the criteria of the refund policy. However, there is one thing you must be cautious about; you shouldn’t abuse the system and treat it like a platform for various two-hour demos. In any case, if a Microsoft representative finds that you are abusing your refund rights, then they will stop offering refund services except when legally required.

The other usual problem that users who request Xbox refunds experience are the incapability to find their purchase in the order history. In such cases, there are various possible explanations.

  • Your game purchase was made less than a day ago.
  • The digital item was purchased from a different account.
  • Your game purchase was a pre-order, or you gifted a game to someone.

Final Words

However, Xbox has a strict refund policy. You will always get a confirmation email after making a request. After that, Microsoft customer support reviews your case and will respond within 72 hours to determine whether you can refund your product.

Moreover, Xbox refunds do not become eligible for all products. The Xbox repayment policy is only eligible for “digital gaming content.” So in this blog, we have mentioned all the ways to request a repayment that are quite simple. In any case, if you face any program regarding the refund, then feel free to comment below.

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