5+ Best Alternatives of Youtube Vanced iOS (Methods to Download it)

The iOS users are looking for a method to install the Youtube Vanced iOS, and they find it because they have landed at the right place. This app is basically designed for android, while iOS users face challenges downloading it. This article will sound extravagant about the top features and alternatives of YoutubeVanced iOS and methods to download that you might like to know in detail.

Many people worldwide scroll down the social media app throughout the day, and Youtube is among them. Youtube was launched on Feb 14, 2005, which google owns. The app has the power to earn millions of bucks from it by posting quality content on its channels.

Youtube is evolving daily and changing its monetization policies that have become stricter because it gives users bucks by watching ads on it. Besides that, android & iOS user wants to watch videos without interrupting ads. That’s why the android user has Youtube Vanced to utilize for ad-free video.

Moreover, the activation of YouTube Vanced on iPhone OS is challenging, so, no need to worry – we will share how you can activate it on iPhone OS, and by knowing the details below, you would like to download Youtube Vanced.

Let You Know the YouTube Vanced iOS App Details

Before using the app, you must know the general information about the app iOS 14/15 (2022). Check it out before moving into the download section.

Application Info
Size92.40 MB
iOS VersioniOS 13, iOS 14, iOS 15.x.x
iDevice ModeliPhones/iPads Supporting iOS 13/14/15
Last Version Released09 January 2022

Quick Steps to Download the Youtube Vanced iOS or iPad

You can download the Youtube Vanced from this part and also learn how you can do it. The section allows you to install the apps without AppStore restrictions.

Download the Youtube Vanced iOS or iPad
Download the Youtube Vanced iOS or iPad
  • Open the Safari app, write Applob in the Google search bar, and open the site.
  • Now you need to wait for the site to launch and write Vanced in the Google search bar for searching purposes.
  • Here you will see the start installation Click on it.
  • Now it might take a couple of minutes to download the app.
  • After a successful download, use it for watching Youtube

Note: We recommend you use a Google dummy account because many users report their accounts getting banned after using Youtube Vanced app on iPhone OS devices for a long time.

Let’s Explore the Grab Attention Youtube Vanced iOS Features 

youtube vanced ios 14
youtube vanced ios 14

The android community is rich with Youtube Vanced iPhone OS. It adds several features you won’t be able to find on the Youtube app. Check out the features that you won’t find out:

  • Adblocking
  • Dark theme
  • Multiple backgrounds
  • Background playback without Youtube premium

This gigantic hub is everything to see anything on Youtube Vanced iOS. That’s why it grabbed the attention of millions of people because it’s showing improvements regularly over the official Youtube app.

Let’s go to explore some chilling features that will get you too deep inside it.

  1. Adblocker – People use adblocker to control the ads by clicking on the toggle settings to get it to work exactly how you want.
  2. Force HDR Mode – This app support HDR which improves the video quality with impressive results.
  3. Pinch to Zoom for all Devices – Not every phone has the feature to pinch to zoom in on a video, but Samsung Galaxy S9 allows this feature in its phone.
  4. Casting Toggle – The Google Cast icon can be toggled using this button. No matter if you have casting devices nearby, they can be forced to turn off.
  5. Repeat Videos – This feature allows you to make a repeating video after it’s done.
  6. Swipe Controller for Brightness & Volume – Swiping control touch for volume & brightness is very easy to adjust things at the right time when you are in the middle of the video.
  7. Preferred Resolution & Speed – This feature automatically remembers your preferred choice for every video.
  8. Background Playback – To play the video in the background is included with Youtube premium, and YoutubeVanced offers it for iOS users.

3+ Best YouTube Vanced iOS Alternatives That Provide Perfect Vision

Youtube has a bad habit of showing ads back-to-back, showing more ads in 2022. According to my thoughts, the ads will increase as time progresses. Therefore, use 3+ Youtube Vanced iOS alternatives to avoid the ads.

youtube vanced ios 14
youtube vanced ios 14
  1. uYou Tweak (iOS)

uYou is a downloader that allows users to download Youtube audio and video, and you may share them with other people. The users have the ability to do multiple things, such as turn off the auto-captions, modify the artwork image, and dislike buttons.

uYou Tweak download manager allows users to play saved media in a custom player that can play back Youtube content in the background without a premium subscription. Unlike other apps, you won’t find an ads-free experience in this version of this app, but the developer promised that they’d add this feature soon.

  1. Cercube+ (iOS)

Cercube+ also has wonderful features such as blocking all ads, picture in picture mode, and video saving in high resolution.

If you love to use cercube+, you may also save the audio from the original Youtube video that doesn’t allow access until you purchase the premium package. Moreover, you need to install the Cercube+ IPA file on iOS using AltStore.

  1. YouTube++ (iOS)

This app has an exceptional feature that does not have age-related restrictions for its users.

Youtube++ is another alternative to Youtube Vanced. It improves the view experience of users by providing credible features such as setting up the loop to enjoy music on repeat mode.

However, this app also sets a default video resolution and playback speed. Besides that, it lets you download Youtube videos to watch offline without any ad disturbance.

  1. Youtube Reborn Tweak (iOS)

The Youtube reborn tweak works like a checkrain and uncovers jailbreak on iOS. It works like a Youtube because it is the rebirth of Youtube. If you are concerned about the ads, it will be free for all because the reborn tweak is the king of all.

The Reborn tweak king has many features such as no ads, disable overlay in the video, hide/share button, disable popup for Youtube kids, mo mid-video ads, and more that users will enjoy during watching their favorite Youtube content.

  1. YTAdBlock Tweak (iOS)

This is not the end of Youtube Vanced for iOS alternatives. The YTAdBlock tweak work like a Youtube because it gives ads before starting the video.

You can be free from all those irritating ads that are popping up from nowhere running your streaming experience.

Check out some modest features such as no ads in the middle of the video, disabling the black video screen, background playback, no ads on the home screen, and more that will be grateful for you when you’ll be using the app.

Latest Alternatives of YouTube Vanced iOS to Watch YouTube Video 

There are many other alternatives to Youtube Vanced. We’ll just let you know the alternatives name that people use to get more advanced features.

youtube vanced ios 14
youtube vanced ios 14

Note: We will discuss the latest SkyTube apps that you can download from the link below.

Sky tube is an open and free source YouTube app for android users. It allows users to watch videos without creating a Google account and showing ads during the watching video. Therefore, this app only offers read-only access to Youtube.

Sky tube is available in two versions (Sky Tube & Sky Tube Extra). The sky tube extra is an open-source modification available on F-Droid, and you can also download it from its official web.

After coming out from the basics, you need to understand why you should be using Sky tube.

  • Video Blocker – It can block the unwanted videos that support the blacklist channels, low views video blocking, language filtering, and much more.
  • Innovative Design – This app contains outstanding features such as popular videos, thumbnail downloader, video reload, video rating, and more.
  • No Ads – One of the great appreciations is not showing a single ad while watching videos.
  • Google Apps Free – This app does not depend on Google at all.

Wrapping Up

Finally, you have learned the downloading method of Youtube Vanced iOS, and this app is remarkable for you if you are a streaming lover. Youtube has ad glitches that irritate you longer during watching the video, and you have no option to play back and forward the video.

You get everything in this app because it’s similar to Youtube; your watching experience will be much better and more enjoyable. Furthermore, try to use Youtube Vanced, which will motivate you to use its extra features such as ad-free, backgrounds, and themes.

Let us know if you ever use it or another alternative to the Youtube Vanced iPhone OS app.

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