How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft 1.19 hastily without dying

Exploring to get the guide for how to find diamonds in Minecraft 1.19? Collecting Minecraft diamonds is one of the foremost essential belongings you can do. Without finding the valuable gemstone, you’ll get it hard to progress beyond the game’s mud huts and stone tools stage. Diamonds use for tools and armor, both of which are amongst the most straightforward equipment you’ll make. Minecraft diamonds consider a game-changer, which can explain why they’re so hard to return by on your travels.

It’s easy to seek out Minecraft diamonds once you recognize where and how to look for them, but that’s only half the battle. Many of us get frustrated by their lack of diamond discovery, but that only makes the payoff that much sweeter once you finally get some. That’s why we here at Pocket Tactics are determined to create this guide, to help you in reliving the pure excitement of exploring the rare but vitally significant diamond.

That’s where our guide comes in handy. You’ll inevitably need to search for diamonds in Minecraft, but that does not mean we will not help. Below you’ll treasure an inventory of techniques and details on the fastest and most reliable ways to seek out diamonds in Minecraft.

What Are Minecraft Diamonds? 

Although Minecraft diamonds are unique, there are some methods you’ll find hands-on for the valuable gemstones. You’ll attempt a number of these methods as soon as you begin a replacement world, while others require a touch of preparation.

  • Mine it: this might sound just like the most blatant thanks to finding Minecraft diamonds, but it’s the foremost reliable. Diamond ore spawns biomes altogether deep underground. The ore itself can spawn in veins of up to 10 ore blocks if you’re lucky.
  • Nether Fortress: once you’ve built an obsidian portal to the Nether, you’ll get to find a Nether Fortress. A Nether Fortress may be a giant, dark, red-bricked structure made from two parts. The outside either does not takes the ceiling, or the roof is formed of Netherrack. To seek out diamonds in this area, you’ll get to find one block of lava that marks the fortress’s inside. Once you enter, explore, and appear for chests that will contain diamonds.
  • Shipwrecks: you’ll need a touch of luck to seek out Minecraft diamonds during a shipwreck. Start by building a ship and locating the ocean. Then you’ll get to sail around and dive into the murky depths to seek out underwater chests inside shipwrecks. It is also possible to seek out shipwrecks on icebergs, which will contain maps of buried treasure.
  • Buried treasure: it’s possible to seek out maps in Minecraft that reveal buried treasure locations. You’ll find the buried treasure under sand, gravel, and water. You’ll get maps from shipwrecks and underwater ruins. Otherwise, you can purchase them from the cartographer.
  • Mineshafts: when spelunking, you’ll stumble across an abandoned mineshaft. These chests have the opportunity of containing diamonds.
  • Temples: specific randomly-generated structures can do diamond spawning inside. The desert temple and jungle temples both have a possibility of making between one and three diamonds inside chests. The Woodland Mansion, which is within the dark forest biome, may contain a selected room with a diamond concrete block. This block can either spawn within the obsidian or lava secret rooms.
  • End City: if you create it to the top City, you would like to slay the Ender Dragon. It’s during this biome that you’ll find the simplest loot within the game. The chests drop diamonds and enchanted diamond loot during this area, like chest plates, swords, and pickaxes.
  • Villages: villages are straightforward thanks to devouring one-three diamonds without having to explore. If you find either the weaponsmith’s chest or the toolsmith’s chest, you’ll find some diamonds. If you are not sure what the relevant buildings appear as if, search for the weaponsmith’s grindstone or the toolsmith’ssmithing table
  • Bastion Remnant: a structure added in Minecraft 1.16 that only spawns within the Nether. Inside this structure (enchanting tables), the treasure room may contain diamonds, enchanted diamond items, and everyday diamond items like pickaxes.

How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft?

There are usually many methods that players use to trace down diamonds and obtain a gentle supply to stay playing their survival world for an extended time. All of those methods have their advantages and drawbacks, and you’ll examine all of them and check out to seek out which suits you best.

But before we get into the specifics of the process to find diamonds in Minecraft 1.19, here are all the things that need to organize such a trip:

– Iron or diamond or Netherite pickaxes (recommended to take more than one)

– Sword or axe to kill hostile mobs

– Plenty of food to regenerate health

– Torches to keep mobs from spawning

– Armor to reduce damage

– Water bucket deal with lava

– Some extra crafting supplies to replenish tools


Going caving is the easiest method to seek out diamonds, albeit it’d not be the foremost efficient. Diamond ore veins often discover in corners of deep cave systems or ravines.

Many players might prefer exploring caves to find diamond ore since it doesn’t require too many tools or a bout of labor-intensive mining. However, shelters can have many hostile mobs expecting you at every corner, so do take care.

Branch Mining to find diamonds in Minecraft

Another method, which is bound to exhaust a bunch of iron pickaxes but is slightly more efficient, is branch mining. Tons of Minecraft players like better to dig straight to their mining tunnel down from the Overworld and go down a carefully-mined staircase to succeed in Y Level 11 or 12.

Y-11 is typically considering the main diamond-rich area in Minecraft. Once you’re at Y-11, you’ll quickly start mining branches altogether directions, ensuring to illuminate the tunnels as you go. You’re sure to hit a vein of diamond ores sooner or later.

Loot Chests/ Shipwrecks/ Villages and More

Diamonds also are found as a part of treasure chests or loot chests nestled across the Minecraft world. These chests are often found in blacksmith villages, underground in mines, buried treasure, or maybe in Nether fortresses. These loot chests are an excellent thanks to get your hands on some easy diamonds in Minecraft.

Villager Trading

While the diamond ore in Minecraft is finite and can eventually run out and become even harder to seek out, trading with villagers can make it a natural resource. Villager trading can assist you in bartering other resources for diamond tools, also as diamond armor. Once you’ve got such quick access to diamonds, you’ll alright do away with the necessity to mine for diamonds!

Tips & Tricks to Find Diamonds Quickly in Minecraft 

  • As you know that mining is a dusky and dark work, so always carry torches.
  • Many players state that they find nothing to assist the Lava, which means that Lava does not consist of warranty diamonds.
  • Make sure to check the surrounding blocks first to mine diamond ore. Don’t get too enthusiastic.
  • Always bring the necessary tools with you to mine diamonds.


Here in this post, we have described how you can find diamonds in mine craft 1.19. However, the diamond ore generation is significantly modified with the cave and cliffs update. But the basic technique to discover diamonds is not modifying.

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