How To Hack Facebook Account or Profile in 2022

How to hack a Facebook account? It’s a sunrise question for everyone. So, let’s start with the basics of it. Suppose you are a new user of Facebook. In that case, you’re definitely an alien in society because of the technology which has evolved our lifestyles in our earliest times; one of them is Facebook. Facebook doesn’t need any introduction due to its aura of popularity, and millions of people said that we need to give credit to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook. He created the first human interaction platform in the world that people use to communicate with others through a web interface.

Facebook has a stringent privacy policy that you all need to know when it comes to hacking someone’s FB. However, there are still some ways to hack a Facebook account via mobile or desktop. In this article, we’ll develop some tips and tricks to help you hack your FB profile.

Phishing Technique (Samikta): This type of hacking website works on a phishing technique to learn what is the technicalities of phishing. You can use it as a coding bug that hackers use in corrupted files, software, browser, etc. Once you open a corrupted file, the hacker who created a file gets all of your information. It’s because your details got transferred from the bug to the hacker’s reach.

Why Should I Hack Someone’s Facebook Account?

There will be multiple reasons to hack accounts for illegal activities like blackmailing and other stuff. Some people do this illegal activity to get their accounts back from the hands of a hacker, while some make it a business by providing hacking services – reasons can vary. Still, many people learn this method to regain their accounts from hackers’ hands. They’ll learn it just to protect their account.

At last, all you demand is to learn this Facebook hacking method, so when we talk about how to hack a Facebook account, we recommend you to “First” check Facebook’s privacy policy terms and conditions. It’s crucial because knowing every policy term helps you take precautions while hacking. On the other hand, several tools and websites help you go through this process. So without wasting any of your time, let’s dive in to know the basics and methods to learn it.

What Do You Know About Samikta: An FB Hacking Web

Samikta is a website that provides hacking facilities for Facebook and a couple of other social media platforms. It got attention after the downfall of z-shadow. Before Samikta, “z-shadow” was the one that fulfilled the demand of the public on hacking, but after a mysterious shutdown of z-shadow, Samikta took its place.

Negation: All the information shared in the article is just for entertainment purposes, don’t apply this method to suspicious and illegal activities. This guide aims to help those people whose account is being hacked and they didn’t find a way how they can rescue their account.

How Can I Facebook Id Hack Using Samikta?

I apologize for the lengthy discussion – we will explain it in step-by-step form for your convenience. Before going into the detailed process, we already mentioned one thing in the disclaimer: do not use it for wrong goals because sometimes it can threaten your privacy. If such type of thing happens, we’ll not be responsible for that, so please do it at your own risk.

Facebook Id Hack Using Samikta
Facebook Id Hack Using Samikta

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Creating an account is simple, so go to the official web, and find out the signup option.
  2. Hit a click on it, and then a browser opens, asking for some of your info such as Username, Password, country, etc.

Please fill out the interface form. We’ll meet you in the next step.

  1. After filling in all of your info, they’ll ask you to verify your account, send you a code into your email, copy it, and paste it where they want you to paste it to hack a Facebook.
  2. After you paste the code, it will take you to the login page, where you will put your same username and password and log in.

The login interface looks quite an excel sheet type, where you’ll see different columns such as columns of link description, photo link, links, and victims by this scam with some flags.

  1. Click on any country flags, and it’ll take you to the FB login page. When done with the previous step, it will fly you to the next tab.
  2. Now, this might be the riskiest part of the whole process, when you’re on the FB login page, copy that website link and share it with a person whose account you want to hack, and when a particular one opens it up, and enter their Facebook login details, their login detail will appear straight away on to your Samikta account in “my victims” section.

The process now ends, and now you’ll have the login details of an x account. So you may check it whatever you want and enjoy!

Another Way to Hack a Facebook Profile or Account: Mobile Device

Hack a Facebook Profile or Account Mobile Device
Hack a Facebook Profile or Account Mobile Device

This method is safe and easy compared to the previous one, but it also needs some extra effort for quick hacking. However, this Facebook id hacker method works best when a person is present. If not, steal their phone number or email to hack Facebook, and you are good to go.

  1. You must first get a person’s phone number or email address to continue the process – without this basic info, you can’t continue it.
  2. After attaining the phone number and email, you’ll need to log in to a person’s Facebook account.
  3. Here you will see the two blanks where you will enter the email address of a person you stole in the username section and leave the password section.
  4. Now, at the bottom of the screen, you’ll also see the “forgot password” option. So click on it.
  5. Now it takes you to the page where it will ask you to enter your mobile number. So here, you will enter a person’s phone number whose Facebook account you want to hack and hit a tap at the search option.

Facebook will ask you to send a code via email, select it and click continue. After that, it will send a code to the email address, follow some of the on-screen instructions and verify that email.

  1. After verifying all of the information, Facebook takes you to the page where you’ll be asked to “create a new password” create your password now, and you’ll have access to the account.

This method works for a limited time. If a person realizes that you have accessed their account, you can face severe consequences, so do your work or check out their profile and try to leave it as soon as possible.

Precautions: How Can I Secure My Facebook Account from Hackers?

I Secure My Facebook Account from Hacker
I Secure My Facebook Account from Hacker

When it comes to privacy, maybe you feel insecure about putting your data on the internet because hackers may hack your data, which is the internet’s darkest truth. That’s the reason that stops people from putting their data on Facebook. Hence, we are here to erase your insecurity – don’t get afraid; there are still some ways available to help you prevent hacker attacks – you can use these 3 strategies to protect all your Facebook accounts.

  • Don’t Save Your Password to Other Devices

The biggest mistake peoples make is when they enter their password to a random device, an option pops up saying “save a password,” and people save it. They don’t realize that they save that password onto an unknown device, and a person who owns a device gets access to your password, so stop doing this.

  • Stop Installing Unknown Sources Files

The hacker didn’t only hack through websites. Still, they can also hack your device through corrupted software, so whenever you install something through unknown resources, maybe the file you’ve installed could be corrupted. Be aware of these unknown installs and go with the authentic source.

  • Clean Up Your Browsing Data

Clean up your browsing history whenever you close your tabs after work. If you go to a website that is not secure, it’s easy for a hacker to steal your information. They can hack your data with the help of phishing techniques, so cleaning up your browsing data Is safe once in a while.


That’s all about how to hack a Facebook id, and I hope this guide might be helpful to you guys. We cover every single query of people who are mentioned on social media platforms where we try our best by telling Facebook hacking methods and giving helpful advice or giving a solution that how you can prevent yourself from cyber-attacks.

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