How to Repair a Bow in Minecraft (100% Effective Guide)

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Minecraft is a trendy and addictive game with lots of adventures and happenings. When you start playing Minecraft, you may think that the weapons and armors are of no use, but you will realize their importance as you go ahead.

The Bow is one of the crucial weapons that can break a lot of time, and people usually think, why does this happen and how to fix this? We will give the answers to all of your questions in this article.

Why the Bow Breaks?

Many people find it frustrating and start wondering why the Bow breaks in the middle of the game? The reason is that each item in the Minecraft game has a specific HitPoint, and when you keep using that weapon, it keeps on going down and losing its health. This is the reason why the bow breaks. You need to craft a new one or repair it to make it work.

If you’ve been playing the game for a while, you must be aware that Minecraft has two types of bows. The first one is a Normal Bow with regular abilities, and the other is called Enchanted Bow, which comes with more extraordinary powers and capabilities. You can break both of these bows with excessive use, so you need to know how to repair these.

Now, we will explain how to repair a bow in Minecraft.

How to Repair a Bow in Minecraft Using Anvil

how to repair a bow in minecraft with an anvil
how to repair a bow in minecraft with an anvil

To use this trick, you will need an Anvil in your Inventory. If you don’t have an anvil, you can also craft your Anvil by following some simple steps given below:

How to Craft an Anvil:

  • You will need at least 4 Iron Ingots and 3 Iron Squares from your Stock Box to create your Anvil.
  • By using these items, you can craft a decent anvil that will help you in many other things as well.

After Arranging an Anvil:

To repair your Bow using an anvil, follow these simple steps

  • From your Minecraft inventory, open the Anvil.
  • Put the Bow in the first slot and the Bow repairing material in the second slot.
  • Wait for a while now, and get your fixed Bow from the Anvil.

How to Repair a Bow in Minecraft Using Crafting Table

how to repair a bow in minecraft 1.14
how to repair a bow in minecraft 1.14

If you don’t want to use an anvil for your bow repair, you can use this method to help you repair your Minecraft bow.

You can get the job done by using a crafting table better and more efficiently. But, first of all, you should know how to create a crafting table.

How to Create a Crafting Table:

  • Press E to open your Inventory Screen.
  • You must have at least four woodblocks for this purpose.
  • In the crafting section, place the woodblocks 2×2. You will see the crafting table on the right side; save it.

After Creating the Crafting Table:

If you want to follow the above method, here are some simple and easy steps:

  • Open your Crafting Table.
  • On the table, place two bows side by side.
  • Wait for these bows to make a third bow.
  • That’s it! Now you have your Bow.

Some Restrictions of Using the Crafting Table Method to Repair Bow

The crafting table will require two objects of the same type. Here you are giving two bows to get a strengthened bow that has full stats or health.

The crafting table method does not work for Enchanted bows. If you place two enchanted bows on that table, it will still make an ordinary resultant bow and not an enchanted one.

It is important to note that the crafting table is not primarily used for repairing items. However, there is another method that you can use to repair your Bow. We just used a trick here, so make sure you use this method as a last resort.

How to Repair a Bow in Minecraft Using Grindstone

how to repair a bow in minecraft with a grindstone
how to repair a bow in minecraft with a grindstone

Grindstone is also an essential element in Minecraft. Like an anvil and crafting table, a grindstone can also be used to repair a bow.

First of all, you should know how to craft a grindstone.

How to Craft a Grindstone:

To craft a grindstone in Minecraft, the ingredients you will need are two oak plants, two sticks, and a stone slab. You can continue with the following steps to craft a grindstone once you have all the material.

  • Open a 3×3 grid crafting table.
  • Put the materials on a table.
  • You can see the grindstone on the right side of the table.
  • Now that you have the grindstone take and drag that into your Inventory.

After Crafting the Grindstone:

how to repair a bow in minecraft pe
how to repair a bow in minecraft pe

Once you have crafted the grindstone, you can use the following steps to repair your Bow:

  • Through the Inventory, open your grindstone.
  • Put one Bow in the top slot and another bow in the bottom slot.
  • You’ll see the Bow on the right.


Minecraft is a very addictive and never-ending adventurous game, but it can be confusing and tricky. We have written this article to answer your questions and help you explore more of this game. We hope this article was helpful for you in finding out how to repair a bow in Minecraft. The best method is using the Anvil, which also helps with enchanted bows. The other two ways are relatively less effective as they do not repair magical bows but can be used as a last option.

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