Youtube Comments not Loading?? 8 Quick Tips To Fix It!

Are YouTubecomments not loading?? It seems prettyfrustrating when one of the most dynamicvideos streaming platforms gets stuck up while not ableto interact with other users.It surely irritates users and creators whenever comments disappear orget stuck while loading it.We intend to determine its causes and how to resolve them.

As we all know, YouTube is a tremendously popular streaming platform for watching video content on streaming services. It engages billions of enthusiastic audiences worldwide to get informational, unusual, yet exciting video content at their fingertips. Be it for a mobile app or via a website, YouTube comments let your thoughts have a voice prominently.

With extensive and active community feedback, let the creator or viewers be well-updated with the responses beneath the video player. However, you may encounter an issue where YouTube comments do not load properly in your web browser or mobile App. Then demands some handy ways to resolve it whenever you confront an error in loading your YouTube comments.

What Can You Do When Your YouTube Video Comments Are Not Loading?

Make sure to fix it using creator channel settings, update App, or deletethe browser cache if you own the YouTube channel. The user can resolveit via reloading the webpage or getting your internet connection corrected. Other options could include disabling browser extensions and clearing up the temporary cache and cookies.

  1. Reload your YouTube Webpage
  2. Check for uninterrupted Internet Connection
  3. Deactivate proxy connections
  4. Delete the browser temporary Cache or Cookies
  5. Check for conflicting browser extensions for YouTube Website
  6. Turn off the parental control featuring kids
  7. Enable Comment permission using Profile Settings for videos
  8. Restart your browser, App, or your devices

So, troubleshoot it accurately if you are amongst worriedYouTube users! Let’s get on each one of them in detail.

You must be curiousabouthow to fix an error of not loading comments on your YouTube Website. Sometimes it’s pretty challenging to get on an accurate measure to troubleshoot it. However,using severalvaluable methods, you can try out the easiest way out first.

Reload your YouTube WebsiteWhen Comments Are Not Loading

Before accessing any other alternative, try to reload your YouTube Website. If itis a temporary error, reloading can surely help resolve to get back to the comment section once you have done it.Reloading may take a few minutes waiting fora lapse. If it didn’t get your web page to reload, it is undoubtedly the concern of the YouTube website.

Check For Uninterrupted Internet Connection

The unstable Internet can be another reason you are usually unable to load your website pages or comment section on YouTube Website. If you intend to fix it, try to restart your modem or router. For that reason, shut down your computer first. Then comes the turn of the modem or router. Wait for a few minutesand restart your computer and modem afterward.

Disable Proxy Connection

The proxy connection can be why you sometimes encounter an error of comments not loading on YouTube. Sometimes other similar applications may cause you trouble in accessing the Proxy Network. Therefore disabling your premium VPN network on your device can help you resolve your concern.

If the same is true in your condition, then disable it for the time being and reload the web page again to check if it resolves your concern on the disappearing comment section on theYouTube Website.It should displaythe appropriate loading of the YouTube comments section now!

Deactivate the Conflicting Extension for YouTube Website

Are you having an issue with comments not loading on YouTube once you installed the particular extension? Then it is undoubtedly causing an error on your YouTube Website on your computer.Browsers are of great help thanks to their exciting features and abilities once you have added them to your browser. However, sometimes create conflict with YouTube or the comment section.Test to disable your extensions if youtube comments work correctly or not in the absence of specific extensions.

Before taking any substantialstep, initial confirmationis incumbent whether a specific app or extension iscausing youthe trouble of not loading the comment section on YouTube or not.

Open the YouTube Website Incognito Browsing Modeor press its shortcut key “Ctrl + Shift +N”for the Chrome Browsing tab. Now load it in IncognitoMode, as all the extensions get disabled by Default in such private browsing mode.

Here you can quickly figure out whether any broken extension is causing YouTube comments not loading issue in your browser. Because IncognitoModedoes not support it therefore surely helps you run your website smoothly.You can even initiate enabling extensions one by one to check if you canview the comments box with specific extensions.

Delete Your Temporary Browsing CacheWhen Youtube Comments Are Not Loading

Clearingup the browsing cache can be one of the options if your browsing cache gets corrupted for unknown reasons. It can even result in broken website contents where comments not loading correctly can be a common error from many issues.

If you are confronting a similar issue, take some time to clearup the browsing cache and cookies in your browsing history. However, following that step might cause you to lose your saved login information on your browser.Therefore you may need to login to all your websites toget browsing information, including saved passwords.The temporary error can result fromsluggish loading where website pages don’t store on your device. Sometimes clearing up the browsing history or cache can solve several issues using any browser.

Turn Off the Parental Control Featuring Kids

YouTube usually offers Parental Control over the video content,whichgenerally includes restricting comment section for its users. This option mainly concerns the YouTube Channel when the problem lies in the Profile Settings from the creators of the videos. Users may encounter comments not loading glitch if your channel profile settings include videos meant for kids.

To fix it conveniently, you can follow the steps to amend the Profile Settings in the given steps.

  1. Navigate your Channel ProfileSettings visible at the top-right corner of the screen.
  2. Then go to YoutubeStudio> Settings > Channel>Advanced Settings.
  3. As soon as you get AdvancedSettings, there appear the three options. It indicates the settings that you can apply for your kids. If you want to set Parental control,select “Yes” for kids; otherwise, choose “No” to customize it for universal video streaming availability for adults.

Enable Comment Permission using Profile Settings for Videos

Sometimes Youtube, while restricting offensive, inappropriate comments, offers its video creators the option to activate or deactivate the comment visibility beneath the video player. It’s always customary to inform if video content does not support the comment section. If you have disabled the comment posting permission or set hold comment for a review,the comment post won’t appear on such videos.

You can get your comments enabledby following the given steps. Let’s do it quickly.

  1. Click on the top-rightProfile Picturefor your Youtube Channel.
  2. Then navigate Youtube Studio>Channel Settings at the bottom left segment of the webpage.
  3. Go through the given options to select”Upload Default>Advanced Settings.”
  4. Search for “Comment Section > Allow All Comment” option.It makes available posting comments whenever users want to convey their thoughts below your video content.

Be careful on activating the Community Tab if you want to your Youtube comments below your Youtube videos.For that reason, follow the steps below.

  1. Go through the Settings> Community Section > Choose Defaultat the right segment of the webpage.
  2. Locate the “CommentSection,” then opt for “Allow All Comments.” That surely helps you display your comments via creator permission on its channel.

Restart Your Browser, App, or Your Devices

Finally, after trying all the given tips and tricks, the last resort is to restart your browser, Youtube app, or even your system to overcome the glitch in running your devices smoothly. If your browser is not working, close your browser, restart it,or shift to another browser, like switching from Chrome to Edge.

In using a mobile device, closing your Youtube app can help you resolve it or restart your iOS device by holding the power button for a fewseconds. You caneven opt for pulling down the control center from the top of the screenand then locatingthe option for switching off your mobile device.


Users generally get additional insight into the video content based on the available reviews. Furthermore, comments are pretty resourceful in sharing their views, experience, or any unpleasant encounter while watching video content. We intend to wrap up after having an explicit and comprehensive discussion.

I hope you’re now much aware of how to resolve comments not loading errors on your Youtube website or its Mobile App. Feel free to share your reviews with those with similar issues to resolve their concerns. You can even comment in our given comment section if you find it useful.

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