Evil West Developer Says – Xbox Series S Didn’t Grasp the Game Back

Flying Wild Hog’s lead producer replies to recent claims that the Xbox Series S hampered their development

A developer from Evil West has disputed claims that the Xbox Series S will hinder the current generation of consoles. Focus Entertainment and developer Flying Wild Hog announced the performance expectations for Evil West across all platforms, which was criticized given that Xbox Series S and Xbox One appear to have the same frame rate and resolution.

A heated online debate ensued when Gotham Knights revealed that it would only run at 30 frames per second on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Xbox Series S console caps were disappointing to many, and even developers offered some not-so-positive thoughts about the console.

This generation of consoles is being “hamstrung by that potato,” according to Lee Denovald, a developer from Rocksteady. According to Ian Maclure, developers have consistently tried to “get Series S launch requirements dropped.” His statement soon backed up Denovald’s opinion.

Interview with Xbox Dynasty/ Tomek Gop & More

During an interview with Xbox Dynasty, Tomek Gop, Lead Producer at Flying Wild Hog, disputes the claim that the Xbox Series S is “an albatross around the neck of production.” “No, why would it?” Gop was unequivocal when asked about potential limitations imposed by the Xbox Series S, adding, “There’s no requirement to make the Series X version look exactly like the Series S, so we’re not limited as developers.”

Gop also described the Xbox Series S as “an excellent market product” and said many families use it for entertainment.”

Furthermore, the interviewer asked why Xbox Series S is capped at 30 frames per second. Gop answered by explaining that maintaining a stable frame rate of 60 wasn’t realistic, so a consistent experience was preferable.

There is little chance that these definitive declarations will alleviate concerns about Xbox Series S’s viability, but Flying Wild Hog seems unfazed. With the release of Evil West just a few days away, marketing for the vampire-slaying action adventure has been stepped up.

Earlier this week, Danny Trejo starred in a trailer aimed at certain forms of microtransactions, something that does not exist in Evil West. Additionally, the main campaign is expected to take approximately 10-15 hours to complete and can be played alone or with a friend.

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